1. I don’t love this challenge but at least they are all playing. Much more fun like that.
    Welcome to tonight. My guess is finale three to be Justin, Angie and Shane. Hopefully Justin (although he did make one funny joke about the dirt scales saying he hadn’t lost weight – small laugh).
    Interestingly, Julia and the Doctor think the King will be either Shane or Richard.
    There go all my thoughts in one posting. It looks like my subconscious is saying that I am going to switch to MKR and I probably won’t be coming back.
    Maybe, maybe not.

  2. I came back to see the elimination, and I am never watching this show again.
    What s wrong with the Australian public.
    It’s just wrong.

  3. I want to congratulate Julia on going to the kaftan, but somehow I can’t. Has she lost her **** mind? And why does every kaftan have foliage on the foliage?

  4. I had a hunch that a lot of Justin’s talk was tongue in cheek and I think he showed again tonight that he might not have been taking himself seriously. He’s quick witted and the ground scales joke came out of nowhere. It was clever.
    I know he gets on a lot of people’s nerves but not mine. I hope he wins. He has entertained us, whether that be annoying people or making us laugh and he has been really good at trials. He has stayed pretty upbeat given he has been the camp underdog.

    Failing that, anyone but Angie. I was less impressed with Yvie tonight. Don’t crucify me, but it was a bit like she had reverse judgement. “It’s okay to me coz I have had it tough but it’s not okay to be you, Justin”, but in the end she accepted what he was saying.

    • Not crucifying, just interesting how I heard a different conversation. Or maybe I heard a difference in intent.
      I heard Yvie tell her story with a whole lot of feelings attached. It should have been enough.
      But then I heard Justin try to turn the whole situation into something about himself. I heard Justin saying he was offended because he was more discriminated against because he was too beautiful.
      I thought Yvie was incredibly restrained. She’d put up with his condescension for weeks and she’d finally had enough. Many women spend their lives pandering to some men’s egos, trying not to make them feel uncomfortable (read that as me). And she was incredibly polite in staying stop, no, no, you really don’t understand. And he didn’t stop but he may have backed away because he can’t cope with logical opposition. It’s not the first time he’s run away from a discussion that hasn’t gone the way he would like.
      Justin is incapable of just listening to someone tell their story and letting it sit – especially when he feels so inspirational. You would think that last sentence was sarcasm if it wasn’t a direct quote.
      I am seriously over Justin and his constant, unrelenting “Look at me” and it has probably has coloured my views on anything he has to say.

      • Yeah, I can see your side, Bobi. Completely. I didn’t mind Yvie saying what she did at the weigh in. But bullying isn’t only directed at one tyoe of body shape. I am surprised how often you see very pretty girls who are cyberbullied.

  5. I join JB in mourning my favourite. I have had to pick a new favourite every day though as I really enjoyed Justine. I guess I am team Luke now. Yvie is still an interesting one and I really like her. The speech (as a perenially overweight woman of a Certain Age) certainly struck a chord. But it is difficult to me to not think ‘well, I would myself be happier if I was thinner, so I can’t blame others for thinking I look fat’.
    I feel i disagree with you Daisy about her exchange with Justin – to me it was classic Justin making it about himself after she had just put herself out there with a deeply felt comment, he swans in and goes “yes as a model I get judged”. I am not saying he hasn’t felt those things, but it seemed to me completely selfish to have those comments at that exact point. I think anyone would find it hard to react differently to what looked like a blatant attention-grabbing conversation. And I say this as someone who enjoys the Justin show!
    And the caftans are pretty weird – none of them seem exactly right, even though we have been rooting for her to go less bright/shiny these seem Not Quite Right as well. Are we never happy, lol?

    • I don’t like to complain about the caftans because they are so, so, so much better than the tight dresses … but that last one was fairly ordinary. Hopefully it’s all up from here.

      • Agree! The strategically placed palm tree caftan was, frankly, odd. And I am in sync Bobi with your comments about attention-grabbing Justin – although I am still enjoying the show, his endless narcissism has definitely lost a lot of its charm.

    • I presumed the kaftans were to showcase locally-made fabric designs? Like wearing bright sarong-type clothes in Fiji etc.

    • I like that you girls disagree. As it should be. We’ve all lived different lives which gives us different reactions, and hell yeah, Justin probably did make it all about him. See. I can see that.
      I’m just glad that this is a blog where we can all think differently without conflict. It doesn’t seem to be the norm for social media. I think it’s pretty cool.

