Survivor Tues – Sharn’s not happy

Does Sharn get her revenge tonight?
Benji did well to rattle her enough at tribal so that she did not play the idol for Mat.
But can he remain in control of his ragtag alliance? Perhaps as long as he does not eat nachos in front of them …

We’re whittling away at the numbers. Who do you think looks good for the final?

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  1. At least Mat’s been a good sport about it all. And his idol was definitely flushed from the game as well, he’s there showing it to Sam and Robbie around the dinner table in Jury Villa.

    At this point, the old alliances are all dusted. We’ve really entered the “every person for themselves” part of the game. I can see Shonee or Fenella making it to the end as goats (because neither of them has done a whole lot, yet, he adds quickly). Sharn’s clever enough to make it far, and I think we’ve got Shane pegged (old age and treachery beats youth and enthusiasm). I can see Monica drifting along until about final five or final four, I think she’s just there to make up the numbers at this point.

    Benji is the question mark. I was super-impressed by him last night. Now we get to see if that was all phenomenally-good luck, or whether he really can dodge his way right to the end.

    I’m also really interested in Steve’s game, from this point on. He’s very under-the-radar so far (hasn’t been too loud, hasn’t been physically dominating). I wonder if he’s been pulling his punches just to seem non-threatening? If he was going to step up, now’s the time he needs to do so.

  2. Robbie was right. Brian *is* a pest. Was there a reason he needed to pee off the platform? *sigh* The man’s like a walking bodily function joke.

    • An NRL player would have “bubbled “instead.

      Google Todd Carney if explanation required. It won’t be pretty.

    • And Windsong gets to write his favourite words “Robbie was right”.

      But yes, I was quite impressed with Brian’s play. . . but not the peeing! Gross.

      • I gotta say. Most handsome jury *ever*.

        No but for reals, until I figure out who I’m cheering for, every time the jury members show up is a highlight of the episode.

  3. Ah, snag.

    The plan failed. Shonee’s advantage only served to tie the votes, because Monica and Brian flipped back to the Champions.

    I’m betting Benji wishes he played his idol before JLap read the votes. I knew something was amiss, though. JLap was reading the votes and there was still 10 minutes left to go.

    Someone on FB made the point that Benji doesn’t know when to lay low. I think that explains some of his more bone-headed decisions. He’s a bit too smug about his own abilities, so he doesn’t quite realise when he needs to take a step back. That’s why he screwed up with Brian today, and I’ll bet that’s what influenced Brian’s vote.

    • That is TOTALLY right. If he had kept his mouth shut with Brian, the world might have been different. Shonee’s face when Benji lied about Sharn was fabulous!
      She tried to throw him a lifeline with “the future” but it was patently a lie and Brian – WEARING THE IMMUNITY NECKLACE – totally got it.
      I was impressed with Benji’s triple play yesterday (Mat, Sharn’s idol and – if he had played it right – Brian’s loyalty) but very very pleased he over-reached himself last night! YAY.

  4. So by my count, that is the third immunity idol that’s gone home in somebody’s pocket.

    Why did the producers even bother giving the damn things out? Heath’s the only person who’s actually used one effectively.

    Benji was a victim of his cleverness … and his own over-confidence, the same thing that did Mat in. If he’d just played the idol to shore up the contenders, or taken a step back instead of trying to manipulate Brian …

    But the devil was always in the details with Benji. He was so confident with Monica, but she’s the one who reported straight back to Steve. If he’d just stayed closer to Brian, but anyway.

    And Fenella was the one who turned on Benji at the end. Trusting Fenella and Shonee really seems to be a hit-and-miss affair.

    Oh well. Should’ve played the idol, Benji.

    So now what? Brian has an idol. The champions outnumber the contenders, but Brian doesn’t trust any of them (and Monica is probably gonna stick closer to him than Shane). I’d imagine next week, Shonee and Fenella will leave the island.

  5. Just a quick word of warning … if you’re watching Benji’s jury villa video (and it is funny because Mat lets Benji sweat for a good ten minutes before talking to him), the nacho scene makes a return appearance.

    You know, of all Benji’s gameplay? That’s what we’re all gonna remember him for, isn’t it?

