1. ” It’s here: for the first time in the program’s history, one team is asked to leave the table”

    This allegedly historic event is probably six or seven years overdue. Ch 7 late to the party once again. Everyone already knows who it is. Two fiddy k down the toilet.

  2. Whoever it is, we’ll know in an hour. The smart money (and, indeed, several news publications today) is on the Man-Eaters. But I don’t fully trust it, given 7’s promotion has indicated that it’ll be the Jordanian girls and 7 has been lying through their teeth all season about this wretched business.

    I feel sorry for Henry and Anna. They were in the kitchen all last night, and suddenly they’re walking into a warzone.

  3. I feel for the Vietnamese mothers. They spend the first ten minutes talking about what great food they’re going to cook, and it’s like, sorry guys, but you could serve ham and cheese toasties tonight. Nobody’s gonna be paying attention to the kitchen today.

    And again, the teams just sit down, and Sonya and Hadil are automatically on the offensive. Also, notice how they arrived last at the mothers’ house, significantly behind everyone else. I’d imagine the off-camera incident in Launceston has them still angry, ’cause there’s some serious bad vibes there already.

    I can’t imagine how they spin the victim narrative after this.

  4. Hadil s dress, eyeshadow, nail polish are a bit too matchy Matchy.
    Plus, pastels and lace don’t really suit her personality

  5. Part of me wishes that Sonya and Hadil had spent the evening provoking the Russians … because I feel like the Russians wouldn’t take crap from anybody.

    I gave the Jordanians the benefit of the doubt at the start of the season, but this is unbelievable behaviour. What’s wrong with these two? Maybe they’re not total a-holes, but tonight, they’re certainly acting like it.

  6. Admittedly we have not watch much of MKR but Sonya and Hadil have just about threaten everyone around the table.

  7. They made Sophia, Seafood King, Kelly and those I can’t remember look like pussycat.

    Wow! so much venom

    • Yes, I noticed there was no chauffeur driven sponsor car – the sponsors would not want to be associated with them.
      Sonya and Hadil behaved worse than any bitchy teenage girls I’ve ever seen. As I always say, they can blame the editing but those nasty words actually came out of their mouths.

      • The thing that gets me? On instagram, the Jordanian girls have been using the excuse that they were provoked.

        They spent the entire evening provoking Emma and Jess with a non-stop series of spiteful, snide, catty, nasty comments directed towards them.

        So they can use, “we were provoked” as a defense, but when they’re the ones doing the provoking, that’s okay, apparently. The lack of self-awareness is, frankly, staggering. And given how self-obsessed they seem to be, I can imagine we haven’t heard the last of this (they’ll be trying to publicly clear their names for a while yet).

  8. Pete mentioned that the two Man-Eaters had “left for the evening”.

    Gosh I hope that doesn’t mean they’ll be back.

  9. Is it terrible that I think Sonya definitely looks like she has eaten more than her fair share of men as she waddles off.
    I noticed that to wind song “for the evening”. Very strange choice of words. Maybe they come back with all there cousins and bikie friends

    • At least from tomorrow onwards, we’ll probably get all kinds of juicy behind-the-scenes details that nobody has been allowed to reveal until now.

      I’m not gonna lie. I’d love to watch the unedited version.

  10. Pete and Manu surely must have access to individual team scores through the series and know who scores fairly/strategically (Alex and Emily I’m looking at you)

    • Of course they do. Sometimes I think the judges gave higher scores(when they didnt mstch their critiques) to compensate for the strategic scoring.

      • I tend to look to Henry and Anna, and the Russians, for scores. Henry and Anna tend to be generous, but there doesn’t seem to be much agenda, and the Russians will balance overly-critical responses with scores that tend to match the average.

    • Alex is working his way up to his first original thought. His opinion always mirrors the judges, just parrots the same thing back to them. Given how many cooking fails they’ve had, not quite sure why they are so stingy with points.

    • I liked that he pointed out how shell-shocked Henry and Anna seemed by the whole thing. Neither of them got involved (even Stella and Jazzey spoke up, at several points, when they’d finally had enough of the Man-Eaters’ rudeness). They just seemed totally shocked that people actually act like this (around people they barely know, when there’s a quarter of a million dollars on the line).

