This Time Next Year starts tomorrow

The new show from Nine hosted by Karl Stefanovic looks like a bit of a tearjerker – and not just because the Today host is in the chair.
The show follows people over the space of a year, with goals ranging from losing weight to an infertile couple having a baby to a dying woman ticking off a bucket list.
I will be interested to learn if they are all success stories.
It starts tomorrow (Monday), 8.45pm, fter The Block.



  1. Karl Stefanovic is a real room clearer.

    No way would I watch this with Karl “compering”. No sincerity at all in him.

    • I am not a breakfast TV watcher so have never understood the appeal of Karl – same with Kochie. Lisa Wilkinson is a different matter. Wonder if she ever gets offered her own show?

  2. I am fast forwarding through it now but there is too much Karl in it. Some lovely outcomes, though. Wish it was like Australian Story where the subjects do all the talking

  3. Watched it. I actually don’t mind Karl but don’t think I’ll be tuning in again. Recycled UK show, didn’t like format. The wheelchair lady who wanted to walk was…. awkward tv. I felt terrible for her, my mum was in tears.

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