Bachelor in Paradise – ep 4

It’s episode 4 already. I wonder how the ratings are going?
The premiere was the fourth most-watched show of the night (after Seven and Nine news and 60 Minutes), so a strong opener. But on day two it slipped into 14th spot, beaten even by Nine’s Travel Guides.
You can find out the latest ratings at TV Tonight website.

Is that Leah with Michael in this photo? Guess that means he’s still in the poo with Tara.



  1. So, tonight in the Drama Cabana … yeah, totally dibs on calling it that from now on.

    But is it me, or is this slowly becoming the prelude to a particularly excruciating horror movie, where Flo — after watching Jake dry-humping everything with a pulse for a week — finally just snaps and begins stabbing people with their own cocktail sticks?

    • She is going to drink heaps of white wine, get a massive headache and, mascara running down her face, going to ask Wais to call her a water taxi. Speaking of – we need to see more Wais. He should be interviewing everyone at the bar

      • We definitely need to spend more time with the campy cocktail maker.

        And I know it makes for dull television, but can we at least check in on the stable, functional relationships? You know, are Luke and Lisa still good? Eden (who’s oddly charming in all his interviews) and Nina? Have Michael and Tara patched things up with with a cocktail by the pool?

        • The sensible, functional ones are strangely disfunctional just by the fact that they are normal. Normal is rtv abnormal.

  2. Poor Mack. We have another victim of a broken-heart drowning his sorrows by the bar. I blame Osher. But mostly Leah.

    • She is, isn’t she?

      It’s like, let’s cut to Jarrod and Ali on their date … and quickly cut back to Flo being pissed off at Jake. Now, let’s see if Kiera and Michael have a connection … but hang on, we need to see Flo throw a glass of champagne at Jake. Over on the other side of the island, Mack’s getting his heart broken by Leah … but what’s happening with Flo and Jake?!?

      The Flo/Jake narrative has taken over, by this point, and I feel like even the other contestants have just about had a gutful of the whole mess. I hope they both end up roseless. Flo even starting snapping at Wais, the campy cocktail maker. Not cool Flo. You leave Wais alone.

      And if Jake is found floating face-down in the pool tomorrow, it’s not like there’s gonna be many suspects, is there? Gosh, this whole trip is turning into an Agathie Christie novel.

  3. Hey, gice. I’m trialling some basic advertising on the site just to see how it goes – I’ve said no to a lot of the more annoying options. Let me know if anything too irritating pops up. I’m seeing mostly furniture ads because I’ve been browsing for a new dining table.

    • Ooooh. That’s exciting. I look forward to it. I meant the ads, not Sugar Baby. Dr Phil would be indignant. I think go for it Juz. You could get a Gucci bag and your hecs fees paid.

      • My HECS is paid but I AM going to Fiji again mid year. Not to Bachidise, mind you. I reckon any revenue earned might be just enough to pay for a packet of soz to go with the next pie I buy 😉

  4. Jake is such an ###. He is not honest and lying all the time. No wonder none of his relationships lasted.

  5. I’m liking most of the people on this show more than on their original shows. They aren’t trying to hard to make an impact.
    Not flo though. Jake must have been a real dick wad

    • You gotta say, though, that Flo is just a little bit too obsessed. I imagine she’s mad at herself for falling for him, and taking that out on him, but it’s like, c’mon girlfriend, just walk away already.

      • I think Jake and Flo have some love hate relationship before. Jake always know how to lie and try to win Flo back. You can tell he is a lying bas#ard.

        • Jake seems like one of those guys who doesn’t know how to commit. His mind-set seems to be, “but why can’t I date both girls who are into me?!” That doesn’t scream long-term relationship material to me.

    • I enjoyed Eden’s brief commentary – they need to let him speak more. Does Ali get sick of guys just saying “you’re stunning”. Do they ever ask her any questions about her real life? Mind you she is good at pretending everything all the boys say is hilarious

  6. “Jarrod’s really into you. You can probably tell.”

    Uh, Michael? Of course Ali can tell that. We can all tell that. That’s Jarrod’s thing, being visibly and obviously in love with somebody on national television. He’s Jarrod. He’s probably already picked out the engagement ring.

    Meanwhile, I feel really bad for Kiera, which I was not expecting. Damn it Jarrod, you’re breaking the poor girl’s heart.

  7. Jake is such a terrible person. He even try to manipulate Michael to give a rose to Flo. Thank God Michael is strong enough to not to listen to Jake

  8. Good on you Michael. I’m suprised that I have really been warming to him. And Leah too. I liked Mack at first but now he seems a little superficial

    • Glad Michael stood firm. Jake says he is not about drama but he deliberately pashed Megan, knowing she is a frank talker. Perhaps he used it to break up with Flo without actually having to speak to her

  9. I thought the rose ceremony was hilarious.

    Blake forgets Laurina’s name, and I’m sure we’ll hear all about that on Sunday evening. Mack swoops and gives Ali the Jarrod wanted to give her (shock! Gasp! And gee, Jarrod turns bright red when he’s upset) while Michael does his best, “fuck you Jake” impression and refuses to play along with Jake. Props to Michael for standing strong.

