• I could see Chivalrous Charlie getting all jealous and headbutting that staircase in LA to get even.

      My friend said tonight that Charlie is just like Jarrod, Littlepetal.. He’ll get his own ” loser staggering on the beach” scene, too.

    • I only saw bits and pieces as I was more entertained trying to scrub dog poo off the carpet in the corner. And James’ recap filled in what turned out to be – not much at all..

      I had to look away during that whole mock gladiator business. Little did I know that the single date afterwards would be even more excruciating. Did a grown man really just say that his goal in life is to be a back up dancer in some teenage movie? Yeesh

  1. I was out tonight at a friend’s birthday dinner (we went to a pub/burger bar. It wasn’t that great, actually, but we had gelato afterwards and that was amazing). My ex was there, so it was even more awkward than an episode of Ali’s “Bachelorette”, if that’s possible.

    Did I miss anything interesting?

    • You may enjoy the Gladiator scenes. I found myself wondering if Ali had hair extensions. This was no Ben Hur. More Ben Hurl.

      A lot of it seemed a prelude to the shit hitting the staircase tomorrow night. Charlie is carrying on like King Kong on heat over his sweet little Ali.

      Had a visitor so I’m watching encore tomorrow to soak up the rubbish I couldn’t take in tonight.

  2. I only watched parts of it and was playing assassins creed odyssey (easily more interesting then seeing that twit).

    It is now abundantly clear that Charlie is a nob, ivan is only there to be in a stupid movie and paddy’s accent is about as real as Ali’s boobs.

      • See, now you’re both making me *want* to watch the show.

        But if I’m tuning in just to see what the fuss is about Ali’s … assets … that’s just gonna be weird.

    • Geoffrey Edelsten? Funny thing – I knew him growing up. And not in THAT way.(eww) He was always a nice person to me, but shocked to see all the shenanigans now

    • Which is ironic, because I feel like, if you threw holy water on any of these contestants, they’d burn and run away.

      • That made me laugh, WS.

        My children are the only ones in a very large extended family who haven’t been baptised. We sometimes used to go to Christmas mass to make my grandmother happy but I always joked that we’d either be bounced off God’s force field when we tried to enter the church or else the holy water in the basin would start bubbling if we did in fact get in.

  3. I know Paddy is acting. I just like to hear him poke fun at the bachelors.

    No way Paddy is there for Ali. At least he is bringing some fun to the show.

    Also those that look good initially are just idiots. Looking at Charlie and Bill.

    Also a lot of talk about Rob being gay.

    • Honestly? I get kind of a weird vibe from Rob.

      Like, okay, straight men are allowed to be fashionable and interesting, fine … but I still get a weird vibe from Rob.

      He’s probably bi. We’ve had plenty of bachelorettes who’ve swung both ways, it’d be about time, all I’m saying.

    • Hahahaha very likely LP re Rob. I can’t see him really into her.
      I don’t even care if she finds love. I am only watching to see how how she can go…

  4. So I’m watching the encore – purely because the “”set the record straight” promos got to me. Damn I’m ashamed of that. I just want to her her say “I flew all the way to LA ..and he’s a party animal..so I held my own party on the stairs.. as you do”

    As for this painting date, I was expecting her to paint a staircase.

  5. Charlie rips into other guys for being there for themselves. Holy macaroni, he’s as dumb as …all the same I’d hate to meet him on a dark staircase.

    Yet Churlie’s shittin’ bricks at the rose ceremony.

  6. Uh ~ oh. Turd in shining armour Charlie’s the dibber dobber to Saint Ali about the staircase follies.

    Tonight’s the night. It’s not gonna be alright.

    PS I didn’t mean “Churlie” in the previous comment…. but it fits anyway.

  7. I probably shouldn’t say this – but I will.

    Looking at that split in her dress tonight – is that for easy access ?

  8. Hey Dave, you’re right. The show doess do an encore, the next day. And with my Foxtel set, I was able to record the episode and watch it when I got home.

    What the hell was up with the painting date? Who comes up with this crap? And I loved how Ali’s words included “falling fast”, and yet she’s fallen in love with about five people, so far.

    Waiting for the gladiator challenge. I’m expecting shirtlessness.

      • That’s all right. Home tonight. I won’t miss it.

        And by that, I mean, I’ll have it on in the background while I’m doing today’s crossword.

        I can’t wait to see Nathan and Charlie wrestling it out. Maybe there could be oil of some kind involved?

  9. Actually, gotta say, quite enjoying the gladiator group date.

    Two observations at this point. Even the other guys seem to have figured Charlie out, because as Bill tells us, nobody wanted to pick him for their team. And secondly, damn, Ali is one thirsty girl. I mean, fair enough, she’s surrounded by all these mildly-attractive shirtless guys, but damn girl. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

    • Hahahaha… I read an article today addressing her “thirstiness” and she’s responded with hell, why not, after all she’s the one in control now.

      My first cynical thought was – how much control do you actually have when you’re already befuddled with alcohol and being manipulated by the producers and media?

      Poor deluded girl.

      • I thought the whole thing was a bit stupid.

        I think all the guys are coming across as total tools, to be honest. I liked Charlie, but we can see where that’s going. And apparently Charlie hates Billy for some reason? I can’t say I care too much. Ivan’s only hear for his professional dancer career (good luck with that), and maybe Rob’s just … Italian?

        So Damien (the hot grand-dad) and Man Bun Wesley got sent home last night? It’s a shame, Damien was looking pretty fine at the gladiator date.

        • Unfortunately, I’m not invested enough to know the contestants by their actual name.