      • Yeah that was funny. He said it was his favourite thing. Well it wasn’t ours watching it. It’s burned in our brains forever. I’ll never look at nachos the same ever again.

  6. Revenge play and cry baby play is so unbecoming. They know what the deal is, and Sharne was willing to burn others in her alliance. The so called Champions turned out to be bad sports abd big sulks. Is anyone else sick of hearing Shane say, “No one messes with Shane Gould”? No obviously not or she’ll put out the fire and throw sand in your face.

    Anyhow, I am just up to the reward challenge. Hopefully the Champions will stop spitting the dummy because the game took a turn they didn’t like.

    • I’ve got to say Shane was super strategic with her picks for the reward game.
      And how good was she with the game? Brian used his AFL skills to punt the ball forward and she immediately copied that tactic and then could swim super fast. She is very impressive for her age! I don’t think she is a good strategic player, but I think she has moments of cleverness that we are certainly not seeing from Fenella, Monique or Shonee.

  7. Two interesting tribals in a row. Geez Grub is a grot but he did well to grab that idol, then win an idol, then suss out Benji was full of it and suck up his pride long enough to vote with the people who tried to send him home last week.
    How mesmerising was it watching Shane Gould swimming; I love it when she does a water challenge.

    • Totally agree on ALL your points here JUZ!

      I was super impressed by Grub’s play, clever water bottle management, great strategy and Shane is so clean and perfect in the water – just wonderful to watch.

  8. Noooooooooh. Oh well, it was to be expected. Benji was overplaying his hand. And overconfident because he could have used his idol. Still, it won’t be as much fun with Benji gone. Now we will only have Brian doing his ablutions.
    If Mat wouldn’t speak Benji for 10 minutes, I think that makes him a poor sport.
    I don’t like any of the ones who revenge play or feel that they are allowed to play, lie, cheat, but everyone else has to be a boy scout.

    • For the record, I think Mat was just messing with Benji, because they share a friendly-enough hug soon enough, and the clip actually ends with both of them sitting on deck chairs, enjoying the Fijian sun and wearing their hidden immuity idols together.

    • Wow, I thought Benji was approaching Tony Vlachos levels of chaos and craziness and then he destroyed himself. Prunella has been chasing a Benji boot for weeks. I wish we knew if she talked to Brian and Monica before she voted against Benji or if it was a random act of spite.

      It’s a bit grim when Brian is your only hope for a bit of flash and dash in the remaining episodes.

      • I have to agree actually.

        Once the Benji-craziness died down, I was actually kind of bummed by last night’s episode. I was still kind of hoping that the Robbie/Benji alliance would bear fruit, but any chance either of them had is out the window now. And, although I hoped to see a contender win the whole damn thing … the only contenders left are Shonee and Fenella, who will have done absolutely nothing to deserve it (I’m more disappointed in Fenella. Shonee whines a lot but Fenella had moments of extreme competency).

        Meanwhile, Monica is just drifting, and I can’t bring myself to cheer for Steve or Sharn (although it would be interesting if Shane out-plotted everybody. Nobody seems to realise how dangerous Shane is).

        That leaves … the guy with the bladder problem?

        I don’t think it’s gonna be a great endgame, no.

  9. Shonee is clueless…why waste her advantage on a tribal where her name wasnt even being mentioned…? Yes, you can look at the lomg game…but to see how much everyone switches i would have held that advantage a little bit longer…
    Brian doesnt offend me…i reckon he is portraying the ole richard hatch, walk around naked, be a pest and bother everyone…hahahahaha
    Steve really is a dark horse, why wasnt he targeted? Havent seen or heard enpugh from him…
    Agree Juz, watching SG swim was magical, she just looked effortless…I admire that woman so much and bloody hell, would be stoked if she won! In saying that, I also think Shane and Brian also worthy…at least they getting amongst it…dear god…do we get another Tara a-la-Shonee or Monika in the final 2!

    • I don’t mind Brian either. He has played through as an outsider for the whole season. Dirty Phil who washed his undies in the cooking pot was worse. Still, I would want Brian to wash his hands before he cooked anything.

      • I read recently about stew being produced in a large pot used in the same household for boiling up babies’ nappies. Potential visitors were politely warned about eating it by those in the know.

