1. I don’t know if it’s true, but I heard on the radio today that last season’s Alex (of Richie and Alex fame) broke up with Richie and has since hooked up with another woman. And that’s fine, whatevs. But that’s three (count ’em, 3) bachelorettes from Richie’s season who started dating women afterwards. Was Richie really *that* dull? He can actually turn people?

    Anyway. I’m looking forward to seeing Matty’s slightly over-protective (slightly?) sister have at some of the girls left this season. This should be fun.

    • Cynic that I am, I’d be more inclined to believe that Alex dating a woman is more calculated than turning, if she just started dating some random bloke it wouldn’t be a cover story on a women’s mag. I’ve always believed Alex was only about ‘winning’ and publicity.

  2. Jen was so effusive in her praise for Matty’s sister in her to camera piece that it was immediately clear she knew that the sister wasn’t competition. I’ve not heard her say anything nearly as nice about any of the other girls.

  3. I’m not going to judge Leah for her job but I will judge her for her behaviour that has been shown on the show and I don’t like what I’ve seen. I liked Flo’s tongue in cheek “shocking”.

  4. I dont like Leah but tonight episode is set up to make Leah looks really bad. So they already know about her topless party and make a story out of it. The producers knew and chose her to be one of the bachelorette a d then make a story about her past

    • You’re right LP and I would imagine the producers also told her to keep it quiet just to set up this situation.

  5. This is ridiculous. Matty is not a baby. He can decide for himself who is genuine and who is not. If he cant then he is dump

  6. I really am so sick of Jen she opens her mouth a garbage spews forth. Case in point “… so technically she kidnapped Leah’s child.” and “…. no children like Laura”. No, in an experiment with a very small sample size Laura didn’t immediately connect with a child she’d never met before.

    • I particularly liked her commentary during the fight between Leah and Simone.

      “There’s so much drama in the kitchen right now!” If I listened carefully, I could hear her saying, “And for once, I didn’t cause any of it!”

  7. I like that Laura won the single date. Laura’s just so honest and sweet that I think I’m falling for her a little bit.

    Although, I gotta say, on the paddleboat? I did start to see a resemblance between her and Georgia Love. It’s fine, it’s just, we know that Matty has a type, now. Heheheh.

    Meanwhile, I honestly couldn’t care less if Leah is/was/will be a stripper. I care that she’s kind of a bully and a jerk, though. That would be far more important to me, as a potential romantic match.

    • Yes Windsong, that’s what I meant when I said I wouldn’t judge her for her job but her behaviour and you are so right she is a bully and a jerk. She also has a dn interesting reality (ie she tells lies) there have been a few times where she has been shown saying one thing to one person and a completely different version to another. My favourite bit during the fight was the when the camera panned to Jen with a really sour look – it could have been about anything but my bet is she was annoyed she wasn’t the centre of attention.
      They always do a “chuck them in with some random kids and that will show what kind of mother they will be” such a stupid premise to start with. I was glad to see Laura get the extra time and she was so sensible in what she said regarding other people’s kids versus her own.

  8. In Matty’s defense, he didn’t seem to really care at all about Leah’s past. He seemed far more upset at the fact that she’s been lying to him about being this maternal, much-loved figure in the house … when in fact, she’s been kind of a jerk this whole time, and nobody likes her very much.

    My jaw actually dropped at Elora’s snarky comment directed at Leah regarding her conversation with Matty. “Did he tip you?” Holy damn, Elora. That was amazing. The look of surprise on Flo’s face, afterwards? Yeah, that was me. But as Elise pointed out, Leah is nothing but snark directed at the other bachelorettes. If you can’t take it back? Don’t dish it out in the first place.

    • I’ve never been a huge fan of Elora but that comment was unnecessarily bitchy and unexpected. Flo’s face was classic wasn’t it. I’m liking Elise the more I see of her – she’s pretty normal and down to earth.

      • There is something about Elora that is not right. I think she is acting big time. Not natural at all. To me there is more to het than the seductive look

        • Given the focus of this episode, I can’t help but wonder how much nonsense from Leah we *haven’t* seen, since apparently, nobody in the mansion can stand her. Like, how much went on that we didn’t even see?