      • I know Daisy! I feel so grateful for Juz for creating such a great space (whenever I think this I go off and click ads, lol). In some places on the internet I just would not DREAM of disagreeing as a great heap of dung would descend. We can have conversations here and listen to another perspective. . . it’s practically like we are reviving the lost art of conversation, lol!

        • By by being able to disagree, agree and say what we think, each of can expand our perspective. When people just “dung throw”, everyne stays closed and narrow minded. We might only be chatting about ppl in the jungle but it’s more than that. There’s a whole lot of layered sociology and psychology.

  6. Have they done that weigh in every other season? I really don’t remember it. I really felt for Yvie & was glad they respected her wishes. Other shows would have still made her do it. As for Justin, he’s lucky he didn’t get a punch in the face.
    That challenge was much funnier with them all doing it, especially with Justin blindfolded. But what is the obsession with electric shocks this year? I think it’s a bit much.
    That fake blindfold challenge was hilarious. Lucky he didn’t have an accident. Think they should have been given a prize for initiative. I want that chocolate raspberry tim tam.

    • They have done it before. Casey Donovan hopped on and was delighted. Most people go wow, or yay! I think everyone was too scared to be happy after what Yvie said.
      Didn’t Richard look great.

      • I was a bit disappointed that they couldn’t get to enjoy their weight loss after all the deprivations. But I saw that they were being very respectful to Yvie’s point, which was very supportive.

        We wondered just how long they had to quickly write a script for the south African “doctor” to download the message of “it’s about the effect of the harsh experience – that’s why we weigh you. Not for something as facile as Losing Weight oh no sirree it’s way more uplifting than just mere weight loss”. Probably the celebs were out in the sun for a quite a while why they whipped up some words and got the “dr” pointed to camera and ready to speak. . .

        • I think I would still have to do a secret happy dance. Richard walked off with his head down, doing a secret, “Woohoo. What I am going to do with my new hot bod”.
          In fact every IAC season, I tell myself to just eat beans and rice. I never do. 😊

  7. Okay who is voting for Angie? Whoever it is, stop it?

    I’m a little confused by Yvie’s point – didn’t she undergo a lapband/stomach surgery to lose weight? Isn’t that giving in to the pressures to be thin? Even if it is a health issue, that would only reinforce why obese physiques are not ‘celebrated’. But her being bullied for her weight s atrocious and unfair.

    My take on Justin’s response to Yvie is that it is an example of how he gets things wrong because he doesn’t examine his position before speaking, so he goes with his first reaction. So I think what he heard was Yvie accusing people of not understanding her experience, which grated on him because he has experienced criticism for his looks. So that’s what he went with. If he had some maturity he would have known that the statement around other people was the lease important thing she said and he could have to himself said “while I dont agree with it, it is her feelings and not personal attack on me – I can disagree and focus on the other things she was saying.”

    I am disappointed that Natasha has gone – she was very kind with Shane when he was discussing his dad. I’m not hugger, let alone placing someone’s hand to my face, so if it was me, I would have probably just tapped his elbow in support.
    Natasha’s interview that there was a time when she couldn’t leave her front door was awful – for the first time I could see how this show can help people in the public eye revitalise their careers – except Jobeth, Remember her?

    • Boulders, I wish I could give you 4 likes and two hearts for that comment.
      I didn’t see Natasha do that face touch, (I didn’t watch that scene). But 😨 That’s for mothers and lovers, but if that did the trick for them, oh well. Maybe her time in war zones has made Natasha drop physical walls that I would have.
      Please go next Angie. I think she has inner mean girl and has been the bossy, snarky girl in school. Too pretty and strong to not rule the playground.

  8. On the kaftans; Fijane…more likely representing the local flora. I have notived that every kaftan has been like a loud circus tent and that at least one previously had the crotch dazzler. Why would you ever wear an outfir where you had ornaments on your crotch or boobs? She’s like a clothed skimpy. And the dreadful colours and designs. Julia, less is more, and more is too much.
    This must be a deliberate attempt at fashion comedy.

