The Bachelor Australia – final three

Richie has whittled them down to Mysterious Olena, Home State Girl Nikki and Smother Mother Alex. Tonight he kicks one of the trio to the kerb. Tomorrow night is the finale, screening on Ten from 7.30pm to 9pm. Richie takes the final two to Bali (perhaps he’ll catch up with former Big Brother contestant Tully there again?) and will break someone’s heart. Unless it’s Olena he’s rejecting, as she seems made of sterner stuff.
And here’s a post from the Bachie Twitter account, so you gice can discuss the use of the word “fleek” …

We start with Richie recapping the pros and cons of each girl. Pity the girls don’t get to do the same.
He’s doing some deep thinking while he does situps by the bachie pad lake, and even pretends to wipe his brow with a towel because he’s sweating from all the head hurty deep thoughts.
Richie decides to take the girls to his fave place: Indonesia. Alex has never been to Bali before. And she is calling him “Rich” (but Pooky Bear in private as she stabs voodoo dolls of Olena and Nikki).

Alex is wearing a black lace and netting playsuit which flashes her cheeks – and not the up-top kind. The producers make them ride bicycles in what is no doubt sweltering conditions and they must be the only people in Bali wearing safety helmets. Rich is so excited he’s even doing bunny hops on the bike. Time for a chat about how much her family loves him as they perch on a wall – not a couch, for once. Alex questions whether he could ever move to Melbourne (we know Richie is super close to his blonde mum – who raised him alone – and blonde sister). He avoids a straight answer but says he wouldn’t want her son to move schools as much as he did. Enough awkward talk; time for a rice paddy pash. Later on, they do find a cushion-strewn couch and she asks how his family would feel about him dating someone with a child. “They just want me to be happy,” he says. So, no answer, then.

Next up is Nikki, wearing a tropical-look playsuit and she suits the beachy Bali vibe. Straight away she grabs his head and pulls him in for a kiss. Nikki, the fellow West Aussie, has been to Bali a zillion times. They head off on some giant flying lilo thing that’s towed by a speedboat and afterwards have a pash wrapped up in beach towels. They follow up with time on the Bachie couch, surrounded by candles and Nikki again tells him she loves him. He tells her he would slot in easily to her family. Cue 2 minutes of adjectives about how awesome the other person is. “Good times, good times,” he concludes (throwing in a pash for good measure).

Now for Olena, also in a playsuit, but hers has bling. Since the hometown visit she’s started worrying about Richie living in WA while she’s in Sydney. Well, der. Richie throws out a lot of “myterious” and “intrigued” observations. They take a scooter ride to the beach and he loves surfing, so Olena must again pretend to like outdoorsy stuff. “How did your Mum feel about me?” he asks. “Umm …” she replies. Then she tells him her mum “has concerns” but doesn’t elaborate. They spend the next half hour pretending to enjoy surfing while mulling it over. Olena says her folks don’t want her to leave Sydney. Richie says he’s open to living in both cities but she’s still worried.”I see that as a huge mess for me; travelling back and forward for a relationship,” she tells the camera. Uh oh – she’s not making eye contact with him and they are playing the “something bad’s bout to happen music”. Later on, she’s in a leopard print kaftany thing and looking as fabulous as usual. Richie tries to drag some emotion out of her. She tells him her family think she’s living a fairy tale and ignoring “the real shit”. Ooh! He tells her he’s frustrated by her not acting all cray-cray for him from the get-go. “At the end of the day I’m thinking is it too much of a hassle for us to have a relationship,” she tells him. Olena lives in the real world, not Bachie la-la land.
Damn – I was sure she and Nikki would be final two but now he has no choice but to take Alex.

Rose time
They get straight into it – no cocktail party chat. The girls are all in shiny dresses and poor Osh and Rich have to swelter in suits. Nikki gets the first rose. The music builds to a crescendo and he picks Alex. Olena looks a bit nervy, like she’s trying to breathe calmly. She and Richie exchange pleasantries about how they want each other to be happy and it’s like two strangers making polite conversation at a dinner party.

Tomorrow night
Alex and Nikki get to meet his Mum, who asks questions like: “So, you’re not a basket case?” We hear Nikki tell the camera she’s confident it’s her. The finale screens tomorrow on Ten, from 7.30-9pm.



  1. I think I can safely speak the group when I say that I’m completely tired of this season and want it to be over and done with. Richie’s spent such little time around any of these girls that I find it incredulous that he’s able to tell Osher in the preview, “I’m in love”, particularly given that he’s so boring and bland, and he has *zero* connection or chemistry with any of these three beyond, “You’re gorgeous, let’s pash”.

    I think, if he does pick somebody, it’ll be Nikki. Alex is too worryingly aggressive, and he has nothing in common with Olena. Nothing. I’d think Olena would go home tonight, and they’ll save Alex’s rejection for the finale tomorrow night, but who knows?

  2. There’s something so fake and immature about Alex.
    Her adjectives in the first 5 minutes was, ‘that’s awesome’ Amazing and OMG with her hand near his crotch while driving. She is cheap with a capital C

      • Just for Alex~

        Eat the Rich ~Motörhead

        They say music is the food of love,
        Let’s see if you are hungry enough,
        Take a bite, take another, just like a good boy would,
        Get a sweet thing on the side,
        Home cooking, homicide,
        Side order, could be your daughter,
        Fingerlicking good
        Come on baby, eat the rich,
        Put the bite on the son of a bitch,
        Don’t mess around, don’t give me no switch,
        C’mon baby eat the rich
        C’mon baby eat the rich
        Sittin’ here in a restaurant,
        Tell the waiter just what you want
        Is that the meat, you wanted to eat,
        How would you ever know?
        Hash browns an’ bacon strips,
        I love the way that you lick your lips,
        No fooling, I can see you drooling,
        Feel the hunger grow
        Come on baby, eat the rich,
        Put the bite on the son of a bitch,
        Don’t mess around, don’t give me no switch,
        C’mon baby…

  3. I don’t mean to be rude … but can Alex possibly talk about anything *other* than her son? I’m sure he’s a great kid, but I think that a life with Alex will be having the same conversation with her, oh, every single day of Richie’s life.

