1. MAFS: High School.

    Nic told Cyrell that Martha said that Jess said that Nic rubbed Jess up at the dinner party. Got that????

    Cyrell drags Nic to Jessika & Mick’s apartment to confront Jessika about the veracity of the rumour. Unsatisfied she corrals the troops to confront the masked Martha and it is game on like Donkey Kong.

  2. Nic the electrician can’t cope with Cyrell’s spark.

    John’s advice won’t be worth a pie. Rocket scientist of love.

    • John wants Cyrell to apologise to Martha. Spectacularly poor advice.

      Martha opines to the camera that Cyrell could become a model for Pedigree Pal. Meow.

      • John forgot the bit where psychotic Cyrell has to be put in a Hannibal Lecter style restraining device before making the “apology” through gritted teeth.

        • I think Cyrell genuinely has some kind of issues that require some kind of therapy. She goes from zero to 100 with, like, zero provocation. Why wouldn’t she realise this, though? Someone who’s that explosive would be impossible to have any kind of relationship with. You’d forget to unpack the dishwasher and she’d stab you.

  3. “Just be yourself, Billy”, says the girl with fake eyelashes, fake lips and probably fake everything else.

    If Cyrell was a guy the producers would have to caution her about her aggression. What’s with this constant shouting and chin out with her? Woh. Cyrell needs to be removed from the show IMMEDIATELY. That is not on.

  4. Cyrell needs hospitalizing. Mick shouldn’t have gone after her. An ambulance team ought to have gone after her with a syringe and a straight jacket. She’s needs help. I would say, “She’s a lunatic”, but in her case it would be inappropriate because she actually must have mental problems. She doesn’t just have a temper. She’s irrational.

    • “She can’t change what she doesn’t acknowledge”

      I wonder how many resources Dr. Phil would squander on Cyrell?

        • She’d have Dr. Phil in a headlock by the end of the first ad break.

          Cyrell’s another one who clearly needs a doctor’s appointment and not a reality TV show camera crew following her around. I’d be frightened of her, if I was dating her or even just friends. I just 9 would stop turning these obviously-distressed people into sideshow attractions.

    • And she’s a plastic-faced moron who called her child “Baby”.

      I really don’t think she has any talking room re: personal flaws.

  5. Ha ha. Mick didn’t want to be around Cyrell after the fight. Wise.

    If Cyrell knows that she can’t control her temper, she shouldn’t have charged downstairs. Dr Phil would say that she’s addicted to the rush. And now she’s making excuses. Nothing to do with being viscous.

    No one will dare write things about her on sm because she will come around to your house.

    • I think keeping Mick away from Cyrell was more the producers giving them space… he might not have woken up alive.

  6. Billy just lose her number…….

    Here is a normal looking guy, matched with blond Elvira with lips that I could throw in my pool for a floating ring, and eyelashes I might hit with a broom if I found them under my bed, and she’s whinging that he is punching above his weight.

  7. Not surprised two face alluded to Cyrell being a dog… my goodness she’s a viscious one in need of some major training. One day someone will get really physically hurt or killed on one of these crazy reality shows.. when will these networks actually show some social responsibility?

    At least Baby Mum’s groom will get on well with Baby…. he’s already got the dad jokes down-pat.

  8. As you can see the “reality” when you had a producer step in to stop Cyrell from mauling Two-face…. then a conversation that we thought was only between the two girls.. we see their husbands also in the room away from the camera view. Swear I saw some script notes in the husbands hands.

    • Good Lawd! On the official fb site, they are all defending Cyrell (for being real) and attacking Martha and Jess. Holy moley!

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