1. There were more MAFS stories in the paper today, about how Sam was stalked and assaulted by his ex (and he needed an AVO out *against* her), oh, and how Ines is a barely a shell of a person thanks to the backlash (the photos show her frighteningly gaunt).

    Channel 9, though … they’re heavily editing the comments on their pages about Ines, and I’m sorry, but what? They specifically chose these obnoxious and awful contestants to get a reaction from the audience. They wanted the cast to be hated and controversial, that’s the reason why the producers chose the cast … but now, the audience isn’t allowed to react the way that 9 *wanted* them to react? I’d love someone to explain that to me.

    It’s like I was wondering the other day. If something awful does happen to one of these people, who’s legally liable? Because I’d love to see somebody sue channel 9 into chapter 9.

  2. Listening to John condescendingly lecture Heidi on how to be a doormat in her crappy relationship with her crappy husband Mike? I’ve never wanted to put someone’s head through a window more than right then.

  3. No but for reals, listening to Cyrell verbally eviscerating both Sam and Ines from across the room was the highlight of the show, so far. You go, girlfriend.

  4. Tragically, I missed it tonight. Thanks for the comments.

    I’m “committed ” to watching the encore tomorrow now.

  5. What I gleaned from last night was how irresponsible the psych’s, experts and producers were in allowing Ines to be part of that show.

    You have a 26 year old, who is reasonably physically attractive, has a job, some intelligence and you don’t question why she needs a husband??? Psych testing would reveal the woman is mentally unstable, sociopathic, and has some deep rooted psychological issues. After her comments towards Sam after only a date or two, I’m not surprised he ran for the hills. Either Ines smiling and saying she doesn’t care is a complete cover, or she’s just twisted and really suffering.

    I also suspect Bronson’s “leave” was edited post revelation… because I really thought he’d be staying because he thought things were getting better…

    • I was wondering that too, actually. Surely, you’d have the option of changing your mind about leaving or staying *during* the commitment ceremony. As opposed to making your decision beforehand.

      I imagine Bronson got a restraining order against Ines and has hired a team of armed security guards.

  6. I have never cheated on a partner before…interesting comment from Tamara.

    Let’s match the party girl with the whinny single Dad. That is so not going to work.

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