I’m a Celeb – week 4

Week 4 in the jungle already? Time flies without Tomic and Mundine on screen. Tonight’s blurb: The cracks are starting to appear in camp just in time for Australia’s most dysfunctional married couple to drop into the jungle. Later, who will be the next to be eliminated from camp?
The odds are on Roxy Jacenko and her insider trader hubby (guess a criminal record is no barrier to celebrity status) although I hop it’s Lisa and David Oldfield, just to listen to Pete and Fiona’s reactions. Sadly, I reckon that dysfunctional pair would still be contracted to Seven.



  1. The Olfields, jaaaayzus. This will be interesting. Glad of the eviction tonight. God, imagine Kerry & the newbies… it will be interesting to see if Jackie attempts to give them ‘shine’.

  2. Not loving this direction. The Oldfields hold zero interest, but maybe I can be pleasantly surprised.
    Hopefully Ron and Brenda can redeem the situation.
    Juz – the lotto numbers are….? Your predictions are going great guns!

    In other ongoing news- wow Josh and Simone seem quite smitten.

  3. Bloody David Oldfield again. We just had to put up with him on Hell’s Kitchen, now on this. Don’t know whose worse him or her. Should be interesting.

  4. I wish they would stop sending in intruders. Two was plenty. Vicky annoys me because she can’t seem to forget a camera is on her.She won’t stop hamming it up. And since she and Paul have been in, the camera hasn’t shown the originals enough.

    • I like her, but she is massively OVER EXPOSED. I do not want her to be the quasi-narrator. Infinitely prefer Ron and Brenda.

  5. Where is the rspca or peta. Did anyone think that was not ok to kick a soccer ball through small animals. Fail on that one.

    • I wanted so much to like this challenge because it was NOT an eating one, yet I could not! Definitely preferred the Survivor-type endurance one – hats off to Simone for lasting so long, but clearly Josh has the rock solid discipline down pat.
      How FOUL was Jackie doing a “good effort” peck on cheek to him? YUCK. YUCK. Have I mentioned that I do not like Jackie at all? oh, every single day you say? Good lord, who knew I was was so repetitive on the subject.

  6. Also, not okay for Paul to be blabbing supposed confessions of Diana when she can’t dispute or defend herself. Pretty low.

    • I’m not convinced many of his stories are actually true or if they are they are well embellished. Even so, i do agree, so unfair to talk about Diana like that.
      He has clearly had a disagreement with Charles at some point, he doesn’t speak very highly of him.

      • Me neither Erin. I would take all of Paul and Jackie’s bs with a grain of salt if they had some in the camp. So instead I would just drop it where it belongs….in the long drop.

  7. I like Vicki. I like her unexpected turn of phrase with no filter. She is not vulgar but just the right side of bawdy.

  8. I did enjoy how offended Jackie was when Paul turned down the opportunity for a “reading” . I am a total skeptic about the whole thing anyways, but the fact that she so clearly wants Diana to “come thru” suggests to me that she probably already has an idea in her head of what she wants “Diana” to say, plus Paul blubbering all the stories, will give give her more material to use.
    Not looking forward to the Oldfields. Again I will say Alex Mav the Exec Producer seems to have an idea that in order to gain ratings, he needs to produce a show with fake drama etc similar to MAFS or MKR, personally i think, he should be going for something different… it might just be the thing to turn people off the other shows!

    • I do agree Erin – I HATE the ramped up fake drama. I was worried that the Green-Mundine hostilities that they tried so hard to amp up would spoil things. Now they are trying to get some annoying people in to rev up the campers. Yuck.
      However, judging by Lisa’s face in the introduction when she and David were talking she looks like she will take on Jackie, so that might be worth seeing, but ONLY because I so dislike Jackie. But it’s not my favourite kind of interaction, so I’m not exactly desperate to see it.

      • Jackie reminds me of a barnacle or leech looking for a home. She hovers then latches. You never see people go up to her and ask, “Hey Jackie, how about a fortune telling session. And can you channel Elvis for me because I want to know if he’s dead”.

  9. I would have been happy with either Jackie or What’sherface (she’s gone now, who can be bothered remembering her). Both were annoying.
    But her interview afterwards was interesting. Kind of puts a new light on her behaviour. And I suddenly liked her again.

