Daisy’s April Bold chat

Thanks, Daisy, for this next instalment recapping The Bold and the Beautiful saga …
I will keep this month’s recap brief; like a Forrester marriage. And on that, Brooke’s nuptials to Ridge are swinging around, again. I am not sure how many times she has been engaged to Ridge but his voice is getting hoarse from asking, so she said, “I will marry you”, again. That leaves Thorne with the consolation knowledge that one day he will make someone else very happy. And to all of you readers who have ever been told that “One day you will make someone very happy”, I am sorry. It’s like not being hit on by a Hollywood producer.
Anyhow, we have a lot to look forward to this month; Ivy’s hair gradually going brown again, maybe Wipes and Katy getting a surprise visit from Bill, mid coitus, probably Ridge helping Quinn arrange some shrubbery for the wedding bouquet. It’s highly likely that none of us will be catching Brooke’s wedding bouquet, as I expect Quidge to be caught in the act.
I think we can expect most of the drama to revolve around Hope, Stephie, Bill and Liam, and the others I mentioned, leaving Rick and Maya to stand around judgementally, and Nicole to smile and nod. I think the producers have realised she can’t act and has no personality. Poor kid. Oh and sack that hair dresser. Those extras are getting some awful hairdos; notably Maya. It must be because they have no lines to learn that they are spending too much time in the salon.
I might be completely wrong in my predictions, and I hope I am. Perhaps Sally will return from writer wasteland to spice up the fight for Liam’s heart. Perhaps Eric will need another operation and get a hot 20 something nurse.

No, YOU are amazing.

I feel we are on the precipice of change. Let’s Hope. By the way, this Hope is particularly whiny and pathetic. A romance between her and Liam will be as exciting as boiled rice. Producers will really need to crank up the make-out orchestra. And as I have learned to say from Ashley on MAFS….Say ya. 😊



  1. I missed today’s episode. Have to wait til Monday.

    Thanks , daisy, for the penetrating analysis. I also think Quidge aren’t done yet and that lightning will strike twice.

    Another ruined wedding. Too bad RJ.

    I bought a jazz CD the other day, some of it wanders disturbingly close to Kenny G territory. This show can do things to a person.

    Someone’s portrait hasn’t been collected , either. Crazy lady’s.

    • Did you notice yesterday…or the day before…when Brooke and Ridge pashed, they got the full orchestra. I guess there is a romance ranking system.
      Pam and Charrrlee will probably make love to Burl Ives; “I’ll be your baby tonight”. I hope not. I love that song and I do not want it ruined with images of Pam and Charrrlee in their undies.

    • I guess Wipes is tiring of purple push ups and the pizza delivery fantasy. Thorne will have Wyatt’s scraps.

      I have captions and no music to watch this, daisy. Missed the big orchestra. Always worried about Eric getting to the piano, too. Occasionally I’ll have the full experience.

      Liam’s miserable when he has three woman chasing him. Living on Chinese in that dump with his First World problems.

        • I got plus size fashion ads earlier. Weighed 73.9 kilos this morning. Hardly Biggest Loser material. These ads are a hoot.

      • Katy looks like being tossed aside like a senior citizen. Perhaps Wipes is thinking his Oedipus complex with his mil is too similar to his sil sleeping with his dad. In any case, yesterday he was salivating over hope.
        I think boarding school is the safest place for any children in the B&B families. Maybe if there were more than two families there would be less chance of inbreeding.

  2. Every time someone says the word, “Forgive” to Liam, he makes a face like he is holding back a vomit”.

  3. I read yhat Ivy is leaving to come to Home and Away. Can’t come back to Neighbours – she was shot!. Maybe the blonde hair is ready for Summer Bay.

  4. Brooke is already pushing Hope toward Liam. That woman has no shame. Zero. And Hope is a chip off the old block.

    Stephie and Liam are still wearing their mourning jumpers; matching licorice strap black.

    Katy and Thorne were exploring their options. And get dried flowers. You can use them over and over.

  5. If the wedding is tomorrow how come they are still making plans – flowers, hiring chairs – what for, they don’t have friends

  6. Oh Liam and Hope, stop it. What they are doing, going ga ga over each other is just as bad, maybe worse than a quick romp.

