Married at First Sight – week 4

MAFS is in its fourth week already and things are getting even tawdrier.
Tonight’s blurb: The biggest scandal in the program’s history plays out in sensational circumstances at the commitment ceremony
So, Davina makes a play for Ryan but he turns around and goes back to Tracy, I’m guessing? Too much botox and buffoonery for me so I’ll just read your comments.
MAFS screens on Nine at 7pm (so there’s going to have to be a lot of bleeping).



  1. Troy and Ashley: Both stay
    Troy speaks like a management consultant. The relationship is “tracking well”…fights which were “unnecessary”…

    Ashley is so not interested.

  2. Sean & Jo: Both elect to leave.
    Sean tries to argue that it wasn’t about sexual attraction.
    Jo is angry at the experts for jerking her around.

  3. I really don’t find any of these couples likeable.
    Sarah, the beauty therapist had so much makeup on you could scrape it off with a trowel. And what’s up with the thigh boots!!

  4. Reality TV 101: If you want a post RTV career, then you must be memorable.
    The plan was simple, Davina and Dean would dump their respective partners and go off and survive next week’s closing credits . Just one problem. Davina underestimated how good Tracey is in bed.

    Dean realises that the only way to deal with bad news is to control the narrative. He confesses his infidelity but he was a mere victim. (Cut to the real victim, Ryan).

    Davina decides to resort to the only honourable course available; crocodile tears (alas too much cosmetic surgery has wreaked her tear ducts), “How can you do that to Tracey?”

    Nassar and Ginger Spice tell Tracey, Dean is a player but Tracey considers herself a failure without a man and decides to stay after she is given the option to revise her position.

    To top it all off, the experts tell Tracey and Dean that infidelity has the potential to make your relationship stronger. 🤯

  5. The alleged expert asks Davina if her actions were “inappropriate?”
    Of course they were, Davina implies when she declares, “I’m here for me. Why should I sacrifice my happiness?”
    Everyone suddenly remembers that Ryan is the other concerned party. How do you feel about this Ryan? The experts ask in a manner of a badly scripted soap opera.
    Like a dickhead.
    Unlike Tracey who is allowed to change her position in light of the revelations, Ryan is not offered the same consideration. Ryan had elected to stay. Davina to leave.
    Producers rub their hands with glee. Their star is forced to stay. (Cos who cares about Ryan).

  6. “Hurt who?” Demands Davina not comprehending that Ryan may be upset that he planned to abandon him for Dean.

    So in Davina’s world, it’s all Dean’s fault.

    • If Patrick’s mum was my mother in law , I would seriously consider my choice of partner. I get the feeling no woman will be good enough for her baby boy. She still does his clothes washing.
      Enough said.

  7. Justin’s idea of a great date is showing Carly his office. SAD.

    Literally shown her the stationery cupboard, the couch in the reception, and all the lamented computer print outs on the walls.

      • Does Justin have autism or aspergers. He just doesn’t seem to connect. Or maybe it’s because he’s just there to promote his business. He doesn’t strike me as highly successful. I think is exaggerating.

        • Maybe Justin just distributes “ice” instead of the “ice cream” he touts.

          Those inspirational quotes would wear thin after a while.

        • I think the only place Justin in successful is in his own head. There is nothing to indicate he is wealthy. Why would he take her to check out his office, it wasnt flashy or impressive by any means. He then takes her to show her what a boat he used to own looks like – was that before it was repossessed or sold by his ex in his divorce settlement

      • I don’t know if there was something we didn’t see there, but from what they showed Davina sought out Dean. But I suppose he got the bigger RAP over the knuckles because he was sleeping with Tracey.
        Bullshirt he likes Tracey. She’s a dork, and he’s already shown what he thinks of her. He’s just trying to redeem himself to viewers. After making an arrangement with Davina, after a few drinks he got randy and vented on Tracey, but then didn’t want to look like a needle tip.

    • If Davina was paid to play the narcissistic bitch, she’s really earning her money. Flipping back to Ryan and saying she did nothing wrong was priceless.

      • ….and there it was, before our eyes. She’s only in it for her own “happiness” yet it’s working so well for her so far…not! With no thought for anyone but herself. She has a lot to learn about relationships. She’s such a vacuous, lip and face enhanced, bore.

  8. Dean and Tracy rapping and being all homeboy busting out the rhymes was just embarrassing. How old are these two again? Both acting like teenagers but then again I think some of these couples don’t have much emotional intelligence.

    Nassar is more interested in cleaning his apartment than touching his poor TV wife. She is desperate for a bit of attention. Even though I have OCD, Nassars is quite extreme, he must feel exhausted at the end of the day, no extra energy for hanky panky !

    • Hey, Lola, I am pretty OCD and not afraid of cleaning in my underwear (my summer suit I tell Woolif) , but I don’t have uggies.

      • Hi Daisy, I was only just cleaning my house yesterday in my underwear, it was a hot afternoon! No TV cameras to record it.
        Wore my croc thongs, no uggs either!

        • LOL on the crocs. I did think OMG when Nasser walked around in his little white socks. I thought “Oh no, he’s me”.

          And what man walks around in girlie white ankle socks then removes them to step onto the carpet. I could marry Nasser. I would never have to have sex with him and between the two of us the house would be immaculate. Again: is Nasser gay or just a perfectionist?

  9. Davina is a piece of work. Faux crying in front of Ryan’s parents because Ryan is not enamored with her.

    Hey Daisy, notice that Davina is the only one necking the bottle while Ryan’s family drink from glasses.

  10. Blair and Sean get some airtime. Sean puts the 201st notch in his bedhead. Afterwards, he tells Blair he has no feelings for her. Charming.