      • Brian is definitely exacerbating some of his character traits. He plays the dumb oaf but was great at the last puzzle. But, really – just wee while you are swimming! Don’t wait until you are atop a giant platform with a camera on you

        • Again, agree with you Juz! He is totally playing dumb, but has frequently made totally helpful suggestions about puzzles. I remember him guiding Sam in one quite a way back. He is a total dark horse and is playing numbers so well.

      • Oh & he went into the pool at a fancy resort they went to for a reward challenge without showering first. They did an aerial shot & you could see the filth swirling out around him. NO ONE would have wanted to go in that pool after that. They would have had to empty it out & refill it.

    • Shane must have some sort of motor kick under the water, because it looks like she is barely moving her arms and yet she is gliding at pace through the water. Not liking her much, but it is magic to watch her swim. Her first go started badly when the ball floated backwards, but she still caught up. And then on the second go, she learns Brian’s trick (no, not the wee one) and gets the ball a mile ahead and just has to catch up to it. Very nice.

      • Yeah – I admire her fitness and some of her smarts but I can’t really warm to her. I thought admitting her petulance in putting the fire out (at tribal) was a good move.
        But the thing about the fire that totally annoyed me was Shonee’s entitled “so the champions are on strike. No fire, no breakfast cooked when I get up” . I wanted her GONE for that lazy whiny attitude. Totally pleased she stuffed up her advantage.

        • It is funny that whenever Shane dives into the water, the game stops and everyone just drops what they’re doing and stares. It’s like, watching Shane Gould in person is a reward all by itself :).

  10. I’m watching on tenplay now and stupidly checked in here before the end but at least I know it’s worth watching through to the end.
    I found out today that Mat does a lot of under the radar stuff for people with disabilities. The fact that he does it without asking for recognition is a really positive thing as far as I’m concerned. (I’m not a league fan and wouldn’t have known who he was without Survivor). I guess it is worth remembering that we only see one facet of any of the contestants.
    Having said that I think some of them may only have one facet to show.

  11. Benji outfoxed himself trying to turn Brian against Sharn – I found it hilarious though. For goodness sake Brian was wearing the immunity necklace.
    I also can’t respect that in his to camera pieces Benji was talking himself up as the master strategist but when asked at tribal council threw all five that voted against Mat under the bus.
    BDD was right (yesterday’s thread) about Benji having tells when he’s lying , another on is his eye twitches especially if he was nervous about being found out.
    I’m not sure why but I loved Steve’s second vote – no meaningless apology or explanation just holding up the card, deadpan. Amused me no end.

  12. Yes, yes, yes! Shane may be the swimmer, but Brian and Monika are the diving experts – double, double backflip.

    So glad to finally see the back of Benji. I thought he was going to get away with it, but then he tries to blacken Sharn’s name with Brian wearing the immunity necklace in front of him. And once again, we see his total lack of ability to cover his lies. Even Shonee did a better job trying to spin the lie into something believable (worrying that she was almost convincing).

    However, Brian and Monika are now totally unpredictable. Nobody will be able to pick which way they will jump. At this stage, the three S’s will have no choice but to hope that they can keep hold of them, but they will never be comfortable with any assurances.

    Why did Fenella change her vote? Is she trying to pretend to make moves when they can’t possibly make any difference and have no risk? I seem to remember her doing something similar before. Maybe she just likes to be with the crowd.

    Still going for Sharn, followed by Steve, but I have little confidence in them lasting unless they win immunities. It was very sad to watch Sharn so distressed last night when she knew she was pretty much gone.

  13. So that’s 2 people in a row go home with an immunity idol. How dumb are they?
    Jonathan should have started that challenge & not waited till he finished peeing. Too bad for him if he wasn’t ready.
    How dumb was Benji telling Brian he name came up when he’s wearing his immunity idol. So funny when he realised he’d fucked up & tried to cover himself. Oh I mean some time in the future.
    When they had to re-vote I hoped everyone would vote the same as Shonee would only have 1 vote this time & Benji would go & he did.

    • Woh. I wouldn’t know. I have never kept poultry.
      My granny had chooks, ducks, geese and turkeys, but we never turned them upside down. 😁

      • I wouldn’t know either but I heard Jennifer Garner say it once, and every time I see Shonee it makes me think of that.

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