    It looks like Katy is “moving on with her life”. She’s dumping Wipes. And Liam too. It only takes a day to move on in B&B.

    • Katy and Wyatt end up in the Kenny G sack today, but she is going to dump him for Thorne. Thorne could get lucky at the wedding.

      Hopefully, someone or something will ruin the wedding.

  7. Thought the wedding is being planned in-house. Read in Daily Tel that Angela Bishop appears today as the wedding planner😕 A planner for family only wedding? Over the top and will Liam get out of that room which must really smell by now.

    • Good point. It would be really hard spending days and days trapped in a box, but then he never quieried why Quinn never let him out and that was months. So he’s pretty stupid.

  8. Liam’s a no show at the wedding. It’s a dull affair so far. Too early for something to go wrong yet.

    Angela Bishop had about a 20 second part.

    RJ is in heaven. Coco got an invite.

  9. Steffy’s new hairstyle is a winner. Good work from make up after Maya’s debacle.

    Stupid Liam stays in his dog box, screening his phone calls. The pity party has to end.

  10. How boring was that, no drama at all. The bridal couple surrounded by various ex partners, spouses, bed mates – but still no drama. The bride vowing whatever annd it’s only five minutes since she vowed the same to Bill.

  11. “With a love like theirs, anything is possible” (Vomit)

    “Destiny” ( Vomit)

    If ever a wedding deserved to be interrupted, it is this snore fest..

    Worst episode for months.

    Wyatt comforts Liam at the dungeon.

    • It sounds like I should throw my wedding invitation in the bin. Liam is starting to stink. And yes, Stephie usually looks good and the hairdressers like Stephie and have a personal grudge against Maya and Ivy.

      • I suppose it’s funny when someone blabbers that love lasts forever, and the camera pans straight to miserable Steffy.

        Maya and Rick make awful, sugary speeches.

        Nothing happens. I thought Ridge did well to keep a straight face. Brooke teared up and waffled. Eric talked a load of waffle, too.

        RJ looks like the cat who got the cream.

        • Too many words. They could have just said “Forgiveness is the roulette wheel of love as the ball goes around and around and around. Sometimes you land on a Brooke, sometimes a Katy, and sometimes you sit out a turn in the shabby, brown hotel room. But never fear, there’s always another spin”.

          Remind me longtime experts, didn’t Brooke at one time steal Eric from Stephanie? “Forgiveness is the amnesia of love that makes you smile and blush like you never slept with your daughter’s husband”.

  12. How many times has Brooke married Ridge? I thought it was a bit rich to have the full on wedding with the long white dress.
    Talking About the hairdresser, all the ladies hairstyles were like plastered helmets apart from Katie, Steffy, Donna and Hope.

    • They must have been expecting a gale. Even 300km winds couldn’t have ruffled those hair does. They must have used pva hairspray.
      Worst hairdo for me; Pam with the bagel on her head. Not a fan of Brooke’s style either. Now you have made me notice that there are no, nor ever have been, bald men in B&B. Perhaps they don’t want it to be known as the Bald and the Beautiful.

      Wipes does have a dangerously moving hairline.

  13. The vows nearly made me cry , too, Mr Avant.

    Thorne is circling Katy.

    Wyatt tells Liam about Katie after half a beer.

  14. Uh ~oh. Wyatt. That’ll teach you to look through Katy’s telescope.

    He’s seen Katy and Thorne kissing.

    Ridge kills the wedding with a rasping bland speech.

    Stephanie has the last word.

  15. Continuation not good, Brooke had a different hairdo – and surely that cake wasn’t home made. Pretty ordinary episode. Im away for a couple of days so let me know if anything exciting happens.☺

  16. I want to put my hand up to offer dancing classes to the Forrester family and extended clan. They dance like really bad string puppets.

    Sara, gawn knows why, but Brooke changed out of her wedding dress into her reception dress, so that explains why she had to redo her hair.

    Brooke missed her opportunity to get married in Australia and all because she refused to marry Ridge while he still smelled of eau de step mommy.