          Having said that, I agree with you guys re: Elora. I found her cool and detached, and I said that from the very beginning.

          I still giggled at what she said, though, but then I’m horrible.

    • I actually thought Matty’s response to Simone there was quite classy. He didn’t seem to care, he offered her a hug and then he apologised that all this had been dragged up.

      What was more important was that he zeroed in on the fact that Leah had been bullying Simone … and he immediately evicted Leah from the mansion. That made me like Matty a little bit more.

  9. I can’t believe that they’re making out as though having worked as a topless waitress is equivalent to a criminal record for murder or some other serious crime. So OTT.

  10. This episode is so scripted. They know about the past of the 2 girls. Suddenly they made a big fuss about it.

  11. Leah is just an out and out bitch. During the fight she was threatening the other girls that she had stuff on all of them and then outing Simone to Matty. And wanting a rose so she could rub it in the other girl’s faces – yeah she’s really there to find love with Matty.

  12. When the papers have Simone being a topless waitress, she said was so ashamed of herself. Just another way of getting sympathy votes.

  13. So Leah actually admitted to Matty that she’d gone out of her way to bully Simone, in the first week in the mansion.

    And yet somehow, Leah’s still the victim when it all goes south.

    Good choice on eliminating her, Matty. You could’ve done that a few episodes ago, but you got there eventually, and we’re proud of you.

    • I get that Simone has been a bit whiny … but if Leah really was hassling her (in a closed environment, and it’s not like Simone had the option of leaving or getting away from her), I can’t imagine that didn’t have an affect on Simone’s mood. I still don’t think she’s the girl for Matty, but I do feel for her. Good riddance Leah.

  14. I’m hoping that none of these fame seeking drama queens get to extend their 15 minutes. I think they saw that Keira’s bad behaviour paid off with an “I’m a celebrity” gig and that’s why the cattiness is so high this year.

  15. Poor choice of words to Simone, Matty ~ “exposed”

    Geez, $imone , you were a topless entertainer, not a paedophile.

    • Remember back in the first series, the final two or 3 had the option to spend the night with Tim, in the same room or separate rooms (they all slept in separate rooms) it was all pretty silly and they stopped doing it after that season.

  16. Promo showed an overnight stay for Matty.

    So all the early media talk was a lie. Matty said he will be selective with the kissing. Now he said he needs to see the chemistry.

    Now the first Bachelor with an overnight stay.

  17. Did the sister give a spoiler of the final three? “Tara, Elise and Laura are in the clear, no-one threw them under the bus.”

    • We might just find out next week that one of them does phone sex, under the guise of “counselling” and this sends Matty into another moral tailspin.

    • Also when Leah was trying to tell her Simone had a past – she made the sister guess “from one the girls he won’t end up with” the sisters first answer was Elora. Then Elora’s “did he tip you comment” suggests she ain’t getting very far either.

  18. I did enjoy watching the other contestants struggle with their language when trying to describe Leah’s work history. Every time I hear party planner now I will think it’s a euphemism for topless dancer!

    • To the unaware, “party planner” could easily mean selling Tupperware.

      Not after tonight……

      • There is a wedding planner in the mansion. I think is Sharlene. Now you really want to know what does a wedding planner do or plan

  19. I found this episode to be so judgemental. The producers knew some of the girls had a past.
    I agree with Leah, there a lot of bitches in that house.
    Really ugly episode tonight. . . and as for Matty’s self righteous sister . . enough said.

    • Leah made for such a strange example, though. Sure, we shouldn’t judge her for her work history … but I feel perfectly fine judging her for being a mean asshole.

  20. “And as the last piece of clothing fell to the floor,
    The police were banging on the door,
    On a Saturday night, in nineteen twenty-four…
    Take it away boys!
    But poor Patricia was arrested and everyone detested,
    The manner in which she was exposed,
    And later on in court, well, everybody thought
    A summer run in jail would be proposed,
    But the judge said, “Patricia,
    Or may I say, Delicia,
    The facts of this case lie before me…
    Case dismissed … this girl was in her working clothes!!”

