Why you should be watching Pointless

Pointless has screened on UK TV since 2009 and – fun fact – was first pitched with the title Obviously. It’s a fascinating show to watch with someone else so you can try to beat them. Plus, the guy who voices the remake of Danger Mousr is the host, so bonus points.
Ten decided to do an Australian version last year but it has not rated so well and is seemingly teetering on the edge of extinction.
Here, guest recapper Daisy sums up the show’s big win today and puts her case for keeping Pointless.

Pointless Nightcap. 🍸

Tonight on Pointless, Mark Humphries deftly spreads his long pianist digits and waves at the big prize of $30,500! And the first round is “Animals starting with B”. Woolif is comfy in his recliner, calling “bilby”, “beaver”, “boa constrictor”. We always record the show and join the TV contestants later, so we can press pause, and cheat. Nathan and Mel are out and now, after the ad break, we go “head to head”. (I’m trying to type but Harry is farting and it really stinks. “Harry!” Woolif puts the dogs out).
I will use the break to tell you why I love Pointless. Firstly, Mark Humphries is a refreshing surprise. I’m usually very picky and critical of tv hosts, but this blond string bean; Charles and Camilla’s love child, schooled at Eton boys’ school, (he correctly says “fewer” not “less”), where he was either head boy, or that kid who got his lunch money stolen and his beautiful tidy hair flushed in the urinal.

Where did this guy spring from? I have never seen him before and I was happy to see the producers didn’t recycle Grant, O’Keeffe or Rove. Mark Humphries has a quirky way of taking the pees out of himself. He has a great partner, in Andrew Rochford and together they toss jokes back and forth, clever ones, and Dad jokes. There are no giant egos here.

Back to the show, I am now watching Ant and Kate go head to head with Liz and Matt for “fill in the missing letters to name the rapper”. It wasn’t as hard as it sounds. The beauty of this show is being able to sit in your underwear in your lounge room, whilst being as smart as Barry Jones. Matt and Liz got snuffed and now it’s down to Ant and Kate to take out the money.
For the final round Kate and Ant choose State Premiers over Child Classics. There’s a sense of understated excitement leading up to the end. Ant and Kate want to travel. They choose Morris Iemma. And it’s POINTLESS. And Ant and Kate take home $30,500!

Now, maybe I haven’t made the show sound great as Woolif and I think it is. Maybe ‘you had to be there’, but I highly recommend you get comfy in your undies, pjs or a trackie, and get with your family and give this addictive show a try. The stars of it are Mark Humphries, Andrew Rochford and YOU as you press pause on the remote to beat the clock and answer the quiz questions.



  1. Sorry Daisy. They have already filmed another 12 episodes but after that the show is finitto and replace by another show hosted by shock horror 😨Grant Denyer

  2. I like him Mark Humphries and I like him a WHOLE lot more than the Ubiquitous one. I haven’t remembered to watch it though and looks like I’ve missed the boat. Damn.

  3. I love this show and watch it every night (though missed last nights one when the money went off!). I got hooked on the UK version when I was travelling in the UK so was excited for the Aust version.
    Sorry to hear it will be cancelled and replaced with another Grant Denyer show (I suppose he needs something when Dancing With Stars finishes) but isn’t also on the new Dr Chris/Julia show?

  4. Andrew Rochford’s a slow burn. I have seen a lot of “comedians” on Australian tv that just make you want to groan, but Andrew has ridden subtle sidecar humour to Mark. He’s a wry wit. “Name two complimentary words starting with w”. No. I said, “complimentary”.

  5. I wish the ABC would do a version of Would I Lie to you or 8 out of 10
    Cats – he’d be perfect for that. And let’s cast Natasha Exelby, too, while we are at it.

  6. Yes, I watch it (obviously the demo of TTV is the sweet spot for this show).
    And, like you, I was skeptical about the hosts but have grown to love them. I don’t love the UK hosts any less for that, because it is a totally different vibe, but both are funny in their own ways.

    I think Ch 10 have caused the show’s loss, by its crazy scheduling. When will they finally acknowledge that moving the news to 5pm has been a complete failure? How many of the shows put up at 6pm against the other news bulletins have failed? Pretty much all of them. Pointless at 5.00 pm (with its correct one hour format) would have been a huge hit, and given The Chase a real shock.

  7. This one was not for me. Heresy!, I hear you say.
    It’s not even half way as good as the UK version which has a very lovely relaxed pace to it.
    Cutting out that extra bit in the Australian version has made it a bit boring and ….. pointless (yes, I did 😔).
    But along with every one else, I won’t be sorry to see the back of GD. I can only assume that they signed him to an annual contract until the year 2025, and are trying to get a bang for their buck.

  8. Yes, I watch this. Good show

    Most of the contestants wouldn’t know if their arse was on fire.

    Ch 10 replace a funny , intelligent guy with Grant Denyer? Fail. They have to be insane.

    • Ch 10 is going in circles. Pointless was aired to replace Family Feud, another Grant Denyer show. But rating was worse than FF. So bring back GD for another show!

      • I just can’t watch GD. Well, I tolerate him in DWTS but only if he puts a sock in it. I won’t be likely to watch his new show.

        • I 😚😚😚 you for watching DWTS. I just can’t bring myself to watch GD. Same goes for Julia Morris. Many moons ago, I don’t mind both of them. But now they both try too hard to be funny.

  9. See, Grant Denyer won a Gold Logie last year ~ truly one of life’s great mysteries.

    You could try and work out what is behind Ch 10’s thinking…..but that way, madness lies. The network is trying to make strawberry jam from pig shit. Good luck with that. We haven’t even seen what culinary horror and kitsch awaits with Ma$terchef. More inspirational dead Nonnas.

    Having said that , my tv is nearly always on Ch Ten.

    I used to like Julia Morris, too. Judith Lucy is my favourite ,she rocks.

    • I loved Rebel Wilson when she was in that tv show where they had to be impromptu. I can’t recall the name of it but the comedian was thrown into a scenario and had to ad lib. Fifi Box was a regular and she was useless, but they always used to say she won.

        • Thanks, Windsong. Yes. It was occasionally very funny, depending on the comedian. (Nothing like Lee Mack, though). But the two hosts were dismal. I can only say dismal.

      • This is a true story. A good friend of mine fosters rescue dogs and had one which was called Rebel Wilson. I won’t need to explain why.

        Anyway, this dog was later adopted by comedian Dave Hughes when it was renamed “Bubbles”. Good on you, Dave Hughes. He might have copped some stick for buying that unit on The Block….but he would have spent a lot of cash for a vet bills etc for an older dog with special needs.

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