• Ali can have a for real car wreck with Taite because he drives around with one hand on the wheel, the other holding Ali’s hand. Hoon.

  1. I’ve mostly avoided spoilers, although I’ve read a couple of comments on FB. I feel like, the show is over tomorrow night, and I’m not that invested in it regardless, so spoil away.

    I think we can make a couple of easy predictions either way. She kicks Bill out of the mansion tonight, so the finale is between Todd (the blond dude with the nose-ring) and Taite (Mr “You want to get married by when?!”). Todd’s too young, so she’ll pick Taite … and on a hunch, I’m kinda guessing she’ll propose, and he’ll just run for the door.

    I’m really interested in seeing “A Million Little Things” which is on tonight (originally it was going to start immediately after the Bachelorette, but then they shunted it to 9:30 and put “Blind Date” on tonight at 8:30 instead. I guess “Blind Date” really tanked in the ratings Monday night, which is hardly a shock). The ads made that look really interesting.

  2. So silly Ali mentioned before her bad boys just say things she want to here.

    Now she is not sure because Taite is not going to say those words. If Ali can’t feel the love but need Taite to say it out, no wonder she is always chasing love.

    • I was kinda hoping they both got stabbed.

      Does that make me horrible?

      I laughed when Ali started going over the terms of the bet. I could just imagine her saying, “If I win, we get married. If you win, we get married!” with wild eyes.

  3. Tuning in for the dismal end – Ali’s take on Bill’s home dates..

    I’m sorry if one of my son’s told me – hey Mum, I’m bringing home a girl for you to meet from a reality dating show and you need to be present to meet her cos this will further my 15 mins of fame…

    I wouldn’t be available – I wouldn’t be “travelling overseas” – I’d be brutally honest ad say – sorry I’m having a colonoscopy that day.

  4. Usually the Final 2 will be on radio tomorrow doing interviews. Didn’t hear any stations doing interviews with Taite and Todd.
    Bill already in paradise. Not too sad

    • Someone apparently snapped a photo of Taite and Todd, both in the airport in Fiji as well, this week.

      It doesn’t confirm or deny anything, really, but it does lend credibility to the idea that it doesn’t end well, for her.

      I read something today, online, where somebody put forward the theory that Ali was set up to fail. Like, the producers know what a gigantic train wreck this girl is, so the entire season was framed just to make fun of her. I’m not sure that channel 10 would be that *cruel* … but I wouldn’t put it past them.

  5. And I’ve been out of the dating scene for ages

    So what’s the distinction between “dating her” and “being with her” which kept coming up again and again in the painful conversation..

    does that mean “dating her” implies having a relationship while “being with her ” implies meaningless sex ??

    • Yeah. From the sounds of it, he was “with her” in the sense of something casual or physical, they weren’t actually in a committed relationship with each other (which is what “dating” meant, in the context Ali and Bill were using).

      Basically, he wasn’t dating her, Amy and Bill were just banging a whole bunch of times.

      I find it all very confusing as well. I grew up thinking, well, you’re either dating someone, or you’re not, but what do I know?

    • He’ll break down the door, bourbon in hand, and wrestle Bill to the ground to take the rose off him. You could see it happening, can’t you?

  6. “I guess the one for me is still out there.”

    Bill, you idiot, she’s waiting for you back at the dog park!

    Meanwhile, is it me, or does it look like the finale takes place in Darwin? Because Darwin is, of course, internationally renowned for being exotic and romantic. The honey badger got to go to New Caledonia, Sophie Monk was in Fiji, and even the randoms on “Paradise” get to go to Fiji … but Ali and her boys get sent to Darwin? I think that says a lot about how invested in Ali, channel 10 is.

  7. Ew, the end of this series sounds really tacky. I’m not invested in Ali or any of the guys, but this ending scenario seems mean. I don’t enjoy seeing people being humiliated, be they bimbos or dickheads.

  8. So – in the promo for tomorrow’s trainwr… whoops sorry “finale”, Taite says “something that may break her heart”. What could this be ???
    “Sorry Ali, but after dating you (along with 24 other guys) for a couple of months, in an artificial setting, I can’t promise we’ll be engaged next week.”

