The Bold and the Beautiful – Sept

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Yes, Spring has indeed sprung, and Spring fever has eaten Eric Forrester’s brain, but his old man snagger has been enjoying a revival, as he sports a new gigolo hairdo, and boinks the sinister Quinn. Yes, I said boinks, not bonks, because 1. It might be a bit wibbly wobbly, and 2. It makes us shout at our screens, “Oi Eric, wtf are you doing.
My good friend and I have been discussing who has sunk the lowest in B&B recently.
We have so many choices. Top of my list is Bill because, wow, taking a kid from his mother to spite her makes him the Devil. And Wipes has been p*ssing me off, especially smug-Wipes. Did you see him, viewers, crawl up Daddy’s bottom yesterday by siding with his evil-doings? Quinn has been a bad girl, but it’s not her evil best. That would be when she is murdering people. Katy gets at least a 9/10 for evil busy-bodying as she has brought devastation to Ridge and Caroline’s love nest, and we can surely expect that Thomas will have to make his next midnight sandwich completely starkers.
Brooke is a consistent 9/10 in the evil stakes. Her narcissism keeps her performing well.
So B&B sexperts, who will sink lowest this September and who will spring (boom boom) back into our good books. Do we even have a B&B good book now that kerazeeeee Alleeee has gone? Waaaa. Bring back kerazeee Alleeee. Surely there was a twin. Feel free to make wild predictions as to who will stumble into whose bed next. Also…there has been no dna test on Little Dougie yet, so we still can’t rule out another paternity switch.
And big question….who thinks Brooke & Bill actually did do it because they were in bed together at least twice, and without reading glasses and a crossword puzzle?



  1. Tonight’s ep was a waste of time for me with the stupid Quinn in disguise bit. As for Liam and his constant harping. He is really annoying me. Give me Wyatt any day. He can’t help having Quinn as Mum and pointy lips.

  2. What a load of rubbish is happening.
    *Steffi is a Forrester, why is she spending so much time promoting Spencer.
    *Not telling any tales but RJ will be appearing soon as a very grown up teenager
    *When Eric said that it was 50 years since he started Forrester I thought, good Lord, how old is his character! So I googled Eric, no age given, but he’s been busy with soooooo many marriages, children and grandchildren – some I’ve never heard of, but then I haven’t been watching for years. He certainly is rather paunchy around the jowls.
    Now that Quinn has arrived in Monte Carlo I expect we can wait for fireworks.

  3. Yes, Sara. Ridonculous. Who is running Forrester while the CEO AND the president go traipsing off to stand in for Bill?
    And old Eric is just a lech who puts the urges of his viagra fuelled, old man baubles ahead of his granddaughter.

  4. Thorne Forrester should be running the company as he is the oldest true son of Eric. He’s always been shuffed off to the basement, or sent overseas. Can’t stand the new Ridge, wish he would be sent away instead.

  5. How ridiculous was the civilized break-up of Ridge and Caroline? ” Oh, OK. I will just go off and be with Thomas”. It’s annoying that Brooke will now get her way again and be back on with Ridge. That’s my guess. She never gets burned by her horrible behaviour. Sleeps with her daughter’s hubby, sister’s hubby FIL and still she is the venerable, mighty Brooke.

  6. Well, Grandpops has been sprung. Tomorrow’s show will be interesting! And why does Steffy have so many fans, what does she do to have millions of followers ffs

  7. I’m glad Quinn ‘s been caught because I can’t stand much more of script like this:

    Quinn~ “What’s paradise without someone to share it?”

    Eric~ ” A business trip”

    Last Tango In Monte Carlo.

    Eric feels “revitalized “. Liam is a Greenie now (not that there’s anything wrong with that) Steffy will be back with him soon, the way she’s gazing out the window.

  8. Eric should have just put a “napping” side room on his office. Quinn could have hung her whips, and disguises up there.

  9. Wyatt and Quinn know how to trap their girl/man but their holding record is as poor as any Forrester.
    Anyone thinking Quinn might have needed a shot or two of brandy to play that bed scene with old man Eric? It’s a bit Anna Nicole.

    • Eric needed a shot or two of Just For Men and some acting lessons.

      Quinn looked like she was there to change his bed pan.

  10. Yes, I was reading Brooke’s mind yesterday as she was ready to pounce on her opportunity with Ridge. But I love that Brooke’s motto is to always put her kids first. Affair with Bridgette’s hubby, slept with her sister’s hubby even though he was sabotaging Hope’s life, and a son in boarding school, who never comes home. Yep, she’s a real mother hen.

  11. Mmmm Wyatt, it looks like you’re about to get dumped because of your cray cray mother. Only Eric’s penis can save you.

  12. Nearly a whole episode devoted to Quinn’s promotion and the family shitstorm scene….with Eric as King Leer.

    Loved Eric reminding Pam that she used to be crazy herself, so have some compassion for the new improved Quinn.

  13. I enjoyed Liam reminding Wipes that all of his wives had been Liam’s exes.
    Stephie is getting to stretch her thesbian muscles, ripping into Quinn with such ferocity. She is looking good now that the guppy lips have gone down and the stringy blond hair extensions have gone.

  14. Sarsha is using her, “I’m a good listener, she doesn’t understand you like I do” approach, while Thomas uses his, “I’ll just take my shirt off and be supportive” strategy.
    If Sarsha has a scene where she needs to hide in potted shrubbery, she is ready for it in those tights.

    • What a celebration of bad acting Liam, Wyatt and Eric are stumping up. Ditto Ridge.

      Eric and his lover are going to have Quinntuplets. Boom boom.

  15. Oh, don’t tell me there is a new portrait up over the Forrester fireplace already.
    I look fd to the thanksgiving dinner where inspite of all the husband/wife stealing and treachery, they are forced to partake together and say something wonderful about the person on their right. I hope Liam gets Quinn. “I remember what a good lay she was when she kidnapped me and stole my life”.

  16. Eric sacks more promotes and fires people faster than Donald Trump on apprentice. A promotion to CEO from Eric Forrester is about as useless as a Zimbabwean $100 note.

  17. Ooooo. I think Quinn is going to need to take her toothbrush and overnight bag to Eric’s
    Any guesses on Eric’s surprise. Maybe a heart attack.

    • Quinn’s pregnant…….but with Liam’s child.

      But hey, Quinn’s “changed” now. Eric will be okay with it .

      Ridge would be taking his overnight bag to Brooke’s .

  18. I think this is a good time for me to get an October thread up and running. I’ll be on it (said Quinn to Eric).

  19. He could go on Sing Snap and “hook up” with my mum. He’d have to get in line with all the other crooning, swooning old pops pulling off to the romantic classics.

    If the piano was out of tune, I would check if Quinn had a body stashed inside. Perhaps Deacon.

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