1. So it’s pretty much a given that Sue’s going home tonight, right? Sigh.

    I think, for me at last, after last night, Kylie has won the “Survivor villain” crown. There have been other castaways who are far more arrogant and obnoxious about playing the game, but Kylie seems weirdly two-faced. She keeps encouraging new and disassociated castaways to form alliances and flip the game and that she’ll support them … and then she runs right back and does exactly what the evil twins tell her to do. None of which is likely to help her get beyond 5th or 6th place.

    • Totally agree: when she did it the other night by revealing to Brooke that Sam had a renegade plan to vote for Nick, she became a dibber-dobber who was happy to throw Sam under the bus. And then rationlizes her actions by saying this is how she can play the game and remain true to her values. Her explanation for why she voted Kate the other night was gobbledegook as well.

  2. Nick’s first thoughts are how to get revenge on people. Are people usually this vengeful on Survivor? It doesn’t seem to be a winning strategy to go for vengeance.
    Flick also is out for vengeance.

    • No Jaybee. They aren’t. In fact, surprisingly, in the US version, the jury often vote for people who stabbed them in the back to win the money because of the ability to strategize and be devious. For instance, they would say Flick deserved it for outwitting everyone.

      • Although there is a thing called bitter jury syndrome where members of the jury have been bitter & twisted over people who have ‘betrayed’ them & they hold a grudge. But it happens rarely these days.

  3. Bit late now to be worrying about what your family, school community etc think about you Nick. Maybe people wouldn’t react to you that way if you weren’t such a d**k. And I don’t believe the crocodile tears for a second. If you’re judged by the company you keep he, Brooke and Flick belong together.

    • What a vindictive little twerp Nick is, I wonder if he carries this attitude into the classroom and if it affects how he marks test results of kids who have the gumption to dispute his views on things

  4. We’re only 10 minutes in, and this episode is already INFURIATING.

    Nick begins the episode (before the credits roll!) by confessing to the camera that he has to add names to his revenge list, or maybe he should just institute a “scorched Earth policy” (his words. That’s a direct quote) directed at cutting everybody off at the knees who wronged him.

    And since then, it’s been a 10 minute monologue about how he’s a lovely, nice, friendly guy, and why are people being so mean to him?

    Nick, I don’t know you as a person, but I feel like I want to smack you in the face.

    With a deck chair.


    • That scorched earth line is straight out of last seasons Survivor. There were a couple of guys who got pissed off with their tribe & doused the fire & hid the machete & other equipment while everyone was sleeping.

  5. Nick is playing to viewers just in case he gets through to the end. Oh please Nick, The idiots in your alliance MAY be sucked in but we are not. He should have thought of viewers perceptions before you became a snake.

  6. The whole it’s been a long time , I miss my family (from any of them) really annoys me – they chose to be there so I refuse to feel sorry for them.

    • Yeah, Kristie’s definitely won a mild stay of execution with that move. It’s easy to feel cynical about it, but if it’d been me there on the beach, I would’ve swapped places with Matt as well, I think.

      And then I would’ve smacked Nick in the face with a deck chair. I don’t forget, Nick.

  7. It was funny that Sam started that to make him look like a good guy then let others take over. Wonder if they noticed. Agree JB they chose to be on the show and away from family.

    • I thought that Sam was angling for everyone to be given the letters, not to sacrifice his own. I’m glad that didn’t happen. Why was Matt seen as more deserving? Because he was appearing to be more upset? I don’t think it is as difficult to leave a fiancee as it is to leave children, especially young ones.

  8. I’m getting really bored with it. Nick annoys me like you wouldn’t believe and the way they pander to him and the evil twins is ridiculous. Are they stupid? Or do they have us fooled and have a secret strategy that hasn’t been made clear?

  9. I can’t get over how thin and gaunt in the face most of them are. Flick and Matt are the only ones that don’t seem to have lost weight – maybe they found those chickens.

  10. I still think Nick’s a tool, but gosh, he makes tribal council interesting.

    I loved that he called out Matt, and said outloud that Matt isn’t as important as he thinks he is … something I’ve been saying for weeks now. I mean, pointing out the bad girl alliance can’t be new information, but why isn’t anyone doing anything about it? Sigh.