    ~ excerpt from “Patricia the Stripper”

  21. Leah is loving the drama. It’s obvious she doesn’t even care about being on the show anyway. Interesting to hear the sister tell Matty that Leah and Jen are the “Mean Girls”.

    • What I thought was interesting was that Jen didn’t take any part in the proceedings, even after everyone else outed her as one of the “mean girls”. The episode was solely focused on Leah. Which kind of hints that the fallout for Jen may still be on the horizon.

  22. Leah tells Matty she used to be a topless waitress. They go to stand up and he has to avert his eyes because she mutters “I don’t have underwear on” as she tugs the hemline of her short dress. Noice one. Simone actually handled herself very well.

  23. I can’t look because I am in Perth and won’t be able to watch Bach until I get home on the weekend. It’s a mother and daughter trip. 😊😊😊

  24. Not a fun episode.
    But I guess drama is the way to go early in the season otherwise all those blonde girls just morph into one.
    I might give it a miss until Florence goes home. Who the hell’s Florence, you say? Exactly.

  25. Sheesh. Has The Bachelor jumped the shark with this 007 Sister episode? Almost an hour about some secret build up to Leah’s background and how she was going to effect a major retaliation.
    And in the end she hugged it out and wished the Bachelor the best with some throw away line about the remaining girls being deceptive. As though the role Spit-Shine Shine assigned her to play was genuine .
    All of it was shite and the fact i watched and got agitated was shite.
    Plus could Matty and Laura have opened their mouths any wider during that slightly awkward kiss – had a slight Kath and Kell wiff to it.

    Also why does he like to cut girls off mid sentence with a pash? to shut them up? Because he thinks it’s romantic? Because he isn’t paying attention and doesn’t know how to respond? Because he thinks it makes schlock TV?

    I despair.

  26. Simone handled it very well – they barely know each other she doesn’t know where its going, there is no need to spill all the secrets on the first date. Not that I think she is the chosen one either.
    And technically neither of them lied, they just didn’t tell the full story! Not an industry i would want to be associated with but its not like they committed a crime.
    Matty actually handled dumping Leah really well – and it made Leah look even worse!
    Leah has come out in her media interviews that she didn’t even like Matty anyway – sounds like she was just bored in the house – not that, i think that is an excuse for bullying.
    I love kids too but I would have struggled like Laura with that group date too, its really hard to bond with a kid you have met barely 5 minutes ago.
    No kiss for Alix, which I reckon means she ain’t in the running! Plus she kept bringing up other girls. I liked that Matty said it only takes one date for everything to change. Unfortunately for Alix, I don’t think things will change for her.

    • I love kids and am always chatting to kids everywhere I go, but forthe camera would make me feel like a baby-kissing politician.

  27. I think Leah being a bully should have been the issue alone. Who cares what they do or did outside the show.
    I love how Simone rocks the halfup half down hairstyle like a 90s schoolgirl. It doesn’t have that slick overstraightened look that is popular now.

    • That’s hit the nail on the head Jazzman. I’m pretty confident that 90% of the viewing audience don’t (and shouldn’t care) about Leah’s work history, that’s why I couldn’t believe they were treating it like a felony (comment 14). But bullying crosses the line of impacting negatively on the lives of others and should have been the focus.

  28. Three gels bolt from the mansion tonight.

    If it’s Elise, Elora or Simone, that’ll be okay.

    Matty’s such a prude… but driving like a playboy with one hand on the wheel of the sports car he had Alix in….in traffic, that don’t impress me much.

  29. I found it interesting that the sister asked “Laura?” straight away when told about the topless past. Her next guess was Leah. Who would pick Laura as an exotic dancer? She doesn’t look at all like one.

    • I think that was Elora (the fire dancer) as opposed to Laura, who agreed comes across like a nice kindergarten teacher.

      Hate to admit it but I’ve watched it twice. It’s better than being a stripper, I suppose.

      Elora had no trouble coughing up the dirt.