          Like you said in a previous thread, we can’t rely on Ali to make sensible decisions. This is the ultimate train wreck which is all I’m here for, to be quite honest. 🙂

  10. Well I guess getting caught spreading the rumour is better than being caught on yer actual staircase.

    Bad luck, Nathan. Shoulda been Charlie. He’s being Dr.Phil for Ali now.

  11. So wow, that was an entertaining 70 minutes.

    Quick highlights reel?

    1. Bill wake-boarding and looking like the biggest dork. I shouldn’t judge, because I’ve tried that myself, it’s not easy.
    2. Bill and Ali attempting to consume each other’s faces with their mouths like anacondas in people suits.
    3. Ali admitting that 6 months is a good time-frame from meeting someone to get married. I loved that all the guys picked, “2 years” or so. And when Ali gave her answer, even the boys were like “… say what now?”
    4. Danny trying to kiss Ali. In his defense, it’s episode 4, and she’s made out with just about everyone in the mansion (including some of the camera people, possibly by accident).
    5. In her chat with Charlie, Ali’s revealed that even she thinks Bill is full of crap.
    6. Charlie and bourbon are not, repeat, *not* a good combination. I believe he does have good intentions, but I don’t think he’s a keeper, Ali.
    7. Paddy is still an irritating twerp, but his ridiculous over-the-top reactions actually make him mildly entertaining.

    I wonder how the ratings are doing.

    • Charlie lives on bourbon and bananas it seems. Looked like he was using the bourbon glass like a shield. He grassed Nathan instead.

      Those ratings could be going down quicker than Grant’s mate.

  12. I am a night behind…and distracted preparing art for preprimary tomorrow…. (and no, they won’t be painting words like manipulate, naive…or victim)…but I need to ask, would anyone date a guy with bleach blond hair and stud earrings. Some of the hopefuls are more fem than men.
    Things I prefer a man to NOT do:
    Perm his hair
    Dye or bleach his hair
    Wear makeup (unless it’s part of his job)
    Get his nails manicured (unless he’s over 60 & needs toenails to be surgically trimmed)
    Overly primp and take more than 1/2 an hour to shower and dress. 40 minutes for weddings and funerals.
    I am going to use a word I haven’t heard since primary school…these guys are sissies (and I don’t mean gay). I would forgive it if they were.
    Can any of them even change a tyre or fix a leaking faucet?

    Having said that, most of it is probably the producers’ fault for grooming them within an inch of their manhood.

    • “Can any of them even change a tyre or fix a leaking faucet?”

      Not without Google, Youtube or ringing Mum/ Pops.

      • I notice the bleach blonde guy can’t manage a needle and thread either. His white skinny leg jeans need patching. 😛

        • Did you see the weird shirt Paddy was wearing to the mattress-dominos-compatible game? It was cut really low, and the hem was on a sharp angle. It looked like one of Ali’s dresses had gotten caught in the sewing machine.

          I do not understand men in their 20s. I just don’t.

  13. A guy needs to ‘earn’ holes in his jeans, not pay for them. It’s like bolting a surfboard (that you don’t use) to roofracks, or as my youngest son used to do; rubbing grass stains on your needs after a footy match to pretend you played. He has traded footy for several guitars. 😄

  14. Won’t be surprise if the chosen one say no to her last rose. Didn’t Ali say she wants to get marry after 6 months of dating. The guy will run a mile!

    • “6 months”, shows she is very foolish. What would she even bring to a couple? I would like to know if she can do more than waterski and go on TV.
      Maybe, she could have a TV career of sorts. I mean plenty of other stupid people grace our tvs. I’ m thinking Denise Drysdale for 1 but there are so many so perhaps Aly could have a future that doesn’t entail waiting to get married in 6 months.

      • Ali IS a nutshell.

        I wonder if her parents are smiling proudly, or thinking, “Good Lawd!”.

        I have to say though, nutty Ali is far more interesting than the sugary version she presented in TBach.

  15. I watched bits and pieces of this last night, only to be able to appreciate better the comments here. Jesus, what is the matter with that woman? Who gets so much Botox at age 32 that the only parts of her face that move are the corners of her mouth? At least we can tell when she is trying to smile. The Goggleboxers said something about her boobs being different – concrete injections? They don’t move either.

    As for the staircase incident, I won’t slut-shame her for that, but if it happened, I wouldn’t blame her boyfriend for being a party animal instead of spending a lot of time with that insipid, limited-vocabulary, like, really limited, like dumb, bimbo.

    And the guys, are any of them likable? Admittedly I didn’t see much of the show, but the men I saw all seemed to have a mush-mouth problem. Enunciate, fellows; you are coming across as simpletons…with really bad dress sense as well.

    I think I’ve seen enough to be happy with following here, and never needing to watch again.

    • So many young girls are undergoing cosmetic procedures nowadays that it’s become the norm. I see nothing normal about it.

      And they’ve made Botox so easily accessible that you can get injections in your lunch break instead of lining up for a cup of coffee. Yeesh

  16. Just growing old ungracefully for me. I’d rather spend the cadh on the kids/grandkids and a trip to Europe next year. Glancing in the mirror only to make sure my teeth are clean and my clothes are on straight.
    But good for anyone who wants to tidy up the old face. It’s not for me. My biggest facial luxury is the $$$ I spend on glasses when I need them. I’m partial to nice ones. But no flashy colours.

    • I heard Charlie’s a psychopath, according to one who dated him for six months.

      So far what I’ve seen of the Beast Of Bourbon supports that.

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