  17. Wyatt dumps Katie.

    Brooke and Ridge consummate their marriage to the sounds of Kenny G.

    Thorne fantasizes about Katie.

    • Wipes missed the wedding speech on forgiveness. The door is open for Wipes to go for Stephie….as are all doors open on B&B, or at least unlocked.

      • You’ll love Brooke’s sexy white lingerie.

        I don’t know if Wipes let on that he saw Katie snogging Thorne at the wedding. You get to relive all their dirty fantasies. Pizza boy etc.

        RJ is a happy boy.

  18. Maya I saw the kiss Forrester was rude, and a pokey.

    And Ridge telling Brookethat she is the family matriarch, is him saying, “I am the patriarch”. Slow down cowboy. Your Dad’s not dead yet.

  19. A dismal episode today, mostly watching Thorne move in for the inevitable on Katie. He starts with a massage. That should soothe those recurring pizza boy /tradie fantasies Katie’s having about Wyatt….the next day after being dumped by the telescope kid. She’s planned taking a sickie before Thorne shows up at the door. Katie’s putty in his hands before long.

    Steffy interrogates Hope about her moving in on Liam, who’s busy getting an ear bashing from Ridge about his duty to the unborn.

  20. “Waa waaa waaa” from Liam.
    “I’m trying to take the high road, Mom”, from Hopeless.
    Katie didn’t see the break up coming. She should have used her telescope.
    She hasn’t figured out that kissing Thorny on the exact same porch where she saw Quidge kissing from her lounge might have something to do with Wipes cooling his heels.
    Thorne wants to kiss again, and Katie looks ready. I hope she doesn’t boink Thorne to Kenny Gee. It would be disrespectful.
    Other options: Barry White(My Everything), Marvin Gaye (Let’s Get it On), Donna Summer (love to love you baby). You can tell I have given this far too much thought.

    • Is this what I missed today?

      Only caught the last couple of minutes of Hope hypnotizing Liam.

      • Stephie asked Hope to not take advantage of the separation. Hope is supporting Stephie and Liam’s marriage….by visiting Liam a lot and making goo goo eyes.

        • Hope making seductive motions toward his squalid bed.

          How long before he cracks? A week. He’s like Julian Assange in that room.

        • Quidge made good use of the steam room when they were hot.

          Thanks. I may see this in the morning.

          • I wouldn’t want to make love in the steam room that has all of the family bumprints on the seats.

  21. Ridge doesn’t seem convinced that Hope is the best solution to bring a reunion with Liam. He’s been around the block a time or two.

    • He knows Liam will fall for the honey trap, like he has so many times.

      Thanks for the snaps daisy, couldn’t give it too much obvious attention whilst giving a music lesson. Didn’t blow my cover. This show is a guilty pleasure.

      • I like to be Bold and own it.

        Did you see Thorne accidentally took Katy’s phone and saw a message from Wipes? Rick laughed at the ring tone. Perhaps it was Kenny Gee. So now Thorne knows his competition.

        • Yes, I saw it all this morning.

          I know Thorne doesn’t know how to do bicep curls for sure. Mobile phones bring so many of these toxic trysts to grief.

          I saw Maya buttering Katie up about Thorne. Katie’s been single for a couple of days. Time’s wasting.

          • 🤣😂😂 I think Katie love tryst segway had an overlap.

            Maya needs an interest; a hobby that keeps her from going around poncing, “Ah ha. I know what you did last Summer”.
            Here’s an idea, she could go look for Lizzie wherever she is and give her some mushy food. Then look like a real mum; smeared in Gerber.

        • What happened was Katie sent a text for Wyatt saying let’s get it back on and sent it to Thorne by mistake. Mobile phones are the devil, as I said.

          Thorne can play it by ear until Katie wonders where her text went. He’s devious enough .

          Liam shows up at the ultrasound joint to catch a glimpse of Dollar Bill’s baby. Steffy’s rapt.