  9. BTW, I have mostly been naturally skinny (boobs on a stick), and watch my weight post middle age, but I have never forgotten crossing a road in Margaret River and hearing a girl I didn’t know call out, “Eeer, there goes, Sabrina”, as if I might be a horrible person. All I could think was, “You don’t even know me. Having boobs doesn’t make me horrible”. But I acknowledge, “Porker, is probably a worse insult than Sabrina (even though the intent was just as malicious). And I didn’t get looks (well a few from the boys) for being fat. So yeah, life is much more cruel to the obese. But then again, rich/poor, beautiful/ugly, fat/skinny, no one is immune from tragedy.
    Sometimes it’s good to remember that that supermodel who seems to have all might have been sexually abused all her life and hate herself, whereas Dawn French has had a father who instilled great self-esteem into her. Life is full of if, buts and maybes.
    Gee, why am I so deep today?

    • I was a skinny child too & used to get teased at school. Called stick & things like that. But was always thankful not to be fat.

      • I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain….

        Skinny child teased by children and highlighted by teacher

        Later I got a big gut from beer, junk food and liver disease. Yea, verily people called me “fat”. I’ve been cured of all of these things. Doctor said I was poster boy of their clinic…

        I had real long hair and must have had a good arse because drunk gice would yell at me from behind “Show me your tits!” , or try to hit on me, mistaking me for a woman. Still have full head of hair , not so brains…

        This is an utterly fucked country.

      • I’m over 60 so there were zero overweight kids at school. None. Not even slightly overweight. But in my late teens my friends were minding what they ate. They would say, “We hate you”, when I ate everything in sight, but that was a compliment. I think.

        • It means someone with big boobs and it was the sneer. When someone you don’t know calls out, “Errr, there goes Norgs” in a mocking voice, it’s not a compliment. It was like I was deliberately having breasts. 😂😂😂😂😂

  10. BTW; at home mocked and abused sexually and verbally. At school, invisible kid until rebellion. But hey, I wasn’t fat. (Sarcasm). Trials come in all shapes and sizes. But it was good that Yvie had her say, and that she made her own choice regarding the weigh in.

    Just maybe Justin was actually trying to console her by telling her that the grass on the other side can also have dung beetles.

      • That’s something I never knew. Very interesting.

        One of my grandfathers wrote a play. It was called Red Eye The Witch. It never made it to the big stage, rather it was made for the grandchildren. He made costumes for the grandchildren and made a silent coloured film. Cool, eh?

    • I used to have a flatmate that felt hard done by because her family was (in her words) “too normal”.
      Some people can find hardship in the best of times and situations and others of us are made of sterner stuff and cope with whatever is thrown our way.

    • Now I am going to correct myself because I remember Justin saying that he was offended. But correct me if I am wrong here as I don’t watch Gogglebox. Isn’t it Yvie’s job on that to mock and judge?

  11. I saw the end when Natasha was ousted and was too cranky to watch the rest of it but your comments have done me the world of good (what would I do without ttv -thanks Juz) and I might watch it now.

  12. I’m channel flipping tonight, of course. I just left MKR to check in on this. Seeing Justin clipping his toenails I could have easily done without now and for my whole life. Then there’s Julia in a shiny tight dress. Sorry, Julia, wear what you like, but… And Chris, be a vet again. I’m embarrassed for both of them.

  13. Nooooooooo. But might I echo Bolders. Who is voting for Angie????
    Everyone else I can say, “Yeah, ok”, but I don’t get her beating people like Justine and Natasha.
    Yvie was lovely tonight. Richard was great and funny. I probably would vote Richard now. But Angie??? Not if there’s a tv God.
    Julia finally got a tick of approval from me for wearing something that suited her body (the leopard spot shift), but then they panned down to the dark hot pink shoes. Oh well, close.

  14. I kneeeew Justine was joking with his Zoolander act. You could tell he was actually witty in lots of surprising ways. I think he’s great and I would watch him if he jags a role on Bold and the Beautiful. Well, yeah. I would, wouldn’t I.

  15. The jury’s still out here on whether Justin was playing a part or making excuses for never having read a book after he finished “See Spot Run”. Don’t forget he also uses age as an excuse for his behaviour.
    ffs, he’s 28. At 28 I was married, divorced, had 2 kids, finished a degree whilst working full time, moved into my second house, and had my own vegetable garden patch. In other words, I adulted.
    I’ve mentioned before that I don’t think he’s unintelligent but I do think he’s someone whose skating through life on looks alone. And good on him for taking the opportunity and running with it. But it’s not an excuse for being patronising, condescending, insensitive and rude. I can see that he trying very hard to be an “inspirational” role model but it takes more than just saying so in his own mind to make it happen.

