1. I thought they did an okay job with the house (everybody bought pretty much the exact stuff for all the rooms, including two bedrooms from two different teams that look, pretty much, identical). It all looks nice.

    But the den, that the two surfer girls designed? The judges didn’t like it, but I felt they were being kind, I thought it was dreadful. A house that’s so tiny, and they do this weird plywood curved ceiling that makes the place feel even smaller?

    The lounge room was nice though. And, like Dave said, everybody’s being nice to each other. It’s refreshing.

  2. Just catching up now (prioritised Lego M and then holidays) but I agree that I think the judging has been too generous to the bad stuff and a little under-generous to the good stuff. The first week’s appalling wainscoting (and I love wainscoting, but not bright blue and poorly constructed) was treated too well, especially as it totally violated the house rules. And same with the unnecessary bar room (in a small house, what a waste).

  3. I am liking the early room reveal much better than the Bonus room – some tactics required but it doesn’t affect the outcome too much.

    Noticing also that they are taking the mickey out of the format with some little comments about recaps and emotive music. Reminds me of Hamish on LM, and quite refreshing although it would be better if they stopped doing the annoying things instead.

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