    Cue the scene where Ali sinks to her knees sobbing her heart out.

    Left with no other choice, Ali turns to “the other guy” (I don’t even know his name) – she looks down at her ring finger in ecstasy and gushes to Osher “I’m in love! I’m so in love!”

    In the aftermath:
    Paddy’s Instagram hits have doubled and his gym is thriving.
    Ivan is busking on street corners.
    Bill has signed on to Bachelor Paradise.
    Charlie is propped up, bourbon in hand, at his local pub telling anyone who will listen what Ali should have done.

    and the winner ? the “other guy” ? he’s signed up for Elon Musk’s first space expedition..

  9. Bill is creepy – always was, always will be – and that seems to be the main criterion for Bachelor in Paradise. So good luck to him, and any girl ‘he’s with’.
    And call me old-fashioned but any girl who ‘puts out’ without a date is either stupid, or has major self esteem issues.
    Just eeew.

  10. Considering bill, Todd and taite have been photographed on Bach in paradise I don’t hold out much hope. She is a frikken nutjob with her “timeline”

    • Bill definitely on BIP but the photo of Taite and Todd at Nadi is the producers trying to make us think Ali will pick neither

  11. It’s a bit funny to see all the ads and articles trying to paint Ali as “Australia’s sweetheart” where the fact is this season is tanking because she is not likeable at all

  12. Her parents seem quite normal, wonder how they coped with the stairs story – there’s a picture of the stairs on the Daily Mail website today.

  13. How silly again. If you need to force the guy to say those words doesn’t mean he sincerely is telling the truth. I can understand Taite is guarded. He is not sure whether Ali is serious with him and there is another guy.

    • I agree – I think Todd is just telling her what she wants to hear – she is someone who wants the attention and really doesn’t care who they are

  14. Hartmut’s “chat” with Todd. More like a Spanish Inquisition. Taite’s copped it for not expressing his feelings …but gloomy old Hartmut is giving away emotional boomerangs and homing pigeons.

    • Her father looks genuinely terrifying. Like, when he asked Taite over for a quiet chat, I fully expected the police to find Taite floating facedown in the surf a few days later.

        • When Todd mentions, “maybe we’ll need to compromise on our timelines?”, Dad immediately freaks out and says that’s a red flag.

          Well, it is a red flag, Dad, but not for the reason you think.

          See, a compromise is what happens when two people work together for a mutual, shared goal. Instead, Dad apparently wants Ali to get everything she wants or demands or needs, at the very attosecond that she desires it. I wonder where Ali gets that from?

  15. Todd keeps shaking his head when telling Ali all the garbage she wants to hear. Bad body language. All of a sudden he’s thinking about babies.

    Berry Springs .What a fun place , had some great days there.

  16. I can’t read the comments yet – damn you daylight savings.

    But I have to say Ali’s father is just as ridiculous as she is. I now understand why she is the way she is. I thought Todd’s answers to the grilling he were completely reasonable. Ali has a 1-2 year timeline to marriage with kids – he has a 2-3 year time line. Not all that dramatically different. Todd brings up the word compromise, and lets face it, all relationships require compromise.

    But Dad sits there with a stony face fuming that Todd won’t give his little princess exactly what she wants and more importantly exactly when she wants it.

    Oh – and I laughed at loud at Ali’s opening statement for the episode. “I can’t believe I’m here.” I know she was referring to the stage of the competition, but all I could think of was Bloody Darwin ????

    • Sophie got a resort in Fiji. Nick got a beach in New Caledonia. Ali gets … a swamp outside of Darwin.

      Just about says it all, doesn’t it?

  17. So Ali’s grand final date with Todd involves a secluded waterhole in the Northern Territory wilderness?

    Is the “big surprise” being taken by a crocodile? Because that would be quite surprising.

    • Standing around a billabong wearing suits, why didn’t they just stay in a city and do this?

      Time plan Todd’s left to stagger around like Burke and Wills and sit on a stump. Left holding his ring.

      Taite’s going to show Ali a Python.

  18. I’ve caved and read some comments – always more entertaining than the show. Plus its nice to know you are all suffering as well.

