Survivor: Loved ones visit

Well, that was one of the quietest episodes we have had for a while. Until the tribal where, once again, we had no idea what was happening. And another idol play and another graceful exit.



  1. FF loved ones. Good result at tribal though. I like Nick and the Black guy. I don’t know his name. Christian is entertaining.

  2. Davie. I like Nick, Davie and Christian. I must be mysogenist because I have no girls in my list. They just aren’t as interesting as the guys. Alison is interesting but not a favourite. I would admit she deserved a win though, for fighting hard and dodging bullets.
    Because she doesn’t win immunity challenges and isn’t well liked, Alison may well be sitting at the final three.

    • I am fairly sure she knew about Christian’s idol and just assumed he would never see through her brilliant blindside. This is a hard season to predict, but I predict we will not be seeing Gabby again.

      • She knew – she told the others he had one. I look forward to his exit interview with Rob C so we can find out what the tell was for him to play it

          • Yeah I have since read her exit interview – Christian was tipped off and just milking the moment

        • But you could also see him trying to read her face, and she was avoiding his eyes to start with, and then she raised an eyebrow at a critical moment. Also she indicated with her words that she might have been going off script. Her mistake was not realising what a big mistake Davie knew she was making. Christian has been a shield for both, but Davie has been able to keep it relatively hidden.

  3. Two tribals ago Christian belonged to an alliance of 5 with 2 idols. He now belongs to an alliance of 1 with no idols. Nick and Davie have better relations with the surviving Goliaths. Nick and Angelina are out for blood over Christian’s betrayal. If my strategy had everyone vote against me except 2 deliberate vote splits, I’d be rethinking my strategy.

    I think Christian goes next (which is what he deserves, for his stupidity as much as his treachery). After that I have no idea. Christian could try for an immunity run but I don’t think he is quite that good.

  4. I think Mike is looking good. He seems to fly under the radar and yet is happy to switch alliances when needed. I would love Nick to win

  5. Yep, i FFwd’d the loved ones stuff too.
    I think Mike is doing well under the radar. Not sure who i want to win.
    I watached Gabbys ponderosa – she doesn’t shut up!
    Also is anyone else sick of seeing them in their underwear, i don’t understand the reasoning for not giving them their bathers!

    • I thought that was the American choice. Our guys were smarter with board shorts and bike pant cosies – much better for challenges.

  6. I am a bit surprised by your comment “another tribal where…we had no idea what was happening”. This was the first tribal in weeks where I have had some idea before they went in, a logical plan had been discussed on the beach, and it was the one that was the result. I was stoked when the four first muted the idea of turning the table on Gabby.

  7. I reckon Gabby was jealous about his girlfriend Emily, so tried to back stab him 🤣🤣
    I always enjoy the loved ones visit, so corny but still entertaining … they should try the Aus version and being away from them for that long!

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