7 Up show returns – time for a happy dance!

One of my favourite shows is returning to TV after a seven-year break.
Anyone else here a fan of Michael Apted’s 7 Up documentary series?
It’s a fascinating look at the lives of a group of British children from different backgrounds. The doco makers return every seven years to film then again, so after 7 Up there was 14 Up and so on, and now we are up to 63 Up.
The shows are filled with heartwarming and tear-jerking moments and I can’t wait to see how the “kids” are faring.
You can read about it here here.
Airs on SBS Sunday, June 10 and will be available on SBS On Demand.



  1. Ohmygodohmygodohmygod.
    I have been waiting for the next instalment of this for a decade.
    I am so excited.
    I am so invested in these people.
    This makes me so happy. I am overcome.

    • Yes. Neil owes so much to that other fella.
      I seem to remember that the librarian (Susan?) was not well. I hope she’s okay.
      I’m not going to look anything up. I don’t want to spoil the anticipation.

  2. I don’t want to know any spoilers either! yay oh yay oh yay. I hope Susie is okay and hope Neil is at least edging towards some happiness. His last episode didn’t seem as grim as some of the earlier ones, but . . . .

    I LOVE this series.

  3. The earlier seasons are on On Demand now but I don’t want to remind myself too much of where things left off. Neil was doing a bit better and on the local council, right?

    • Stop it, stop it.
      It has been sunny here, and I have the doors open but I am layered: singlet, t-shirt, woollen jumper.
      I have ordered a pair of pyjamas for the long-doggo. There is no dignity in winter.

      • Oh I hate the cold. You have to get around like a spaceman.
        It’s been almost like summer here. It sometimes happens that we get really nice autumns like this. But even so, it’s special when it’s this warm. I just hope it continues until we leave. But the farmers probably want rain.

      • I can tolerate the cold. It’s the wind that drives me to contemplate the benefits of being a serial killer.
        Image of pjs for everyone’s amusement, except my dog’s.

  4. Has everyone watched it? can we talk about it? don’t read on if you haven’t watched.

    I am gutted about Nick – I really like him. It sounds so serious. I was braced for one of the girls to be seriously ill or not with us ( Susie or maybe someone else entirely – the names aren’t always clear to me until I get into it again, lol). but Nick was one of my faves. damn.
    I thought the difference between 56 and 63 was huge. As someone nearly at the 56 mark it was a big warning to not have regrets about life.
    This show makes me endlessly think about life. for example, Andrew has become much more likable over time – i wonder whether it was his wife that helped? He seems very family-oriented and happy with his world.
    This series they seem to be much more acknowledging of Michael Apted – a few of them said things like “well, you know me Michael”. Kind of interesting.

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