    Meanwhile, not really gonna miss Flo all that much. I think we got as much drama out of her and Jake’s trainwreck relationship as we were going to get. I like that Tara and Uncle Sam are bubbling along nicely, but I’m interested to see where Kiera’s storyline goes.

  10. Michael seems more genuine and caring on this show.

    Didnt he got hell from Sam Frost after she dumped him

  11. I am clicking on the ads, Juz, so that they know we are paying attention.

    Swimwear Galore. Homeaway apartments. And real estate.

    • Pretty inconsiderate of Ch 10 not to equip Ali with a stick to beat these gice off with. She’d truly be a stunner .

      Ali’s friend zone is probably bigger than Texas.

  12. Jarrod on a date with Ali is like a kid who opens someone else’s Christmas present and says, “I got a bike”.

    • Awww. Poor Jarrod. I’m just waiting for Apollo to show up and *really* kick Jarrod’s inferiority complex into high gear.

      Jarrod will be giving out pot plants like lollies at Halloween, just watch.

      • Jarrod’s headed for more heartache because an American chiselled hunk ( not the bald guy) is going to arrive and try to steal Keira from him. His pity party will be firing up soon, according to the promos I saw. The producers are using him for sport.

        Jarrod got a bike for Xmas, but all the other guys want to ride it first.

        • Yep, the producers are hanging Jarrod out like a rabbit at a greyhound party. Is he really sucha doofus as to think he’s got a shot at Ali. Although she does have doofus face, she won’t be giving her Rose to Jarrod.
          If this is for real, see how the guys fall for kittenish, although Leah is way better looking. Again, try the bald test. Leah doesn’t even rely on packs of make up or big tarantula lashes. Nor does Lisa. Not that I am knocking kittenish coquette. And Ali is pretty. But the boys are buzzing like she is fly paper.

        • It’s the blonde.
          I don’t get it, probably because I am not blonde, but I am told by every guy I have ever met that just being blonde takes a girl from average to a cut above.
          There must be something they are imagining.

          • I don’t really get it all that much either. I tend to fall for dark-haired guys. I don’t see the instant appeal to blonde hair. *shrug*

  13. The two Americans from the preview are both from JoJo Fletcher’s Bachelorette season. Surely Aly will go for the shaved head guy? He’s a firefighter

    • He’ll have the biggest hose.

      Plus he can take care of Apollo and Elora when they “fire up”

  14. To quote Mac the Knife, “Woweee”, Jake the germ. No woman in Australia should date him after seeing him juggle(badly) two women.
    Aside to Michael, “Pick Flo. Pick Flo”. What a mongrel.

  15. I can see why Flo got so much airtime. That drama was only available for a limited time.
    And the screen shot of Laura/Lauren/Whatevs …. and Tara was special. I bet the cameraman got a bonus for that one.
    Dear God, please don’t let Kiera go home.
    This is so much fun.

      • Wais should be doing the exit interviews. And he could also be a new relationship expert on MAFS. And replace Pete on MKR

        • Hold your hat … but Wais just replied to one of my comments on Facebook.

          And he used the kiss and love-heart-eyes emojis, so I think he might’ve been flirting with me a little. I don’t mind this development.

  16. There was a little clip on the Bachidise FB page with Nina and Eden chatting, and I left a comment saying how adorable the pair looked (and how I hoped they lasted), and Nina herself just hit ‘like’ on what I said.

    I’m feeling quite chuffed.

    But maybe they do go the distance? I hope so. They’re so cute together, and they seem to have a functional, healthy relationship.

  17. I wonder why it’s Kiera dram and not Jarrod drama?
    The promo makes it look like Jarrod is being true to form, and Kiera is chatting up someone else.
    Given Jarrod tried to limpet Ali to no avail, it’s a bit ingenuous of him lay claim to his second choice and then become tearful when he is relegated.
    Before we even start, I am Camp Kiera … because that is more fun.

    • Jarrod is going the right way about securing his position as rtv’s male version of a bunny boiler. Is that really the celebrity status he wants?

      • Jarrod’s going to get burned~ and not just by the sun.

        Ch 10 should at least give him some sun cream and some razors. Then again, he might not be stable enough to be left with the razors.

        • Yeah, I’d be keeping Jarrod away from sharp objects, particularly towards the dramatic end of the season.

          I just think that would be better for everybody.

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