      Blake and Tim had both been topless waiters/barmen/meat/eye candy. No outcry.

    • I’m pretty sure she said Elora too.
      Now she got a 2nd single date πŸ˜” I was hoping she would get a swift goodbye!

      • I guess that Matty is the last to know that Elora hissed “Did you get a tip?’ to Leah after Matty gave her a sermon.

        The whole shitstorm is being rehashed on The Project. Loose Leah ‘s blaming late nights, alcohol and the girlie environment.

  30. Jen is annoyed at Elora being “too smug”. I worry that the irony here is so great that the internet might crack in half because of it.

    • My feelings on elora aren’t as strong as Jen! But there is something I don’t like about her that’s for sure.
      And this date seems very awkward!

      • I wouldn’t have picked Elora for the second date. It’s funny that a few of us have an ‘off’ feeling about Elora. For me I wasn’t sure about her in the beginning but didn’t think she was horrible or anything but after last night I just think she’s a piece of work (and not in a good way).

  31. Elora – “I don’t know how this day could get any better.”

    Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Jen is attacked by a rabid kangaroo.

  32. I’ll admit, I chuckled at Elora’s comment to Leah, but I still intensely dislike Elora. It was fantastically timed and was exactly something Leah would’ve said had the shoe been on the other foot. Anyhoo, I thought it was made pretty clear that the reason Leah was booted was because of her ‘mean girl’ persona and the treatment of Simone, particularly when she was so forthcoming in admitting that she liked bullying her. Matty found it a turn off, so would I if I were him. Leah’s opportunity to tell him was on the medieval date when she drunkenly went outside and fake cried to Matty. Simone handled it with as much dignity as could be expected, and to be honest she is probably one of the girls with the least amount of ‘stripper’ vibe about her.

    Alix and Matty had no chemistry AT ALL. That date was painful to watch, she didn’t seem like she even liked him. I think we all know that Laura is the winner, but I’m loving Tara even if she does give off a ‘matey’ vibe. It’s really about time Michelle gets a date. I like her a lot.

    • Elora’s taking it on herself to tell the sister about Leah’s work was way out of line. I’d be okay with her saying she’d witnessed bullying but the job stuff was repeating an irrelevant rumour.

      • This is where I don’t understand how Marty seems ok with that? After outsing Leah for basically the same thing.

  33. Another question. How do these girls, Flo, Simone and Elora get to live and work in Australia?

    Many people couldnt come and live in Australia. Even those with a degree.

    • They could have dual citizenship/passports due to parents or grandparents.
      Simone would be able to get a visa because she is British similar or Aussies can get to go to the UK or other commonwealth countries. Not sure about the other two if they don’t have passports…

    • I assume that has come up thou because makes things difficult if they are on a time limit on their time in Oz

    • Looks like simones parents are in the next Ep, so either they have impeccable timing and they happened to be in Aust, during filming or maybe they emigrated here.

  34. I agree Elora shouldn’t get to be on the group date (but I probably wouldn’t mind quite so much if I liked her).

  35. Elora has a huge advantage over the other girls having spent more time. I think Flo cheating is hilarious!

  36. The more I see of Matty the less I like him, how prudish that he was “disappointed” that she cheated at a stupid game.

  37. Omg Flo hahahaha, imitating the other girls laughing at Matty. Good on Sharlene for making herself known. If that were me I would have said my piece and walked the f out. He hadn’t even bothered looking in her direction.

  38. Why do they finally show more of Michelle talking when sh clearly has a cold?
    Line of the series from her re Jen’s soul: “C’mon you don’t have one.”

    • Sharlene, needy is really not a good strategy. She should have said to him “Well, why the f**k did you keep me around so long. Nobody told me I was just a filler girl.”

  39. Oh my gosh, that super dramatic music after Matty revealed that he didn’t see a future with himself and Sharlene, then an immediate cut to an ad-break. Geez, it was like Sharlene was about to slap him.

    Jen – “It was so awkward, it hurts my soul.”
    Michelle – “Hurts my soul? That’s hilarious. As if you have one.”

