MKR Mon – brunch at Bondi

It’s a brunch service challenge at Bondi. Brunch is my favourite meal, so perhaps I will tune in for this one but I can already tell at least one team will do pancakes with berries, because someone always does pancakes with berries. But I’m not a sweets for brekkie person – bacon has to be involved.



  1. The Christian boys eventually figured out that if they turned down the temp on the waffle iron, the waffles wouldn’t burn. Hahahaha, smartasses, that is a basic principle of cooking. Their arrogance in the kitchen is seriously misplaced.

  2. I missed the ending, I was channel surfing. Who was the weakest team (who’s going up against the psychics tomorrow night)?

  3. Mr and Mrs Pink Windsong. For some insane reason they thought using raisin bread for their savoury toast, with bacon mushroom etc would be a fabulous idea.
    The silly psychic was bummed it wasn’t hat and sis!

    • So Mr and Mrs Pink have no idea what they’re doing in the kitchen, and the psychic was proven to be completely wrong?

      Wow. The surprises just keep on coming, this year, eh?

  4. Pink and Yes man have once again proven they can’t cook… it seems you can now get a gig on MKR with just a fancy hairdo. Wonder what Susie from MAFS would say about Pink’s man…

    Seemed to me that Group 2’s retaliation against the Born Agains was a bit of a fizzer… no clean take downs of them at all.

    Winning people’s choice is going to cause more suspicion over cafe owner and his play pet.

    Another meh episode… but at least some recipes might be worth a go (Smoothie bowl and the pancakes)

    • “…cafe owner and his play pet.”

      Heh. I actually giggled out loud at that.

      No, apparently, they’re just friends or something.

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