• After Paleo Pete’s lunacy last week, I’m tempted to not even watch tonight. I feel awful even supporting this maniac.

  1. B And The Three? Nah. Three Men And A Baby.

    I didn’t see much of the kitchen, but there are about 15 roasting pans with pork ribs in them. How many ovens are there?

    Their menu is blah.

  2. Dessert should have been called Not a Berry Cheesecake.
    If I ordered that in a restaurant and was served that I would send it back to the kitchen immediately.
    Why did Pat put more sauce on the ribs after they were in the oven and seemed to be caramelized?
    Didn’t see how the presentation of the zucchini flowers was so beautiful. Have to agree with Austin. Looked like eggs from the “Alien” movies.

  3. Surprised the restaurant wasn’t called Meh!

    I can understand people complaining about Bianca not liking this and having an opinion on the food.. but at least she’s open about it… the Peruvians pretend like the dish has merit but when they eat it not once is it to their liking or palette.

    Decided after 10 years to finally cook an MKR dish last night… had some eggplants.. so tried Sal’s nonna’s Eggplant Parmigiana… it was alright but not as wonderous as what it was described as. The only modification I did was add a bit more mozerella and throw a diced chilli in with the sauce.

  4. Was away for work so only watched today.

    Wow – That shot of the judges walking up to ring the door bell from a below hip angle was incredibly unflattering to Manu’s rear end.
    (Unrelated Random thought: How is Manu pronounced? Pete pronounces it differently to the contestants. He places the stress on the 1st syllable – they place stress on the 2nd.)

    So hard to pick the least likeable contestant this year.
    Ibby and Rommel? Both a bit catty – Ibby in particular seems very sly and underhanded, but somehow I find myself liking Rommel.
    Ruby and Andy? – such know it alls – but at least they can cook and do seem to know food, so they get a pass – a grudging pass – because if I have to see their lips pucker in disapproval as they taste a decent dish one more time I swear I’ll bitch slap them.
    Josh and Austin? The obvious villains. I waver here. Sometimes their behaviour is so appalling and so outlandish it takes my breath away. But factor in their age and their sheltered background – not to mention the unfavourable editing I’m sure they are getting – and I tend to want to cut them some slack. The other thing in their favour is the way they score – always fairly based on the food. Not many other teams can claim that.
    Beauty Queens – easy team to dislike and the edit sets them up so well. How much is typical American brashness? How much is self delusion? They constantly tell us how well they cook. They constantly prove otherwise.
    Pat and Bianca? – now here’s the team I can happily dislike. Strategic scoring coupled with no self awareness when they strategically score,Abrasive personality – especially Bianca, And not a redeeming feature in sight.

    Last 2 open houses:
    I’m still a little surprised (and pleased) Channel 7 have paired the teams based on cooking ability rather than drama. The temptation to pair Josh/Austin with Ibby/Rommel must have been overwhelming. Still at the end of the day they paired Josh/Austin with the Beauty Queens – second best drama setup. So how will these last 2 open houses pan out? The Pinks are hopeless cooks – lovely people – but bloody clueless in the kitchen, Sal and whatever-her-name-is will probably balance the Pinks out enough to keep them safe. And then there’ll be Josh/Austin and the Beauty Queens. I think they’ll wind up being bottom of the leader board – which is good news for the brothers. They’ve been working hard and steadily improving, while the BQs still haven’t even realised they can’t cook.

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