    … bwahahahahaha!

  40. No wonder the girls are walking out.

    Next week will be the finale as there are no girls left!! Except maybe Laura, Tara,Flo and Elora

  41. Jeez could that Thanks from Sharlene have had any more acid in it?
    Who said poor Matty? Yes poor guy one of his 13 girlfriends walked out because he said he wasn’t that into her. She would have been such an object of derision if she’d stayed after that.

    • Someone (Erin?) said on another thread that the definition of resting bitch face was a picture of Jen, so true of her during the rose ceremony tonight. Very disappointed she’s still there.

    • Haha, yep, that was me. Plus the look of shock on her face when she got the rose tonight suggests she doesn’t think she is in with a chance either!

  42. The show is so lack of substance that they are bringing in the parents when they are still 10 girls left

  43. Haha he dumped her But she talked herself into believe she made the decision and it was never going to work anyways!

  44. The longer this show goes the less I like Matty.
    I wish some of the rejected girls stop thanking Matty.
    A bit early to bring the parents in !

    • Matty~ “I think you’re so lovely” (but I’m dumping you)

      Matty’s getting more unpleasant with every episode, agreed.

      Osher~ “Here’s Johnny….er I mean Matty”

      • I think he’s starting to believe the hype. Sharlene did put him in an awkward position but it seemed to me that he was pissed off by it and therefore was not as gentle as he could have been in ditching her.

      • He has his chat up lines but he needs to work on a few good dumping lines.
        “You are lovely, and will make someone else a wonderful wife” has been used before. Dumping is harder than chatting up, yet it’s the chat up lines that people seem to practice.

    • Also only wants to catch up with the in laws once a month (as per the group date quiz – which as an aside is a bit contradictory for such a family man himself) but meeting them so early in the game… thou I do assume this is producer created, rather than Matty suggested.

  45. Wow, it was really hard to watch Sharlene get her heart broken on TV. That was awkward as hell. And yeah, it was hard not to hear the sting in her voice when she said, “thank you Matty” a few times immediately afterwards. I didn’t see them as having any chemistry, and I don’t think Matty did either. I mean, it made for compelling viewing, but oh my gosh. Poor girl. “He doesn’t like martial arts or musical theatre!” Yeah, that’s why you guys aren’t gonna work out.

    Meanwhile, who doesn’t want Jen to be there in a crisis? “All she’s done so far is having a bitch and a whine. It’s, meh.” She’s all heart, that girl. All heart.

    The rose ceremony actually surprised me. I thought for sure he’d deep-six Simone or Cobie, but he kept them both. And poor Alix, I really liked her! As for Steph, well, I still don’t even know she is, so all’s well that ends well, I think.

    • I liked Alix too but considering after tonight she is the only one from a single date that he hasn’t pashed I wasn’t surprised he let her go. Cobie surely has to go soon, it’s cruel to keep her when it’s so clear she’s not going to be the last one standing and the longer it goes the more she’ll fall apart when she’s ditched.
      As far as Elora goes, he’s obviously not thinking with the brain in his head but I don’t think sexual attraction will be enough in the long run.

      • Yeah, I’m thinking that when Cobie doesn’t get a rose, Osher will have to call security to quietly escort her from the premises. I don’t see that ending well.

        Sharlene, I just kind of felt bad for. He probably always intended to eliminate her, but he can’t just dismiss 6 or 7 girls at a time, and he was getting to it, but there were far more obnoxious people (looking at you Leah) who needed to go first.

        I don’t know what he sees in Elora. She’s voluptuous and beautiful, sure, but she seems so cool and switched-off, it’s very off-putting. It’s like she’s here for the ‘game’ part of the show, and not for actually connecting with someone who she has chemistry with (because they really don’t).

        Someone on FB just posted a screencap of tonight’s episode, with a picture of Elora and a promo for “The Wrong Girl” directly underneath. I thought it was apt.

