1. Off to do my pottering at pottery this arvo. It’s a gorgeous day in WA.
    Listening to In-Flight Entertainment, Brooke Benton, Lovin’ Spoonful and Moon Safari atm.

    • It’s A Rainy Night In Georgia.

      I’ve just woken up to A journey Through British Underground Psych And Heavy Rock. The Green Manalishi is gonna get me.

  2. I’ve got two days off work, then two days on, then four days off, all in front of me. A friend of mine has this list of cool stuff she’d like to do here on the Sunny Coast, so I’m going through the list, making notes and thinking what we can do on one of my days off.

    SE Queensland was supposed to be looking at a major rain event over the weekend, and outside now, there isn’t a cloud in the sky. That annoys me, actually. You get one bad storm, and for six months afterwards, every second weather forecast is, “THE SKY IS FALLING! RUN! BUILD AN ARK!” Etc.

  3. I went to Sydney to see Aladdin. That was a lot of fun.
    And had a catch up with friends involving lots of wine and gossip.
    A lovely way to welcome Spring.

  4. Birthday party tonight.
    Birthday cake: Cherry ripe cheesecake with whipped cream, giant strawberries, and chocolate ganache made with melted lindt chocolate.

  5. Starting a pop-up shop in here next week. It’s a groovy boho shop where the owner rents spaces. We have the second foyer. We expect we might do it for a few months to sell our stock from when we were importing. I will post another pic when I have set up our section on Sunday.

  6. I’m getting excited about setting up our pop-up shop. We will be in the second foyer which is the raised area on red carpet. This is my kind of funky. 😁😁😁 The girl who has the front section designs a 70s boho mix of clothing.

      • We were mainly importing from China, India, Japan, Nepal. It’s not from warehouses but sought out. We had The Silk Caracan for 6 years. Time to sell off the stock and make some space for Woolif’s gym….or a pottery kiln. 🤔

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