  11. Please be Nick going home tonight and then wipe out the super cool girls. I am really disliking Flick and Brooke more each show only Nick is worse.

  12. Glad Nick’s gone, especially after his dig at Sue. I’m disappointed that he will be on the jury.
    I think Lee is the one who can’t be trusted – he voted for Sue. I wasn’t particularly fond of Sue but of those left she’s more likeable.

    • I believe he voted according to the plan (this time). It was arranged for he and Matt to vote Sue as a minor vote split.

  13. Yeah, it’s a shame that Nick will end up being on the jury (which means we won’t be rid of him yet. Eugh).

    Still, it wasn’t a total loss. Sue’s still here (and she knows she’s a target). Sam got one in the win column (go Sammy!). One snake down, three to go. And think about it … Nick was pretty loyal to Brooke and Flick. Without Nick, their power-base is slightly — slightly — weakened.

    If Lee would start using his brain (instead of other parts of his body) to make decisions, he and Sam and Sue could easily target one of the bad girls (probably Brooke, but either or. Flick hasn’t won many challenges on her own) just to break them up. I’m slightly more hopeful of that, particularly now that Matt’s woken up to his place in the camp pyramid diagram.

      • The other night when Kate was drawing her pyramid, she put at the apex Flick and Brooke …. and then Nick, but no mention of El, even though they just showed how all three were conferring. I wondered whether that was because of Lee being present. Lee is the sort of bloke Aussies like to win reality programs (easy going, not intense, good at sport) but he appears a follower, not a leader.

  14. Kylie has absolutely no clue. Did you see the way she went over to Brooke crying and thanking her for stepping down in the challenge? She actually thought that Brooke did that for her. And meanwhile Brioke is hugging her and barely able to keep from rolling her eyes.

    Flick and Brooke maybe playing the game and playing with their strong alliance. That’s not the problem the problem is that they are deeply unlikable. but Kylie with her inability to think independently is also unlikeable.

    And Nick telling everybody again who they should be voting for even after what happened to him at tribal council the previous night just shows that you can’t really take the teacher out of the classroom – instead of keeping his head down and just skating quietly for a bit he stuck himself again right in the middle of everything. Might lack some self awareness.

    I’m okay for Sue all Kristie to win now.

    • No, you can’t take the teacher out of the classroom, Bolders. That’s why I keep marking their grammar (and wincing at it).

      I don’t mind if Sue, Sam win or even if Kristie flukes a win. Even Matt would be OK.

  15. Am I the only one who doesn’t mind Nick? Yeah, he put his foot in it several times and played to the camera but I found his passion for the game endearing and he was certainly entertaining. His mistake was playing as if he was in modern day US Survivor when many players are of a Borneo mindset, thus making Nick the Richard Hatch “villain”. Brooke is also playing the modern day Survivor game but she’s much more subtle so her alliance hasn’t yet twigged what a danger she is. She could well win.

    • I don’t mind that he was trying to play the game, but it was the victim stuff that turned me off him. I liked that he was a fan of the game, but when he was bouncing from, “I will destroy the people who wrote my name down!” to “But I’m such a nice and friendly guy”, I’ll be honest, that’s about when he started to lose me .

      • I think he’s one of those guys who gets so caught up in the excitement of it all that he can’t read the room. Given that past “villains” have put out fires, hidden machetes and clothing etc it didn’t bother me much. Sam’s vitriol at tribal was not a good look. What a shambles it was watching them working out who should vote for who. And JL got to speak!

        • It is amazing that Jenna got to add two words to the episode.

          I admit I’m biased in the Sam/Nick conflict (because I simply like Sam more), but I’ll admit that Nick’s snakery (is that even a word? Well, it is now) was a lot less snaky that other contestants. But at the end of the day, he had a revenge list, and he got into shouting matches with people who betrayed him, and of course the initial lies from him and Tegan re: the first round of immunity necklaces. I understand why the castaways weren’t too fond of him, I really do.

          And that surprises me a little. With Conner, I’d put it down to his innocence, but Nick acknowledged that he’s a huge fan of the game and all its twists and tropes … but then he seemed surprised that knifing people in the back occasionally means getting knifed in return.