  11. Troy and Ashley having a blue outside a public toilet. Some of Ch 9’s best work. Such atmosphere while they fight about their “sex life”

    Telv calls Dean a ****ing ****head at dinner judgement. Bad rap for big Dean.

  12. Funny that Justin took Carly to see a boat like he could have own. I immediately thought of Judge Jusy; “Shoulda, woulda, coulda, Justin”.

    Davida just becomes uglier and uglier, as she tries to convince herself and Ryan that she’s totally invested now. So when a rat jumps ship, can it skuttle back on board? I suppose it can. All of Australia must be shouting at Ryan to toss Davida in the pig pen. I think she might be one of the most shallow, narcissistic, disingenuous wives of any of the series yet. She will probably write stay so that she can stay on telly.

    • Davina, like many of the other contestants seems to have stumbled into the wrong RTV show, perhaps was aiming for Survivor where she could flaunt her assets.

      Do you think Justin was rejected from Shark Tank?

      It is not hard to be a “paper millionaire” in Sydney, if timing was on your side and you purchased a modest house in a good suburb before the prices went insane.

      Otherwise, Justin comes across as very insecure, working class and someone who struggled at school. To sustain the fantasy he has created for himself he spends all his available cash flow on discretionary consumer goods without heed to long term financial security.

      • I am betraying my background here when I say, “Absolutely!” In a loud and judgemental voice,
        I have seen too many people go broke believing that if you do what you love, millions will flow into your back account. It takes more than a dream.

      • Yep. Justin acts like an insecure wannabe. Why would a real tychoon acts the way he does. Does a real multi millionaire go around saying I am rich, yet producing no evidence? I didn’t see him take Carly back to his mansion, and why would he sell his boat? Next thing you know Davina, Tracey and Mask will say their boobs and lips are real. These poor sad arses just don’t know how to be themselves. Well some do, like the one who was crying on the couch last night…which brings me to…is Nasser gay perhaps? Or is he turned off by thoughts of alopecia and doesn’t want to say? That girl should just find a bald man to marry. Plenty of those and unlike the other Marx brother in ugg boots, they shouldn’t have a problem.

  13. What’s everyone’s take on Sara and Telv? She looks like no innocent. And I wonder what skeletons lurk in his closet. His mum looked cute last night, but didn’t say much. Sara choosing pole dancing as an activity might have been a clue to her background but you would have to have a body like Ashley’s to get up a pole.

  14. I think Sarah has got too much junk in the trunk to get up a pole and probably a bit too much up front as well .
    Just saying. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I agree with you Daisy about Sarah. She plasters on the makeup, I think she looks like a former entertainer/showgirl to put it politely.

    • Sarah’s make up is immaculate, however she’s hiding plenty if we or Telv for that matter, haven’t seen her without her make up as yet. With cameras rolling her face is on – pefectly. She must get up at 5am to put on the face before the cameras barge in.
      It seems unnatural for a 39 year old woman to not have any wrinkles, which can actually be attractive and endearing. The trout pout, frozen look, aka Thunderbirds is, in essence, distractingly unattractive.

  15. Okay…Dean is now blaming Ryan for his ‘affair’. He is alleging that Ryan asked him to sleep with his wife. Holy crap.

    • Davina doesn’t excel at being “complimentative”..She’s not real bright.

      Dean~ “I’m a big boy” You got that right.

        • Ya reckon? I think she would get bashed up and have it videoed and shared. Girl teams wouldn’t stand for that, “Who did I hurt”, “I’m doing what’s right for me” stuff. But worse than that is her devious sucking up to people afterwards.

          • Davina reminds me of someone at work. No matter how outrageous the behaviour, it is never their fault, you need to make ‘allowances’ , pointing a problem out makes you the bully and they will always have a male defender.

            The girls last night were very reluctant to believe Tracey. If Tracey brings up the issue again, it will be Tracey who is the perpetrator not Davina.

            Davina won. Girls always assess the power dynamic. Unless Davina tries it on with another ‘husband’ there is no reason for the group to turn again her as she is the victim of Dean. Tracey (by staying with Dean) has no social capital for the girls to realign their alliances.

            We live in a society which values male power. So Davina, however appalling her behaviour, is seen as a victim of the abuse of that (male) power not as someone who knows how to manipulate it.

  16. Ryan: “**** off”. Better than all the kissy face fakery.

    Davina is trying to worm her way into Ryan’s, and everyone else’s favour but comes across more of a snake. If that girl isn’t acting, she is pure poison.

    • It was quite a performance. Disturbing even at how easily Davina was able to shape the narrative and have the others believe it. It really has become who do you believe more-Tracey or Davina?

      Davina’s behaviour needs to be called out at the commitment ceremony. It won’t be as she is the ratings draw card.

      Perhaps Davina should forget about the Insta career and become a political media adviser as she is more mistress material than wife.

      • I suspect, as with Andrew last year, sexperts will sexploit and play the footage of Davina, seeking out Dean, for all of the couples to be even more shocked, mortified, incensed, outraged and apauled. There will be gasping, a huge look of wide mouthed surprised from Charlene, repulsion and stern consternation from the boys, and indignation from the sisters.
        And she will deserve it all because she is nasty with ‘an a as in ant”.

      • Yeah, but it’ll be another few years before Barnaby has another mid-life crisis and has another affair.

        Besides, he might not be attracted to blow-up dolls.

    • Apparently so was everyone else. According to the Courier Mail this morning, the ratings for IAC are abysmal currently.

      Meanwhile, I discovered this morning that John Aiken (one of the alleged sexperts from this show) has a FB page. I made sure to let him know what a stellar job he’s done onscreen, so far, this season.

      I’m just having a really bitchy morning. Don’t mind me.

  17. Oh yeah, we forgot to mention Troy goes to bed with food between his teeth and food smells. That’s never going to win Ashey’s heart.

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