    • I thought Jen and Steph would be going, Steph didn’t get enough airtime to be going places.
      I like Alix too, but no kiss and chatting too much about the otjers didn’t bode well.
      I feel like Elora is just telling Matty what he wants to hear. She doesn’t seem the settle down type.
      Lots of ppl on twitter are posting various ‘the wrong girl’ screenshots! She ain’t very popular over there thats for sure. Lots also commented that Matty and Flo actually talked and had a convo (that we saw) whereas with Elora, it was all ‘cool’, ‘yeah’, ‘this is great’ etc.

  46. Sharlene should have just said “Great, I am going and I am not going to waste my time and your time. Bye…….”

  47. Matty does not like pugs, martial arts and musical theatre. I’m with him on two of the three, so I don’t think Sharlene and I will ever be friends

  48. I’m the odd one out. I wasn’t comfortable about Flo being a cheat. It made me wonder about the rest of her character. Where does she draw the line at cheating. I will stand by myself and say I don’t like Flo. There is a strong character, then there is strong character that is a little on the nose. It’s all a matter of personal taste.

    Sharlene…oh dear. It was hard for her to salvage her dignity. I think it would be better had she cried than trying to flip it and make it seem like her idea to ditch Matty.
    I think quiet achiever Laura is in with a shot, and girl next door Tara. I also liked Alix but didn’t see her as a winner.

    • Flo’s Guns ‘n Roses singlet had me thinking she must have been a stripper, mud wrestler or at least in a few wet T Shirt comps.

    • I just didn’t want Elora to win the alone time, I would have been happy for any of them to cheat at that point. But I do get what you are saying Daisy, it goes back to are you there because you want to find love or just to win. AND i guess he was thinking it was supposed to be a compatibility quiz so they aren’t really that compatible if she had to cheat her way through…

      • I guess it was amusing TV but not so good for Matty. I never cheat at games so if I was a contestant and found out I’d be fuming. But from the comfort of the couch it was amusing, after all the drama the previous night

      • So it is double standard from Matty. He think he should see his in laws once a month. But if his wife do that to her in laws, I dont think he will be very happy as he is supposed to be very close to his family

      • I already wasn’t enthralled with Flo. The cheating just added to it. I know it was a silly race but there is something about her that I sense is not nice. Funny isn’t it. I suspect it probably depends on people and experiences in our own lives. Perhaps I knew a Flo and she wasn’t nice.

        • It might like I don’t like bananas ( unless they are those small plantains) and some people don’t like chocolate. Although I don’t know any people like that.

        • Maybe because I read Flo instagram and I found her to be a funny girl and dont think she is a cheater in real sense. I still like Flo.

          I also like Tara for being herself. With Laura, I am not too sure.She seems to be connected with Matty. Also she is from Sydney and she is quite down to earth not like Elora.But I am mean. I want Matty to pick Elora and shock her sis. Maybe not, it may cause her sis to go into early labour.

      • Yeah, I didn’t get good vibes from her after her single date.
        I agree LP I don’t understand how such a family man would be into a girl who never wants to see the in laws…

        • I thought the questions were how Matty will answer them. That is why initially Flo think it should be once a week, since Matty is close to his family but the answer was wrong.

    • Interesting! I thought it was funny because she knew the cameras were watching so it wasn’t being sneaky. If she had tried to be sneaky about it I wouldn’t have found it funny. We all have different lines in the sand don’t we – yours is cheating in the game, mine is being sneaky about it.
      She did say that cheating on a partner was a deal breaker for her and I’m pretty confident both you and I would take a dim view of that (even if we are watching a show that has a man dating several women simultaneously).

      • I know what it is. It’s not the cheating per se. It’s if you are a girl who will step on others to get what you want. I just sense something about her that I mistrust. But hell, she might be the sweetest thing for all I know.

        • I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt (because I like her), I don’t know that she would have cheated if it was someone other than Elora hot on her heels. But you’re right we don’t know any of these people just the snippets they show in a totally unreal reality show.

  49. Sharlene on her exit interview thinks Elise is the front runner! Another eliminated bachelorette also think Elise could win. We are asking, who is Elise? IWe hardly see Elise and she doesn’t have a single date. How can she be the front runner . πŸ€”πŸ€”

    • LP I think Elise is the hockeyroo? I have not warmed to her at all, she looks far older than Matty. She barely ever gets any screentime.