          • Oh, i thought wyatt sent message to katie and it came up on her phone which Thorne had. Then he deleted it so katie wouldnt see it. I still think it,s bill,s baby

  22. Dumbstruck Liam stares at the ultrasound while Steffy grovels and begs and we’re left hanging on a thread. Lucky he’s not seeing Bill when he looks at the ultrasound of the girl Steffy’s carrying. Of course, Dollar Bill doesn;t have any daughters. He’ll get bent out of shape when he gets wind of this.

    Thorne wastes no time getting over to Katie’s and goes in for the pash, making promises that he’ll help her forget whoever the mystery guy was. Looks like Katie wants Promite and Vegemite.

    • That Liam is all heart.

      And while Saint Hope is “there for Liam”, and discussing Stephie’s betrayal, I would love to be able to remind her that there was a little betrayal of buying Sally Spectra a multistorey building in downtown LA, gifting her top architects, and planning an overnight trip with her. Perhaps I could get Katie to accidentally text her that message.

      Hiccups planned for Stephie’s baby:
      She looks like Bill
      A life threatening situation that sends Liam running from Hope back to Stephie
      A life banished to the upstairs like the scary kids in The Innocents.
      My guess is, the poor child will never make the payroll.

  23. Will Liam never make his tiny mind up? Sitting around staring at ultrasounds and pulling a glum face whenever Steffy is mentioned..

    Now he’s beginning to have fantasies about Hope.

    • Mr Integrity didn’t take long to skip from Stephie to Sally to Stephie to Hope.
      Still he is a boofhead and Hope’s been really workin’ it playing Maria von Trapp, but with goo goo eyes. And they had the Love Heart lolly memories.

      Maya is showing a personal interest in the lives of all the in-laws. She, Rick and Pam had a good busy-body moment.
      Switching from my Mad Men Marathon to B&B is like going from a sctotch and coke to raspberry cordial. Both are sex and business, but B&B is MM on training wheels.

  24. Wonder why Bill is so keen to get a copy of the ultrasound?

    Liam smiled for the first time in weeks….because Hope was at his door.

  25. That baby is causing more trouble, an has a bigger role, as a prenatal photo than it will after it is born (if it makes it). After it is born it can play with Lizzie in the attic, never to be seen, until it emerges as a talented, precocious, nubile teenager, ready for love…and her own label.
    I suggest for branding: “Who’s your daddy?”

    • Bill will spend a lot of the next few eps staring at the pre natal photo.It’s getting a workout alright.

  26. Of course, the attic is where Lizzie must be. Will still at boarding school – don’t they get holidays. Bill must know something otherwise why is he desperate to see scan pic! Still sure Bill is baby daddy and he fixed, somehow, dna reporting
    Hope getting too much screen time, as is Steffy – there must be plans afoot for an eternal triangle. And where is Sheila!?

    • Why is Sally surprised. She didn’t own the building. Bill bought it from her cousin. Liam went crazy with infatuation and good deeds. Sally is a thief who stole an entire season’s collection. I think if Bill want to become a charity he could find more worthy recipients than Sally Spectra. Say homeless veterans.

  27. I wonder what their life will be like outside the bedroom. Now Wyatt’s nephew will also be his stepson and Bill will be Katie’s
    father in law as well as ex husband.

  28. It looks like Sally shot Bil, in his own officel, but it could be a blank that was in the gun. Hope it was a real bullet. He’ll survive, even a point blank attack.

    Wyatt proposes to Katie. Quinn will sabotage it.

  29. Wah??? I missed something. What was a gun doing on Bill’s desk. A roll of thousand dollar notes, some ladies lingerie, the deeds to Trump Towers…all feasible, but a gun? Since when has he kept firearms amongst his stationary?

    • Bill had just taken the golden gun out of the safe to show it to his smarmy lawyer, then Sally knocked on the door. He left it on the desk for Sally to load , who’d just been conveniently practicing at the shooting range.

  30. Wow. Double episodes of B&B at 4.00 starting soon. Winter treat.

    Of course, Bill ain’t dead. Sally shot his stupid tower model. Bill looks like he’ll make a move on her.

    • Bill explodes when the two lovers finally get to the point.

      Wyatt and Katie made a big mistake to tell Bill. Bill said unkind things about Tiny Tim, too.