          I also agree that they kept him in the place of other, much more interesting people (like Kate, Conner or Craig) and that’s another strike.

          • Connor was a snake by any definition.

            How many times did Connor turn on people without warning? How many times did he reveal things after promising not to reveal them? Was he part of the Vavau All the Seats Are Belong To Us Alliance or was he not? Did he play with a sense of entitlement equal to Kate and Sue’s or did he not?

            About the only thing he did not do is give an evil overlord speech but he does not have the face or the screen presence to carry that off.

            I give you the puppy dog eyes, but Survivor is not Outwit, Outlast, OutPuppydog.

          • But being inept /= being a snake. He turned on people without warning, when? In the episode where they evicted him, you don’t think Flick’s, “Matt, we need to vote out Conner because I can’t control him!” “I’m not sure…” “Guys, we need to vote out Matt because I can’t control him!” play just a little more obnoxious and underhanded? Sure Conner should’ve kept his thoughts to himself, but you’re really saying that he was out-of-line to be annoyed at Flick for that?

          • Conner repreatedly ratted on people beginning in Episode 1 where he was approached about voting out Kylie and immediately sprinted off to warn Kylie. The first attempt to vote Andrew off failed because Connor ratted on Phoebe. Those were not the only examples. You yourself have repeatedly criticised Connor for always giving away things he’d promised not to give away.

    • No, I don’t mind Nick. Yeah, I called him a dick, but he wasn’t on my villain list. That was reserved for Phoebe, Flick and Brooke. Nick was a bit of a big foot when strategizing. His enthusiasm made him obvious.

    • I didn’t mind Nick. As Rob and Stephen noted there is an extraordinary level of scapegoating this season. Kate invents the good guys thing after being an unprincipled bad guy at Vavau, willing to vote out good players because they were outside the Vavau 5. Sue complains bitterly because Phoebe didn’t declare her idol. It’s all very weird.

      • Some good points there, Alan. So the ones that say, “I’m going to be a good guy, or I am a good guy”, might be a selectively bad guy by degree.
        The dready guy tried to be good. 😮

      • I wondered where that whole “good guy” thing popped up from. I can’t stand Flick and Brooke but when Kate said they weren’t playing fair, I don’t understand how forming a strong alliance (to vote out others) isn’t “fair”. Unfortunately, the stragglers can’t seem to get co-ordinated enough to vote in a block, because there’s more of them than there are in the alliance. It shows how all powerful Flick and Brooke are that no-one’s been gunning for them yet.

      • I thought the whole good guys thing didn’t refer to how they are playing the game, but more those they perceive as being generally honourable people, who live by high ethical standards outside the game.

        By that definition, it seems to me that Kate did identify those who fit that definition, and I can see where she was aiming. The problem is that truly ethical people will hold back on betraying others until they have no choice, and therefore get picked off.

    • Thanks for that link – I didn’t make it through to the end. Nick’s cringeworthy Asian style bow to the staff was more than I could take.

  16. Totally agree with you Juz…these guys are too paranoid about how they are being portrayed being on a reality show..it doesnt matter, the public dont vote!
    I am stoked Nick on the jury, we need to have someone who calls out whoever it is at the end…he did t play it well and yes, Brooke totally playing it much better…why cant they work out its time for the brooke/flick alliance to go..
    Although very interesting to hear Brooke say Sam was her closest ally in the game..mmmmmmm
    Hopefully Matt shakes it up soon…
    Kylie has no perception of what is going on around her…easy to take her to the end…
    Question…how the hell do,they get up to the top of that totem pole?? Man, i know i wouldnt have made it past the first rung! Maybe thats why Sue dropped out so early, she was knackered from the climb…
    As WS has pointed out before too…whats the go with JL too, nothing from her in the last 3 episodes…she’s definitely one to look out for…she’s trouble…

  17. Here’s my list;
    1. La Paglia’s poor grammar.
    2. The girls’ poor grammar in saying, “Us girls blah, blah, blah”.
    3. The really annoying spoiler crescendo again. It’s supposed to build suspense but does the opposite. This time it also let us know Nick would make the goal.
    4. The huge similarity between this monkey-grip on a pole immunity challenge and (was it?) the last one, where Brooke won easily. I was yelling at the producers for providing a challenge that “Brookie” had in the bag.
    5. When are the boys going to wake up and realize that Brooke and Flick are running the game and have them all hanging by their coconuts?