      Cobie looks like a young Laura Dern. I missed her date episode so it seems like I missed her crazy?

      Matty needs to ditch Elora, she is the type of girl who moves in and takes over your house, never wants to see your family then you come home one day and half your stuff is gone and your bank accounts empty and she’s moved to Mexico.

      • Yes Stacey. I know who Elise is. Just strange to think she is a front runner when we still dont know her and we are in Episode 8 out of 16 episodes.

    • Sharlene also totally mis read the signals from Matty towards herself so wouldn’t surprise me if she is totally off the scent with Elise.
      Reality Tv formula is much the same these days, surely would would have seen more air time of Elise if she were a front runner? Michelle said on Insta she won alone time with Matty after the board game I think it was and it was never aired. I assume we would have seen that if Michelle was in with a chance?
      Stacey, yes! exactly how I think it would be with Elora! Plus his sister wasn’t a fan I don’t think so can’t imagine the rest of the family will be either…

      • Poor Sharlene didn’t read the fine print on her contract that said, spare.
        I might being cynical. After all Matt said he’s not a puppet. Sorry “Matty”, although why a grown man wants a two year old’s name, I don’t know.

  50. I imagine there might be things going on behind-the-scenes that we’re not seeing, regarding Matt and Elise. I couldn’t even tell you which one Elise actually is, but maybe the editors are pulling a fast one on us, and she’ll end up being the (pardon the expression) dark horse that makes it a lot further into the season than we initially suspect?

    I think Tara, Lisa and Laura are the front-runners. He hasn’t even had a single date with Jen, but I’d imagine the producers are in his ear on that one, telling him, “Don’t eliminate her yet, she’s ratings gold!” As for Flo, I totally adore her, and every year, I find one girl who’s so brilliant that I think she could dump *him* and do better, and I think that’s Flo this year.

    As for Elora, she just seems like she just wants to win, and – as said above – she’ll disappear in a few months time. with half his savings account, and all the electrical goods from Matty’s house.

  51. the episode last night seemed so noisy – they are really going overboard with the romantic Muzak when Matty goes for the big kiss. Last night’s snog fest with Elora-bum-floss was over the top.

    Was Sharlene drunk? it was really uncomfortable to watch her dither about what her opening line would be.
    She should have worked more on her closing line: “um, yeah, okay” left me no wiser.

    • I think they need to assess their psychological testing of the girls. I think Cobie, Sian and Sharlene were all too emotionally fragile to be on a show like this one.

    • Bolders, you forgot about Sharlene saying Thanks, thanks, thanks as Matty rejected her.
      If a man just dumped me , I wouldn’t be saying thanks for that !

      • Sharlene said she didnt know what to say and want to keep it classy and all she can say is Thanks. It did sound right. I think she was shock and knowing that the cameraman was filming, she just couldn’t bring herself to give him a mouthful

  52. Didnt Michelle the policewoman got tne First Impression Rose? But now she has been ignored by Matty. Still no single date. Very strange.

  53. Just watching the Leah eviction night. Simone blatantly lied repeatedly about telling the sister about Leah’s work. She lied to Leah, to the girls and then to Matty. Hmmf and she had a cheek since she did the same work.
    Leah was nasty, but there were a few piranhas in the fish bowl.
    Back to Alix. What a fabulous figure. I liked her too.

  54. Slightly in a tangent. Sophie Monk has been spruiking about finding love before she was picked to be the Bachelorette.
    That was just a ploy to get the role. Read she is being paid $300K for the role. Matty J got paid $200K.
    It just become a job when you get paid so much money. Finding love becomes secondary.

  55. I am looking forward to Sophie. It will put a slightly different (and hopefully mor interesting) slant on it.
    I am surprised at how much I am not enjoying Matty. I thought he would be more likeable, and funnier.
    Maybe things will get better when we get to the pointy end of the competition – or maybe they are hiding the fact that he already picked someone on Day 1 (so annoying if you were the producer).

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