1. Dan the Man feels like he is at school, “playing two girls at once.” Charming.

    LOL, he worrying about his ethics.

    • He needs to walk. Just pack his bag and go. There has to be something criminal about trapping this guy with such an awful, abusive partner.

  2. Is Heidi crazy? Or is it that she has starting picking up on the little signs that her bald guy is faking it for the chance to be on tv? He’s done this before, with lots of women. He’s a very confident player and now he’s making out she’s the problem. Moody. Insecure. She should have walked away last night because she smelled a rat. The trouble is, I think, she likes him.
    She has a “Smooth operator”. Which is a sign that they have played many women.

    • This season a number of participants have been selected that have deep seated issues and (media aspirations aside) are realistically not in the head-space for a long term relationship (regardless of producer shenanigans). Heidi is one of those people. (She is damaged and the judges are not helping). Half the cast are solo occupancy lifers (i.e. Mike/Mark) and the rest are sociopaths. Free feel to Venn diagram….

      What is problematic is the ‘s-experts’ are privy to certain information and are failing to act on it. Shockingly, is the failure to realise that men can be victims of domestic abuse (ironic that a couple hours later last night Ch 9 screen a documentary on a male domestic abuse victim https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/doco-reveals-the-horrific-abuse-man-suffered-at-the-hands-of-his-controlling-girlfriend/news-story/c5c35c81db8cb48d9e610178fb4485bb)

      We hate the leave/stay rule as last night Billy and Mick (and Nic the week prior) should have been allowed to leave. They are now going to be placed in a volatile situation. But if it rates, who cares, right???

  3. I really hate how the judges… I mean, the experts, especially John (who has no shame!) gaslights the victims. Telling Heidi she has to work on her trust issues or whatever, make a decision to bring her walls down, or whatever bollocks he span last night. Mike is a smarmy, narcissistic player. Even his Dad has more or less confirmed that he’s never shown any sign of wanting to settle down, prior to the telly show. She’d be mad to trust him! But John keeps making out it’s all her ‘issues’, and egging her on to ignore her instincts and own ears. Horrible stuff.

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