    Watching Ali with Taite I think he is the one she’s actually attracted to. But she has unrealistic expectations and isn’t prepared to let a relationship grow naturally. Then again there’s nothing natural about this show is there ?

    I think she will settle for Todd who is telling her what she wants to hear.

  19. Should I even bother watching? Think I will do Survivor instead and, as I did with the Honey Badger finale, tune in for the last 5 mins of Bachie

  20. Breaking Todd’s heart seemed to last for a long time. Like, I was looking at the clock, the whole time, just thinking, “Okay, she hasn’t picked you. Just get on with it.”

    Now it gets interesting.

      • I feel like there’s a joke gone wanting, there, about how Taite is definitely a _anker, but it’s too obvious.

        Much like Ali, I’m sure I can do better.

      • Still makes the same mistake in falling in love.

        One is ready to give her what she wants but chose the other who is not ready for marriage and babies.

        Maybe that is why she broke off with the ex. She wanted marriage but he wanted to wait.

          • I wasn’t either, to be honest. He’s been on, like, 3 dates with her. Yes, he looks good dressed in a fake suit of armour, but that’s not really marriage material, you know?

            Although like I said yesterday, I had a feeling she’d pick Taite.

    • The one who couldn’t say “I love you”, Taite , who’s been a favourite with bookmakers for a while.

      I think hard nut Hartmut thought Todd was a turd.

    • Taite ‘s colder than a bank vault. He didn’t give a good account of himself. The love of money is the root of all evil. The contestants will say and do evil to get a root.

      I’m up for Boofhead In Paradise. Slim pickings this time of year.

  21. I had a feeling she’d pick Taite over Todd, but I’m still a little disappointed.

    It seemed so much that they were angling towards another broken-heart ending (like the Honey Badger). I’m almost disappointed that, no, they stuck to the script and she picked her one true love (TM) in the final episode.

    I really hope they are happy with each other, and get married and have kids, and do all that stuff. I genuinely do, because everyone deserves that, don’t they? (except maybe Charlie)

    But I just don’t think Ali learned much at all.

  22. Underwhelming season. I hope they do better with the next bachelor. Maybe we can have a newbie? I am a little over the recycled second-rate also-rans.
    And just an opinion piece on the finale being held in Darwin: I have been to Darwin as well as Fiji. Give me Darwin every time. I have never understood the appeal of Fiji. It’s very average – barely one step up from the Gold Coast during schoolies week.

    • Bobi, have you ever been to any adults only resorts in the Manamuca Islands in Fiji? They are glorious. I agree the bits around Nadi are not great

  23. Taite and Ali are pregnant, they just appeared and confirmed it on The Project. The glossies got it first. More “exposure” for Ali and whatsitsname.

    You could have knocked me over with a staircase.

    Bank Manager or Sperm Bank Manager?

    • I can see a new rtv show for Ali to emerge from this ~ “Shotgun Wedding”

      Now we know why Ali was pestering Taite about being engaged in six minutes, I mean months.

      • I’m sorry, gice. This story was apparently a hoax. The Project is such a shit program, fool me for buying into their stunt. Could have been the world’s first baby conceived on a staircase.

  24. Apparently Ali and Taite sent a message to a PR representative, this week, asking them to be their agent and promote their “brand” (I’d love to know what that is, exactly, but okay). But the message was riddled with mistakes and errors, and the agent immediately hit “delete”.

    The message was printed in the paper, and I gotta say, at 6 years old, my English skills were better than Ali and Taite’s. That’s both horribly depressing but unsurprising.

    • Oh, that’s embarrassing. Not as bad as being busted accepting liquor on a staircase, however. This power couple will keep giving good headlines.

      From what I’ve heard here in the city of churches , Charlie would have no chance having his “brand” promoted, either. I’m astonished that he got through the initial muster to be on the show.

  25. On the radio they said Nasser from MAFS is offering to appear at family or work Christmas parties for a fee. How sad

        • Every part of all of that is disturbing.

          Are people that desperate for low-level fame?

          Oh gosh. Imagine working for the company that hired Nasser to be their work Christmas party entertainment.

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