  10. I’ll tell you why I can’t take to Vicki (anyone else having to think before mixing up the names Kerry, Jacki, Vicky?) Every time she is on, I feel like she is totally fake, or might I say…knows she has natural charm and pours it on, no splathers it on. Now good for her. It makes sense if you are on tv and want to win, or have a tv career. But I prefer to see them get out of their tv persona and just be. No acting. I prefer the natural lay about wit of Fiona and Paul, and the natural conversations of the others.
    Now I might be completely wrong. Vicky might be “on” like that all the time. Only her family might know. Or Jacky could channel her dead brandma to tell us.
    Anyhow I want to see more of the originals and that bloody won’t happen as they keep the cameras on Paul, Vicky, and now two more intruders.

  11. Apparently there’s a huge backlash against Lisa and David going on IAC with a suggestion that this is a new low. Heard it on the radio. Got to be true.
    I would guess that they will be up for every gross challenge until one of them is gonski, quickli.

        • Hee hee, did I hear Pete say, “I thought no toolswere allowed”? If I’m not enjoying intruders, how much less would they. Also, it’s been 4 intruders in less than a week, hasn’t it?

        • Pete seemed a bit more ‘meh, whatever’ about it, got the feeling he is just going to stay away from them. Josh, almost threatening to leave!! Although he does have a valid point about the racists remarks, they won’t fly, with the celebs or the viewers.

  12. Damn I thought the Oldfield’s would be doing that gross food challenge. How come Paul & Vicki had to do the challenge the next day after they arrived but the Oldfield’s didn’t?
    You can tell it’s the Big Brother running the show. That chicken challenge is exactly like they did on Big Brother. They did that one last year too.

    • i assumed the same, although the Poms were in 24 hours before the did the challenge. So i think as David pointed out, maybe because they hadn’t been there long enough…
      I am no where near a fan of David but he did seem pretty interested in getting to know the lie of the land etc… Lisa will just faff about with Jackie and Vicky i think!

  13. Fiona tried not to have a bitch, but who could blame her. Imagine having all day and night for 3 weeks.
    Anyway, who is out next? I’m hoping Paul. He’s not the most annoying, but he’s like Pigsy in Lord of the Flies, so he needs to be evicted for his own safety.

  14. I don’t love Paul but it fun watching Jackie chase him around the camp, trying to channel Diana.
    I think Jackie is the more annoying of the two. She can leave any day now. And then each of the Oldfields: David first. He’s the more reptilian.

    • Jack is definitelythe most annoying. She hhasn’t once really proven he powers like predicting something we all couldn’t guess. But more annoying is her bossy in-your face natire. She gets up close and dictates in their face. She must leave spit.

  15. Paul finally agrees and Jackie channels Diana :” Paaaal, stop milking my name and slagging off the royals. Paaaauuul, stop bullshirting about me”.

  16. Every time he speaks it’s as if Paul is rehearsing for a one-man show. I’d like to see footage of his appearance on the UK series to see if he told the same stories

  17. Tonight’s episode was making me tense.
    Right up until I saw Josh without his shirt and I was reminded that he is a very pretty boy. I could watch that for a little while, or two.

  18. Tonight’s episode had funny parts. I did enjoy Peter and Paul cooking show.
    The other celebs reactions to the Oldfields was great too! But I cannot wait to see the back of them. I will be disappointed to see an ‘original’ go before them.
    Has anyone else noticed that the ones ‘chosen’ for the tucker trial are always seated together in the middle of the logs?

  19. Lisa’s face was hilarious when they were describing what they had to eat/spit out. She looked like she was going to throw up. Hope she gets picked next week.
    I wondered if there’d be repercussions when Lisa passed the note to Jackie last night. What a waste telling her he loves & misses her. She already knows that. Tell her about Barnaby’s sex scandal or something interesting.
    Didn’t they have the same issues with the portions of food last year?

    • Yes, same issue with food portions last year. Julia is right, if they have a problem they should speak up. Kinda rude not to give the girls any of the meat at all.