  31. Whatever made Wyatt and Katie think that Bill would approve his son rooting and marrying his ex wife?

    Bill thought they were merely “working together”. You could say that, Bill. They worked together to make the beast with two backs.

  32. Exciting to be having such a wintrr treat Dave. What a thing to admit🤣 wonder if we’ll lose good chef bad chef – i enjoy it when i see it

  33. Now would be a good time to take Bill’s blood pressure. He just needs one more bit of bad news to tip him over the edge

    C’mon Stephie. You’re a smart girl. No one commissions their boyfriend’s ex to go visit him alone in his dirty hotel room in order to facilitate their marriage restoration. Perhaps Hope can undress for him wearing a pair of black, lacey undies to help him think of Stephie.

    Notice that when Stephie showed Hope a picture of her cute baby, Hope didn’t own up to having already seen it back in Liam’s room.

  34. No way. Who were the judges, his family? Next we will best new actress for playing a tree in a soap…..Nicole.

  35. Liam and Hope are enjoying a meal at Il Gordinos. Need I say more?

    Dollar Bill is still furious.

  36. Bill gives Wyatt the big ultimatum~ the money or the box? He’ll dump Katie before being chopped out of his inheritance, job etc. What a bastard Bill is. Thorne will be waiting in the wings for the scraps.

  37. Bill threatens to take custody of Will, who’s suffocating in some rich boarding school Eric swung for Katie, who’s a “depressed alcoholic” according to Bill. Unstable Katie.

    None of them give a shit about Will. Bill could use a laxative right now.

    The feathers are flying in Bill’s office. Bad idea to tell Bill about their affair/marriage plans. If he only knew about the purple push ups and pizza boy routines.

  38. Wow, Bill is running out of sons. Did Katy work this so that young Wills can be the sole heir. Good financial planning, Kate.

    And Liam is still as pure as snow while he wines and dines his ex.

    • LIam would have to be trapped under a ton of concrete rubble to resist the goo goo eyes Hope is making at him.

      • He has. Not sure if he’d know if he was hit by a ton of bricks in any case. I suppose he’d pull out a variation on his stupefied , confused look.

    • Packed at Il Gordinos today and Sheila’s back , eavesdropping on Bill and Justin, taking notes.

  39. Out to meet a friend at a cafe. It’s no IlGiordinos, but I will beware the evil, eavesdropping waitresses. I look forward to twice the wooden acting when I get home. By then, I hope someone has shot Sheila…and Hope.

    • Bill says some uncomplimentary things about Eric and Quinn’s sex life. Quinn’s out to get him. Sally. Ridge, Liam now Wyatt. Bill’s list of enemies never ends.

      Plenty of wooden acting , an hour’s worth. Highlighted by Liam feeling the foetus kicking and then getting a dinner invite from Stephie. Declaration of love from Stephie but Liam’s been hypnotised by Hope.

      The dirty looks from Sheila aren’t so wooden. Look out LA.

      • Quinn’s eyebrows will scare Sheila off. Either that or they will provide some extra hair to pull. I told you the hair department have gone mad on the set of B&B.

        Wait what? (Just watching atm). Wait what? Liam feels peace.

        Stephie is in the background while Bill and bad lawyer discuss revenge. Lucky that Liam and Hope are eating take-away in-house.

  40. You have to admire Liam’s resiliance. He has already rebounded. It helps that Hopeless has been licking his wounds.

  41. Brooke is a proud and happy mother that young Hope is following in her footsteps and going after Liam. No wait, she is just “trying to support their marriage”
    “Liam understands my objectives”. The Mother Theresa of love. Hope is sure coming up with some great justifications for moving in on Liam, while pretending to be over there helping, and supporting their marriage.

  42. Ooh, look at that. It’s May already. I will get cracking on the May thread asap. I might predict that the fat will hit the fan for Wipes, and he will “go to a very dark place”. That’s because he is standing to close to the shade under Quinn’s eyebrows.

  43. I can see what they are doing🤣 setting it up for someone to do Bill in – everyone has threatened to do it, but who will be blamed.

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