    • When he started his exit interview, I thought “oh, maybe I did misjudge him – he says it was all an act, and he seems convincing”, But then he gradually descended back into the same old, same old, in his four-hour monologue that Chris tried desperately to interrupt. By the time he walked the bridge, I had reverted back to “yep, what we saw is what he is.”

      Maybe he will grow up one day. People just don’t realise how juvenile life remains when you don’t take on the adult responsibilities that you mention. In particular, having a child forces you to mature, while maturing without having them takes real effort.

    • Ah, I said witty, maybe funny would have been a better word. He’s definitely not mature or well read. And he was terribly tongue twisted when Julia asked him to explain his conversation with Yvie.
      I have long ago given up expecting anyone under 40 to think they are grown ups. No offense to young, or youngish people, but that’s the times and culture in which we live. I was the same; married and three kids by 28 and too busy to be overweight or philosophising about weight. My friends and I weren’t talking about hooking up or what was our type of guy. We were lucky to finish a conversation over a cuppa with Sesame St in the background.

      As for skating on looks; I am a great believer (no really, I am) in using what you have, and since I don’t think his brains will take him far, Justin’s best chance is his looks. If you aren’t smart but your gourgeous, and tall, be a model. Not that I ever thought Justin was handsome. I grew to like his big smile.

  16. And was it my imagination, or did Ken-doll and Julia give Justin and extraordinarily long exit interview? They may have found it intensely interesting but I had to change the station. Every time, I came back he was still pontificating on something. Someone else will have to tell me if I missed anything worth talking about. And whether the camp missed him.
    Shout out here to Richard for spending time with Justin trying to tell him that life can get much more difficult as you get older. I’m going to spilt my votes between Yvie and Richard.

    • Nope, it was actually four hours (well, not actually, but it sure felt like it). Problem was, Julia kept baiting him on by trying to make political points. It was a little funny seeing Chris, trying to insert his autocue script, and having Justin turn it back to his monologue.

      • Fijane, I thought it was Julia and Chris realizing his was talking in circles without saying anything, and they trying to rearticulate for him.
        He wasn’t the sharpest hammer in the shed.

    • I think he pontificates because he doesn’t know how to find the right vocabulary to explain himself. But yes, he does seem to think he has gems of information; talks that are a winding road to nowhere. But I don’t dislike people for being dumb. Just mean.

      • Particularly yes to this. He definitely wasn’t mean which is why it took so long before we were over him. When his modelling career is over, there is hope for him.

      • And can be mean for a moment, please? I still think he is a little bit gay. Here is a definite gay vibe. Maybe it’s the industry he’s in.

        • I don’t think your allowed to say calling someone gay, fat or black is mean. It implies there is something wrong with those things. Don’t mind me. I’m like Ricky Gervais and Nathan for You. No political correctness. 😂😂😂😂 Kindness and political correctness to me aren’t the same thing.

          • Now I am meandering like Justin and you have no idea what I am saying.
            Discussion of rtvers doesn’t apply.

          • I think I was mean because he got so upset when his Grandmother implied he was gay, so I am agreeing with his Grandmother.
            And she was cut off.
            And that was a bit mean of him – playing no-speakie. Why didn’t he just talk to her about it?
            I am not sure where I have wandered with this point but I’m sure it’s somewhere.

  17. And just out of curiousity, what is Justin inspiring us all to become? Now there’s an interesting thought. OMG, this ego trip is catching. It works!

  18. It is hard to find anyone to barrack for now (come back, Natasha!). I am left with Luke, and I would like him to win because the nice guys are traditionally booted early, so it would be a nice change. The only other one I might like would be the older gogglebox woman (is that Yvie?).

    Least favourites of those left, in descending order: Angie, Richard, Shane, then daylight, Yvie, and Luke. The ones who should have won have gone.

  19. Anyone but Angie. Even if I didn’t feel there was a mean girl there (“she. Felisha”), what does she even do? Anyone but Angie for me. Probably preferably Richard or Luke.
    Overall, it’s been a great season.

  20. I was so worried there for a minute that Richard was going. Thank God it was Justin. i read somewhere that 2 people go tonight.
    That was hilarious when they all wore those masks around Justin & he didn’t even notice.

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