1. The Peruvian’s grandma seem to cook everything! I wonder if Andy will have anything to say about her Grandma cooking Indian or Chinese food

  2. I feel like Mr and Mrs Pink are this year’s couple who are sweet as buttons, and for whom, “food is everything to us!” but just can’t cook. I feel like that’s where the edit has gone.

  3. Just started and I’m already furious. They’re from the country, that doesn’t mean they’re intellectually impaired. The born agains and their nemeses (Romel and Ibby) seem to think the two things are synonymous.

  4. So, during the “who’s dating here?” conversation, it turns out Ibby is apparently straight.

    No, really. Seriously.

    When he revealed that he’d just recently broken up with a long-term girlfriend, I thought for sure he was going to say that her name was “Bob”.

      • I thought that too, I thought that was their thing. I’d be interested to know which way Romel swings. I mean, out of sheer curiosity, because I’m assuming, but that was the same assumption I had for Ibby, and here we are.

        • I also assumed Ibby and Romel were a couple but now I think Josh and Romel should end up as a couple. Two such total assholes would be perfect together – it’s hard to pick which one is more abhorrent.

          • Josh is smug and self-obsessed, but with the serial-killer-brother? He’s so sullen and quiet that I wonder whether he actually is somewhere on the autism spectrum, but his fundamentalist Born Again parents would never have bothered testing him for it.

          • Yes Windsong – I’ve noticed that the younger brother just follows Josh’s lead and his reactions to many things are socially atypical.

    • Maybe he is bi. Not everyone identifies as either straight or gay. Or maybe he hasn’t decided yet. I wouldn’t be forthcoming about my sexual identity at that table, either.

      Perhaps he’s just stirring.

  5. I swore I wasn’t going to watch this shite this year, yet here I am… I know that we long passed any pretense that this was a cooking show rather than a race to the bottom of the personality barrel, but seriously, could they at least try to find a nice couple that could cook instead of making a joke of Mr and Mrs Pink? I haven’t seen dessert yet as I’m in SA, but this has been abysmal so far!

  6. The add showed one of the born agains saying (referring to Romel and Ibby) “Their failure smells like roses.” Just the sort of christian behaviour that must make their missionary parents so very proud.

  7. Not sure what rock I’ve been living under but I only just realised today that MKR had started. I probably should had stayed under said rock but instead I caught up on all the episodes in one hit. It all feels a little deja vu.

    We have the ethinc-know-it-all-harsh-critic-couple-that-prove-they-can-cook. I nearly died when Andy said “I’m half Italian so I know pasta”. God help us if she takes an Ancestry DNA test. Who knows what other cuisines she will instantly be an expert in.

    We have the nice-people-but-hopeless-in-the kitchen couple. Tonight’s episode is just painful to watch.

    We have the-most-controversial-team-ever couple. What’s the big deal about Ibby managing a restaurant? I’m sure there’s been past contestants who have also had experience in working either front of house or in the management side of restaurants. Granted he made it more of an issue by the silly nurse subterfuge, but I don’t think he has that much of an advantage.

    We have the woman-who-emasculates-her-husband-in-front-of-the-nation. For goodness sakes Ian grow a set , you don’t have to take it.

    We have the trout-lipped contestant. Honestly the walls of plastic surgeons waiting rooms should be covered with the pictures of MKR contestants. Stop!! Don’t do it – just don’t!!

    We have the usual fingers-being-licked-while-handling-food-and-double-dipped-spoons. A course in basic food hygiene wouldn’t go astray.

    And of course we have The-Villain. This years is not only named Josh he even looks like seafood king Josh from a couple of seasons ago. There is so much you could say about those boys, but at the end of the day they are still just boys. They have no real life experience and haven’t developed any social skills. Perhaps they may learn something from watching themselves.

    What I do find more than a little suspicious is that the boys are the last team to cook. Every year the villain team is the last team to cook. Is this an accident? DOr do the producers decide ahead of time which team will be cast in the role of “The Villain”.

    • Totally agree with most of your comment and you summed up the season so far really well.
      My only point of difference is that at 25 Josh cannot use “I’m just young” as an excuse. In fact, I don’t think youth is ever an excuse for out and out rudeness and disrespect of others. To me the only thing that youth excuses is that they were silly enough to behave badly on TV. For goodness sake, where does ch 7 find these people? Romel is just as bad only not as overt about is.

    • This is the ten year anniversary of the most hated teams cooking last. The producers decide which team is the Collingwood of cooking and duly threaten them with “going home” unless they arc up for ratings.

      See Jayblossom , Dr .Phil would still say that at 25 Josh’s brain hasn’t quite finished growing and that maybe doesn’t realise the consequences of his his behaviour. Me, I think he’s just a garden variety dickhead w/underling dickhead. Are two dickheads better than one? CH 7 think so. Ten years of dickheads.

  8. When he was critiquing the dessert, was it me or did Pete have the expression on his face of someone who’s been eating crappy food for 10 years and has almost just had enough of it?

  9. It has just started here. I like this couple, but, as soon as they said 16 individual Beef Wellingtons, my first thought was they’re fucked. I hope I’m wrong.

  10. Seriously mail order husband is not gay??? Surely he must be… because if you weren’t after the first instant restaurant when Born Agains alluded to them basically being homosexual you think they would of set the record straight at that point (editing?).

    I don’t know what clauses these folks have on their contracts but if it’s like some contracts for these shows I’ve seen in the past there are clauses about being considerate to your other contestants. With Born Agains fishing for drama, “who has been surgically modified?”, can’t tell me he was targeting Shape Of Water and Model Agency.

    Now that’s out.. onto the cooking (you’d think that’s what we should be talking about)…. well obviously the local watering hole or restaurant in their town of 200 doesn’t really serve great food if they think dishing up what they did is going to win them the two-fiddy!

    I can kinda see where they were going with the liver… after all Heston’s meat fruit is chicken liver pate (with masala, onions etc) covered in a mandarine gel.

    Pastry king – my ar$e! That was the sorriest looking attempt at making puff, rough puff or whatever he was trying to do! And the mushroom mud/rhino-poo whatever it was.. no comment!

    They won’t make it… husband really has no clue and neither does she really…. in the end it’s a cooking comp and this team and brazillian boob with husband boob are surely going for early elimination.

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