1. Meanwhile, over on this horrible show, they can’t even give us a real-adultery storyline, since nobody’s even real-married.

    Basically, this is just Hardcore Dating For Horrid People.

  2. Fight, fight, fight, fight…the producers continue to humiliate Lizzy.

    Lizzy conveniently arrives at the el-cheapo Vibe Gold Coast just as Ines leaves behind her pink toothbrush and black undies. Of course, Sam I Am is the aggrieved party and accuses Lizzy of being a hypocrite and disrespectful. (As nothing is more respectful than kicking your mistress out of the marital bed moments before the wife comes home).

    Bronson knows that playing the cuckold is a PR winning strategy so ever so cloyingly compliments Ines on her glow.

    The producers know that most of the men in this experiment embody toxic masculinity so mix in alcohol and you are guaranteed at least five Daily Mail articles, an opinion piece in the Fairfax press and a Clem Ford lecture. And what eclat of wisdom is imparted? Slam her, Slam her, slam her. As the s-experts keep reminding us it is all about the *cough* “connection.”

    Sam I Am, wants everyone to know how wronged he as been by the s-experts. She kisses like a piranha and insisted in shoving her fingers in his mouth.

    Meanwhile back at the Girls Night, Jessika confesses she only slept with Mick because Mike told her to. If only Mike knew it was that easy to get Jessika in bed. Cyrell decides it is time to tell Lizzy the rumour that Sam & Ines have done the deed with the candlestick in the library (sauna). This riles Lizzy up and she confronts Ines. Ines has a great career as a criminal defence barrister ahead of her. (The question was too specific Lizzy.). Ines who once again throws her refugee status around, twists the situation so much so that Lizzy apologies to her. Please, a law firm needs to hire Ines.

    • Ines is a law firm legal secretary, isn’t she? I don’t know if that says good or bad things about the law firm in question.

      As for Elizabeth’s fingers down Sam’s throat, she was clearly reaching for his spleen to forcefully remove it from him via his esophagus. Go for it Lizzie. No judge would convict.

      • Ines would thrive in one of the top law firms. The ones where junior associates work 20hrs a day, 7 days a week for months on end with no sun and their skin turns grey.

  3. Interesting quote: Huntriss also questioned why the production recruited participants with pre-existing mental health conditions, revealing that partner Matt was “so crippled with anxiety that 80 per cent of the time we were filming, he would just shut down when things were overwhelming”.

    “I’m very sympathetic to the fact that Matt does suffer mental health issues. But there were a lot of things he said off camera that did concern me, and one of those that really stuck in my mind, on more than one occasion he actually said, ‘Loz, I don’t think I fit in on this earth. I believe I was abducted by aliens, and they’ve done something to my brain. Because my brain’s been rewired differently; my brain hasn’t been the same since I was 15.’ And it really concerned me … Like, I didn’t know what to do.


    • All jokes aside, that is concerning on a whole bunch of levels. The kid admitting that he “doesn’t fit” on this Earth? That’s a big red flag, right there.

      • It is a big one and needs immediate attention.

        There are a number of contestants this year that have deep seated issues and will struggle to have a meaningful relationship until they are resolved and there will be others who come out of this experiment with severe trust issues.

      • They don’t care as long as they get their pound of flesh.
        Some of them are fame whores and some are genuine, and they are vulnerable.

      • I mean if Matthew’s been abducted by aliens and had the obligatory anal probe, he’s not strictly a virgin , is he? This ground breaking show raises so many controversial issues.

  4. FYI a couple of years ago, I was contacted by a particpant on one of the rtv shows. In one chat, he had just arrived home at the end of production. He was pretty shaken at how the girl had only been faking it. He seemed like a nice, decent young man who was just naive to the dark side of rtv. So there are some normal people who go on these shows.

  5. I’m only half watching. Did Ines really have sex with Sam? Is this what 2019 is like?

    “Grandma, Grandad. Did you see me on tv?”

      • I’m thinking BS. I thinking the whole Bronson/Ines, Elizabeth/Sam square dance is all staged. But bottom feeders never the less.

    • I was bouncing between this, MKR (which I can barely remember watching, so it didn’t leave much of an impression), and putting a Star Wars Lego set together on the kitchen bench. So I had a productive evening, at least.

  6. Thanks, Dave. I had a lovely walk in the moonlight. I even lay on the warm road and looked at the moon and stars. The face in the moon was so clear and it was amazing that it hadn’t changed one bit from the time my cousins, brother, sister and I were looking at the man in the moon when we were still innocent young children, ignorant of the harsh realities of life. It made me sad. But it was lovely.

    Oh and we saw a possum, which Harry and Maggie liked.

    • We can both thank the person who txted me from the dog park saying the moon was just rising over the rooftops and looking good. So once it got over the mansion , spectacular, just put the rubbish out , big glow.

  7. This must be the worst, most crass mob of any season. Where did they find these girls? In a brothel? Same with the guys. They are pigs. And they seem to think sex requires a prior booze-up.
    I don’t recall previous seasons being this stinky.

  8. Did they change the time of the episode… switched on at 7:30 and ended up watching an episode of Love Island and Dating naked?????

    I remember the original version of this show (UK?) and how after the marriage they went back to live in one of their homes and didn’t get shacked up with all other couples and have boys and girls nights… it was actually realistic in that the couples actually had to work to make it work.. it was the core of the concept.. now it’s about everyone eyeing off everyone elses match seeing if they can get better… free grog and 5 seconds of fame.

    • Same here Hewhohasno, it wasn’t these orgies and catfights but about relationships. It has degenerated badly. Now it’s just sex, shame and scandal.

  9. What a disgusting bunch they are. That slam her nonsense, in a crowde pub, was awful. If it’s fame they want they are getting it, but for all the wrong reasons.

  10. The pub the lads were drinking at was called ‘The loose Moose’.
    They are all such a horrible mob of narcissists, excluding Cameron and Julie.

  11. It’s just been confirmed. Sam I Am was a river boy on Home and Away.
    Let’s see them talk their way out of that one.
    The good news is that he will never get another acting job after his abismal performance on MAFS.

    • All the worms come out of the can now. This year’s mafs has been a mockery to our refined tasted in quality reality tv. 😛

    • Hell, apparently Josh (from MKR) was in a Mel Gibson movie at some point.

      Australia’s pool of talent is obviously shrinking.

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