  4. I want somebody to talk onto the set, lean down and whisper into Richie’s ear, “Dude. She’s just not that into you.”

    Or Olena to punch him in the crotch and walk away. That’d work too.

    • I think she pretty much did that. Olena telling Richie she foresaw nothing but mess… Then Richie looks puzzled and goes all “I think she’s hot but I’m not certain she lerves me’. I haven’t enjoyed anything as much since Kiera left.

      • Olena did a breakfast-radio interview with my local radio station this morning, and the hosts pretty much put it to her the theory that she really fell out of love with him ages ago, but she liked being competitive and she was so beautiful that he just couldn’t bear to punt her, all of which is why she lasted longer than she did.

  5. All Richie wants is the girls whispering the love word. If he is really into Olena, he is the want that should convince her. Can’t blame her for holding back.

  6. Do you think tomorrow night, Alex will talk about her son?

    Meanwhile, we go from the girls’ obnoxious families, to Richie’s obnoxious family. My gosh. Is this over yet?

  7. How beautiful and classy is Olena! Alex is such a tart and Richie’s mother looks like an old harridan. Can’t wait for tomorrow and desperately hope he doesn’t pick Alex. It will be interesting to read Mamamia’s Rosie’s take on the episode.

  8. Maybe Olana was waiting until after getting the free trip to Bali to let Richie down? Would have been fun for him to choose her last night to see if she would have accepted the rose or not. He should just choose Nikki since its the easiest option, location and no baggage. His mum does look very scary, and possessive about her little boy, good luck girls!

  9. Did Sam Frost meet Richie’s mum in the home town visit? I just cant remember.

    Maybe is over acting from Richie’s mum?

  10. And none of the final three are natural blondes. So much speculation about who wins! Seeing Alex striding through Sydney airport, dressed as she was, just makes me cringe, no decorum just look at me, look at me. Oh well, not long now, I think most of us will be glad when it’s over. Rosie’s recap is hilarious!

  11. I am a lone voice in the Wilderness, except maybe Windsong. I don’t dislike Richie. He doesn’t annoy me. But I read between the lines with Olena and see high maintenance and hard as nails. I see a girl who is used to wealthy boyfriends giving her whatever she wants. I mean she certainly can pick and choose. She never looks anything but gorgeous and wasn’t her dress at the end beautiful.

    I don’t care who Richie chooses. He should have kept Rachel because she has personality. But maybe Nikki will get the “opportiddy”. Her voice his a bit whiny for my ears.

    And 2 MONTHS???? How could Alex leave her child that long? Maybe she got little visits. Also, I might be alone in the naughty corner here too, because I think Alex should drive home to Richie he will be a step dad figure. And she might not have been saying it all the time off camera. But she definitely is a package deal. Unless the kid is like a Forrester and you never see him.

    • Oi believe Australia’s in danger of being swamped by Richies,walking or dirt biking around around going “You look absolutely gorgeous”.

      I’ve been critical of all parents of toddlers who leave them to be on reality tv shows for years. This is not a smart Alex.

    • Yeah, I definitely don’t dislike Richie, as a person. But I don’t think there’s any way around the fact that he’s a pretty dull guy.

      This show is about the emotional journey of the bachelor and all the contestants. For the audience to get behind him, to actually be invested in this, we need to see some actual emotion from him.

      And all in all, this has just made for some very boring television (particularly when it’s been preceded on weeknights by “Survivor” which has been quite compelling viewing so far).

  12. I’m with you Daisy, i don’t dislike Richie either, he has just been really boring to watch on TV. He seems to struggle with the talking about your feelings and such (especially with 30 other people in the room staring at your every move) which is fine lots of people are like that, but it just doesn’t make for great TV.

    Someone on another forum i read, figured pretty early on that Sam must pick Snez, because why would you take a mother away from their child for so long if you didn’t like them. So they have the same theory with Alex. Dailymail are claiming they have the inside scoop too. So don’t head there if you don’t want spoilers.

    I kinda wish they would speed up future seasons, get rid of at least 2 a night… the lull between the first few eps with the crazies making it somewhat interesting and then hometowns is too long i reckon.

  13. Yes, Erin, this won’t be Richie’s big break into a tv career, but it’s not supposed to be, is it? I think Nikki is boring. I wonder if that’s why they dressed her in the most revealing dresses. Richie might be OK in real life.
    Oh, and I hated Alex’s black dress at TRC. It looked more like a circus or ballet costume.

  14. I usually don’t care about the afters but the after the series interviews might be interesting on this one.
    Didn’t Rachel leave graciously, considering Richie told her family he could see a future with her. He should go back to Scarborough beach and find her.

  15. Ritchie has been so dull that I have to wonder if they chose the new bachelorette because if nothing else she should be media savvy

  16. I’m with the ‘group think’. I am so over this. Just finish already. I am allocating 2 minutes to the Finale. That’s it. This season has been a low point in the history of The Bachelor.
    Just run your imagination for a moment to an altogether chat catch-up. God help us. No wonder they canned that episode.
    And I do blame Richie. Is there a more dull man on the face of this earth? Or perhaps I am just not attracted to ‘nice but stoopid’. Dear producers: lesson learnt.

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