    • Fails all round on grammar and good riddance to Nick because like every other second like word he said was like employing “like” to get his moronic point across. Like , what the fuck is like that about and what are like editors for?

      The attempt to crawl up Australia’s ar$e by the “this is not me on the outside” routine didn’t work for me, Nick.

      I don’t feel sorry for wankers who leave their dog. kids, whatever to be on rtv shows. Oh , you miss them. Letters from home is a pitiful exercise in all rtv shows.

      Nick did too much explaining and turd polishing trying to dig out of the snake hole. Just like Trump yesterday , it shows you’re losing.

      • I note even Dr.Phil falling into the “like” trap today. I guess it’s like contagious. Or is he doing it to establish empathy and rapport with guests?.’
        No Survivor encore today but Bachelorette. Bucketing down already here, big thunder , stuck inside.

        • Hang in there Dave, Iggy, Sandii, Bella. It’s bloody freezing in WA too but at least the rain has stopped today. All the brass monkeys are nutless. Hurry up Spring!!!!

  18. Juz, I haven’t minded Nick. He’s been very entertaining and a bit of a goof, but not malicious imo just childish. A shame he’s out as I liked his commentary and now we’re just getting closer to the inevitable original Sanaapu tribe final. Yawn. He was dubbed a snake but he moved louder and more conspicuously than anyone in his game play I would say. Snake to me = don’t let sight of your prey such as the Brooke follow or Andrew literally snaking in the grass and bushes. Now if those two had got together…

    Do people who know they’re going usually call things out as they are at tribal? The last two with Kate and Nick have been great for that reason. Glad he made it to council. Bummed Kate, Craig, and Conner didn’t. Andrew would have made this interesting too.

    The challenge looked incredibly painful. 6hrs really is epic. 100%
    I too am waiting for people to see Brooke as a threat that way too. As well as hanging endurance she very quickly and accurately completed that memory object game a while back. No one there seemed to notice.

    Jonathon continues to oblige in his daily arm oil up.

    • Brooke didn’t break a sweat in that pole challenge and could easily have outlasted Kylie. She must do a lot of yoga and meditation. The only way Brooke won’t win is if she is final two with El, and people will vote for El over Brooke.

  19. While it is nice to see Nick go, I agree with Sam. There were far better/[more interesting players who have been sacrificed ahead of Nick.

    No wonder the Sanaapu Three were cheering when they found out that Andrew, Craig and Phoebe were gone. Those three would have carved up the girls’ alliance in two seconds.

    Vavau did Sanaapu’s dirty work for them, unfortunately they had no choice after losing all the challenges. The schoolyard pick twist has a lot to answer for.

    • There is Sunday as far as I know at least, because “Sue’s big move” is being trumpeted on Ch 10 in the promos. Come on !

      • Yeah, the advertising for this season has been a little odd. Whenever they promote the show and tell us that something amazing is about to happen … it doesn’t. But on the days when it’s just another episode? That’s when something crazy tends to happen.

        I want the advertising to be right just because I want Sue to take hold of the game by the scruff of its neck and begin smacking it upside the head, but I don’t have enough faith in channel 10’s marketing department to really believe.

        • I think they are being more revealing in the promos because they are trying to draw non-fans in. Fans of the US version know almost to the day when merges will happen, but they want to tell newbies in advance so that they will watch to see how it happens.

      • Oh that’s right, the grand final on Sunday. The Storm versus the Cronulla Sharks, aka, sports scientists versus creative accounting. Sad face.

  20. It gets half the ratings of The Block on Sundays but picks up a bit Monday and Tuesday. Tvtonight.com.au is good for ratings info

      • Also on tvtonight, there was an article saying that the producers are really happy with the social media buzz around Survivor, and that is enough to do it again, despite the ratings.

        I suppose they reason that if there is enough talk then the audiences will build.

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