    • A fight over food or beds, I don’t mind but arguments where, “My opinion beats your opinion”, I’m like Danny Green ….and a turtle. I pull my head in.

    • I am a master at passive-aggressive action but only after stare-out-the-window, become-deaf and runaway-runaway fail.
      Unless I am in the car with the windows wound up and then I become a raging, hormonal nightmare.

      • LOL Bobi. I am a car bopper.”Oh won’t you stay, just a little bit longer. Please, please stay (Frankie Valli..last song played).

  20. Why can’t Jackie have read her own future to know that she wasn’t going to fall? I mean she didn’t wake up, shuffle and turn up the death card so she should have been confident.

  21. I want an action replay on the dinner portions. In slo mo. And Paul’s a blubber blabber. Or is that a dibber dobber blubber blabber bubba? Anyhow…he’s a sneaky pass aggressor.

    • I was surprised that they didn’t show an action replay.. especially as Sim had said she didn’t get any meat.
      Hows then the cheek to say oh we dish it up fairly then we put the leftovers on the guys plates… can’t believe there are any leftovers!! i would think they would be wanting every last scrap of food!

  22. That challenge was crazy. I would have been scared shitless if I’d been on that platform.
    Lisa telling David off when they were eating that eye was hilarious.

  23. I laugh the most votes to least votes for Camp leader challenge and them not realizing that being voted into lots of trials isn’t because Australia likes you!
    How devastated was Paul to realise he was at the bottom!!

  24. I voted Danny Green as leader but he’s only in my top 3. I think the line up kind of does reflect popularity and I don’t really like that it has been revealed. I hope it changes. It will be interesting to keep note of that order to see if that is how they get ejected. Vicky’s position might change as she is still getting established with Aussies. She annoys me because her humour is too try hard, like she is acting. It’s kind of intense like when teens are trying to be funny on a school camp. Clambering for the limelight.

    I bet we will see some clambering for the limelight after that line-up.

  25. I am surprised that Lisa was lower than David, given that he is the more revolting of the two.
    I wonder if that’s a Housewives backlash. Not being a Housewives watcher, I wouldn’t know.
    Or are the voting population just anti-women. I have noticed on all these shows, it’s always women and children first.

    • Also it might have been calculated on “likes” of any kind in total – lots of people might have “liked” David’s photo but with the “mad face like”.

  26. Producers know this will probably be a kick in the arse to them to start playing to camera. That’s a turn off to me.

  27. Usually the new intruders aren’t up for elimination in the first week. I wonder if it’s because of the back lash that David & Lisa are up.
    Paul was hilarious saying anyone for a cup of tea when they were all arguing.
    That challenge was so funny with them all falling over.

    • I didn’t watch the show, but that article seems to indicate that every statement by David was met by name-calling by Fiona?

      I love Fiona and am no fan of David, but surely the way to prosecute your case is to answer statements like his with calm, reasoned facts? Last year we had some great discussion/arguments because we had people who didn’t just lose their temper and hurl abuse.

      David’s views are, to more or less extent, held by a lot of Australians. Those who don’t agree or who have more direct experience should take every opportunity to present their side of the issue.

      • Bang on Fijane. I recall learning to debate in high school. You don’t just win by saying, “I have the high moral ground, so there”. Yet that seems to be the go. If we want a world where only one opinion is allowed, it becomes a “party line” and we have nazi Germany, or “1984”. I hope we never lose the freedom to voice our different ideas with respect. Then maybe if we LISTEN to each other we might reach better solutions.

      There was no possibility of a reasoned discussion.
      David was sprouting racist views as if they were facts. I lived in Far North Queensland for a number of years and, trust me, he is far more out than the norm (insert usual disclaimer here about stereotyping all people from FNQ).
      But he also stated that all of Fiona’s opinions were irrelevant because she, and her son, were not aboriginal and therefore not entitled to express a view. And Fiona was not allowed to talk of her son’s experience because they were not hers. I got the impression that he uses this strategy a lot. Guerrilla warfare. Invalidate the speaker, rather than the point.
      He would not engage in any in depth or meaningful way but kept shifting between making an outrageous statement followed by a personal put down. Her responses were more direct. That’s all. She tried to go into detail but he would not follow through.
      Please note that his favourite response to a good point is to say “That’s just words”. Of course they are, you idiot. It’s called talking.
      I think he thought he was being a provocateur and funny, but I also think he is a dyed-in-the-wool racist and misoginist. I wonder whether he would have said the same things to either Danny or Josh – in fact to any of the men, except perhaps Paul.
      It certainly explains why Lisa has resorted to the sort of shouting matches that she has with him. We’ve all met arrogant men who think that every sentence that comes out of their mouth should be treated as gold, but there’s very little thought behind the statements.
      I’ve decided he’s shallow and not particularly clever.
      And I have more and more respect for Fiona every day.

