1. The QLD team is from the Sunshine Coast, specifically, my little seaside town of Caloundra. I recognised every location they showed, during the couple’s intro package. At one point, when there was footage of the couple playing a card game with their two kids … I recognised the game. In fact, I think I sold it to them.

    I’m not a huge House Rules fan, normally, but I wanna see the week they spend in my town. Like I said, my dad and my uncle might pop up, because they both work at a local construction/hardware store.

    • Ooh that’s cool, Windsong. If your family does appear let us know so we can freeze frame. How was the show? Same structure as usual?

      • No, they started in a home-base, an old warehouse with an upstairs that had since been (badly) converted into a living space. So the teams had three days to remodel the whole place into a functional apartment.

        At that point, it was par for the course. Minor angst over room-allotment, demolition, finding furniture to match the house rules, “Oh no we can’t actually design!” I made dinner at that point.

  2. I don’t mind House Rules. . . Our nephew once got shown briefly when one of the teams came into his exquisite homewares store to get some items. He basically told them exactly what to do and styled it for them, but hey! It was fun to see him so we will watch out for Wind’s rellies too. 🙂

  3. I enjoyed the first ep.
    Apart from the odd couple (with the bearded guy) – who thought they were godsgift to the production team and then overly shocked when they were ranked somewhere south – they seemed like nice people with enough talent to be interesting but not enough so that everything will look like a hotel.
    I think I might tune again.

  4. Who actually did most of the work in the sisters’ room? I fast forwarded through most of the episode and I find it hard to believe that they created the niches and put together the pipes for hanging clothes. In fact, I find it hard to believe that did much of any of the work except for selecting items to go into the room. I did hear one of the contestants state that they got help from other teams.

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