MasterChef starts tonight

MasterChef starts on Ten tonight – hooray!
Is everyone watching the audition rounds or will you wait a bit to tune in?

According to the TV guide, the auditions only go for Monday and Tuesday. Wed and Thurs are “competition” episodes and then we settle in to the usual routine of Sunday night mystery boxes, Monday pressure tests to eliminate someone and Tuesday immunity pin challenges.



  1. I wish we had a few days break between MKR and MC.

    I’ll watch it anyway, don’t know if I’ll last almost two hours. Are the audition shows the one with contestants’ back stories? If so, too many mentions of nonnas, second cousins with cancer, for the kids, my lifelong dream, etc., will have me switching to the Legos.

      • You should enter him next year, but have him refuse to tell his back story because how he lost a leg is nobodys business but his.

    • Gary’s gotten too fat to have a chance, but the blondes will still be “helped” while the token oldies are coldly exterminated first.

      • Spot on Dave.
        BTW was it explained why George was wearing dark glasses on The Project tonight? I missed the start of the segment.

        • George said “squash pool incident”. He could be lying. There were inferences of a hangover. He looked like an extra on Underbelly.

  2. Gary roars: “First contestant to tell us what a Colander is wins this all important, elusive Ammunity Pin!”

  3. I’m cracking up at these comments. I can see we are all expecting the things that irritated us previous seasons to be still present this season. Onya, MC, best season ever.

    I am looking forward to Rick Stein being on.

    • This is where dreams are made. Youse want it real bad. Failure isn’t an option and you’re not ready to go home yet. You don’t follow recipes, just go by “feel”. Ma$terchef Kitchin blah, blah.

      Some hogs amongst those judges, too, Maz.

    • Totally agree jazzman. I am already sufficiently over Rashay. He annoyed the crap out of me last year with his single-minded “Hamming it up for the cameras” attitude. To see him waltz in a cloud of (presumably) enivoronmentally-sustainable confetti made me hurl. Please return him to the land of cliches and DENSE flavour where he belongs.

  4. I am fast forwarding through the back stories but I guess I have to barrack for Houda from SA. For fennel’s sake – that “wanky” dish looked right up George’s tweezer-filled alley. I sense a redemption arc.
    Glad they are not stretching the auditions out as long as last year.

    • Far out! I just did my own rant about her redemption arc too Juz! I wish I’d read your note properly – I am totally on board with you on this. . . just not quite as quickly as you. . . 🙂

  5. Okay, I think I’m out until Wednesday when the cooking starts. All the rapture over the herb garden was ridiculous. My garden is sad and neglected, but I have lots of rosemary, parsley, and basil. Big fricking deal.

    I’m not paying much attention, but already too many tears from contestants are turning me off. It doesn’t bode well for this if I’m pissed off after 30 minutes.

    • Yes Von. The orgasms over herbs made me question my pleasure meter. Obviously I require way more kissing if I can’t reach giddy heights of ecstasy from seeing a lettuce in a garden.

    • The fawning over the herb garden and one of the contestants in awe of the “m” outside was ridiculous. These contestants watch the program and the herbs and “m” are shown repeatedly.
      Keep hoping that they will change the judges but of course not. First audition dish…pork belly and celeriac, so boring. I’m expecting the same old sh*t.
      Matt’s pants……LOL.

  6. See-through noodle chick (the one with the mother who said the food was wanky) is a shoe in on the re-cook right? Surely the facts that she is blonde, 23 and passionate about food (which the Gs take to mean them) gets her an apron?

    I am worried that we are seeing an early redemption arc for her- “she went back to basics and rediscovered the purity of flavours and then when she applied all her incredible techniques she became the cook we always knew she could be”. Very very worried.

    (oops – just read comments earlier and see that Juz was ALREADY on the case with speculation about a redemption arc – just like masterchef story lines I am not even original!)

      • Or way too much Masterchef viewing Juz!
        She certainly justified my worst fears with the OTT apron ceremony. Yikes. I hate her already because she is just so darned bouncy and theatrical. And I know people who work in theatre who can just go about their business in a rational way, so her “theatre background” gets no excuse from me.

  7. Oh my God. Matt’s fucking trousers looked like candy stripes.
    Instead of someone doing it for their ya ya the ya ya was the contestant but she didn’t make it through which will please her husband who didn’t approve of her going on the show.
    If I’m told a dish is scallops, I expect fucking scallops. That’s like those vegans on family food fight cooking cauliflower & saying it was chicken. We can tell the difference. You don’t fool us.
    All the young blondes. Trying to guess which one will be the judges favourite.