      • I am not going to side with either. Just saying there is too much antagonism towards any disagreement, and that scares me. A world where one opinion is allowed…….yikes. Communist China. So many fine examples.
        From a debate discussion perspective, I think Fiona allowed her emotions to take over and fell into name calling mode, instead of staying on the issue. She had a fine opportunity to speak without making it about David but present her knowledge and experience to enlighten all viewers rather than making it a fight. I respect and like the Aboriginals I have taught, but my knowledge would fit in a thimble. I would like to know more. You can’t just storm off saying, “If my son was here, he would tell you”. That’s not showing what you know.
        I would have preferred a peaceful discussion. But if I want these kind of debates I would watch Q&A where some Aboriginals would be present to speak.

        Have we somehow been taught to attack and demonize people for their opinion? I see this a lot. And it scares me. If your a confident you are right just “shine your light” and you will have more success.
        Anyhow, neither would have changed their mind last night so I don’t fight those battles.

      • “I’ve decided he’s shallow and not particularly clever”

        Well, he’s slept with Pauline Hanson. Proof.

        Loved your rant, Bobi.

      • And that’s how you have a discussion – by giving people enough space to express a whole thought rather than just a sound bite.
        And thanks BDD. 🤗

      • Thanks, Bobi for your more detailed explanation of what happened. Obviously the article I read wanted to present things a little more one-sided.

        I agree with your perspective, Daisy, but where I find it difficult is where there is no possibility of middle ground, and a policy or law has to be made. That was the problem at the end of last year – it was not possible to compromise on SSM – it was either yes or no, so having reasoned discussion in order to achieve a solution that everyone is reasonably happy with was just not possible. In that case, there feels like definite winners and losers, you can’t find a win-win solution.

        But I suppose in those sort of cases, you just have to accept that others have different views, with a sense of grace and respect.

  28. Steve Price is going back to the jungle to stir up the pot.

    Rating is so bad that they want Pricey to go in for just a few days to boost the rating

    • They’ve killed it by bringing that “psychic” fraud John Edward in next week. He doesn’t come cheap, either. He’s nauseating.

      If he could only tell how much I’d like to see him get some cosmic comeuppance.

      • Agreed. While Pricey might give a little bump up in the ratings, this Edwards guy (and more psychic hocus pocus) will negate any gains. Maybe they are worried that Jackie hasn’t been able to get Princess Di yet, so they are sending in the big guns.

  29. Dead right. It was utterly FINE until they tried to manufacture drama and make antagonistic campers and deliberately put in deeply unpleasant people. Honestly, it is soooo inept. I am watching celebrity because I could NOT take the crap on MKR and it had got too far away from the fun of a pleasant cooking show. Now the producers of Celebrity are ruining this.
    If survivor is changed I will be GROPEABLE. (still love Bretty and Fiona, or Ron and Brenda).

    • For a show that can change things during the run, they have been very slow to realise that Ron and Brenda are saving it.

    • Ron and Brenda only works when ti comes out naturally thou… when the producers try to force that, it will be ruined also

  30. Oh my God, John Edward is going into the jungle. I love him, this should be very interesting. I can’t wait.

  31. I must lead a sheltered life. I don’t know John Edward, and didn’t know David, Lisa, Jacki, Vicki and was pretty unfamiliar with the others too. I live in a sheltered world of pottery, sewing, baby sitting, tv and ttv.

    • I have watched John Edward on tv a couple of times. Another person that’s “speaks” to the dead. I have read about the tricks and he is exceptionally good at them (says the cynic).

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