      I think it says good things about Henry and Anna that they’ve never really encountered people acting like this before, and were dumb-founded at the goings on.

  11. It just seemed so unreal. I kept wondering if any of this was scripted and if both teams were asked to behave that way to boost interest in the show. I really hope that’s not the case but it just seemed so unbelievable.
    I couldn’t believe the things that the Jordanians were saying and the way they were behaving. How could anyone justify that behavior? Totally uncalled for. Why would anyone want to act like that on TV? Obviously they don’t care. Rude, horrible, immature. I hope they are gone for good. Don’t need to see them or hear them ever again.
    Felt for Kim and Suong. I would think that the incident might have thrown them off and affected their cooking to some extent although they are terrible at desserts.

    • I heard that , too. Be great if the health charlatan is taken off in an ambulance. Perhaps he faked an illness to get away from this years contestants. I ‘d try anything.

  12. Utterly dispicable by Hadil and her Puppet but even channel 7. If rumour is correct that the girls had a stern talking to after Tasmania and prior to Kim and Suongs restaurant then why when something started to flare up a producer or such didn’t step in to stop it escalating. Furthermore, Hadil seemed to be a bit intoxicated… who would let an emotional person drink liquor? The Jordanians are despicable for their bullying and no matter what they say, the words did come out of their mouths and their threats to innocent people asking them to calm down was 10 steps out of line, but from a moral viewpoint MKR production team has to be slammed for their lack of responsibility here.

  13. Watching last night was really unpleasant. The way those loathsome women behaved, and the things they said, was cringe worthy. Manu on his high horse, sanctimoniously telling them their actions were “not acceptable”, was way overdue. He should have stopped them long before the threats and before the one bitch was pointing at everyone and telling them “You’re all a bunch of assholes.” Channel 7 has gone beyond the generous bounds of reality tv license by allowing that to occur and be aired.

    I don’t know what, if anything, happened before to set Sonja and Hadil off, and I don’t care, because nothing excuses their behaviour. They are trash.

    If they are allowed back to finish the competition, I am done with MKR – finally, irrevocably done.

      • It’s hard to be sure because of the editing, Juz. But he was shown/heard twice saying “Hadil”, in a stern voice, presumably cautioning her to knock it off. I would suppose he and Pete were at the table, since Kim and Suong’s entrees were ready to be served. Pete commented just before the entrees came out that those dishes had been ready for ten minutes and asked those remaining at the table to take that into consideration.

    • I agree with you, BDD. And Ch 7 is still using them on the promo for Sun episode-will they return?
      When have they highlighted the amazing food the contestants have cook? (Maybe not many amazing dishes from the contestants)

      Ch 7 has turned this expulsion into their rating gold but couldn’t care less is they stab anyone along the way.

    • “A physical exchange”. Ha ha.

      If this means those two won’t be coming back, it’s time to celebrate.

      • The irony is that the “physical exchange” wasn’t enough – on it’s own – to get them booted. Shame, CH7, shame…

    • In Jan, Daily Telegraph reported this and mentioned about an insensitive remark about a boy. Now they only said ‘that comment’.

      From Sonya in her reply to a commentator on Instagram, she said something about comment ‘on your austistic son’.

      What is interesting is that none of the other teams have not made any comments ( gag by Ch7?)

      Also I am sure the other teams would have shouted back at S and H. Some of them would not have sat there and say nothing. But none were shown. They deserved to be booted out but Ch 7 can do better than capitalise on highlighting some of the verbal abuse at the Instant Restaurants.

      • I expect Sonya and Hadil to play the race card , the disability card, the women card, the editing card, the religion card, the whatever card.

        Ch 7, the evil organ grinder in all of this, should show us every scrap of footage they’ve got. With some cooking.

        At this point, I don’t believe a crap comment about the son was made.

  14. MKR or rather, Fight Club will be on Thursday night this week, too.

    The Fallout is being mercilessly pimped all this afternoon.

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