    • If I recall correctly the “scallop not scallop” person got through, so what will happen when he has to cook meat other than seafood as he said he is pescatarian.

      • I am super down on things being made to look like OTHER things. If you can do amazing mushrooms, do that. Just don’t trick me that I’m getting a scallop.
        I have no problem with vegetarian food, but I have a huge problem with vegetarian food being tricked up to look like something else. About the only thing I can cope with is vegetarian patties in a burger or something as they are just a convenient shape. But fake bacon, fake steaks, etc – they are the devil’s work and we should fight their introduction to the death.

      • They’ve had vegetarians on MC USA and they still have to cook the meat and fish but they don’t taste it and generally just ask someone else to taste it.

  8. Red headed guy, who looks more like a clown I met once than Prince Harry – note to the uninitiated: just because you have red hair doesn’t make you an automatic look-alike, ffs – certainly sounds like he can cook.
    He makes all the right technical noises, so hopefully won’t be too annoying going into the future. I approve.

  9. These contestants are extremely annoying. It will be a long painful season of who has the most woke, identity laden, sob story.

  10. Take a drink if any of the following happens:
    1. I want this so bad
    2. There is only six aprons
    3. You see the red silicon dome mould
    4. The white apron contestants act like they are the judges
    5. The word ‘journey’ is uses

    • Hats off Maz! The smugness of the yesterday’s apron crew knew no bounds.
      I hated their faux encouraging of the second chance wannabes. It’s going to a long season.

  11. Damn, Who Do You Think You Are has Scott Cam, whom I really don’t like, and Insight is about what people expect after the election. MC is it. Or…hair wash!

    • I enjoyed Insight tonight.
      The conversation was wide-ranging, with only slight dwelling on some particular points.
      And a little enlightening.
      I enjoy being taken out of my echo chamber.

    • Scott Cam just embarrassed himself last night. It was painful to watch. “Wot’s a workhouse?” If you are going to be on a program, at least binge a couple of episodes.

  12. Half these people were borderline hysterical – and it’s barely started. Are they auditioning in psychiatric facilities?
    Looks like Matt Preston has stacked it on during the hiatus and nearly obese. A personal trainer or insurance might be in order.

    Poh, hilarious as ever and Matt Sinclair, lovely as ever. But the soporific Billy? Good she’s reached the heady heights of making cheese with her mum at home. Oh dear.

    • Billie was always so low key in her manner – I have a vague memory that in her season she barely got air time the first half of the series. I guess Poh and “Little Matt” are the old hands at TV presenting

      • I like Billie. She was the one that won’t cry. Her competition was Georgia. Her cooking was so solid that the judges just couldn’t rig it to save Georgia.

      • I like Billie too because she just cooked. She didn’t pander to the judges, cry on cue or trot out childhood deprivation stories.

  13. Oh yum. I haven’t watched MC for a few years. Now I know what I enjoyed. Those dishes looked delicious and make me want to hit the kitchen.

  14. Howdy Doody seems to be getting a lot of airtime. It was actually predictable which 6 contestants they would put through especially the blonde. Ice cream man had no chance…..thank goodness because everyone one of his dishes would probably have had some type of weird ice cream.
    These contestants are over the top giddy. So much screaming, jumping, flapping and fawning over the judges and mentors and it’s only the 2nd episode.

    • Yes, I was wondering whether it was the food that was auditioning or if they were going to just fill their diversity list. A blond, a weird guy with glasses, a muslim woman, with a head covering, an Indian, a hot guy, a zany girl with tattoos and a nose ring, a little oddball man, maybe a Chinese or Japanese entrant, and occasionally an Indiginous Australian……..and a Prince Harry. Well, I don’t know what this year’s line up was but it seems like it has gone something like that over the years. A range of profiles. Oh and somone if European descent who loves their Grandma.

      The camera has to love them.

      • More diversity this year. That is the theme for this year. Also the motto is dare to dream. Thus you must have a sob sorry.

        Indian guy and Huda meet the brief.

        We also have a Sri Lankan, Chinese, Indonesian, Armenian, Egyptian, Lebanese and of course Italians. Throw in some vegans cooks.

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