MasterChef Thurs: Immunity challenge V Curtis

“It’s the end of the first week in the kitchen and the winners from the previous challenge will cook for an immunity pin. But it won’t be easy: they’ll be cooking against chef Curtis Stone.”
Geez, for someone who lives in the US, Curtis sure spends a lot of time hanging around in front of Coles signage. Have we reached peak Curtis?



  1. I reached peak Curtis a long time ago. He was all right on the early days of Surfing the Menu, but has struck me as very full of himself since then.

    • This episode was one long ego stroke.

      Prince Harry won despite putting sugar in the béarnaise .

      • He seems to be a bit of a panic merchant. Even I know that pickling liquid has sugar in it…and bearnaise doesn’t. He should have asked, then Curtis could have answered and laughed at him. Curtis was answering Joe’s questions, until he wasn’t.

        I think this kind of challenge was easier when Marco Pierre White did it; he’s not such a frigging show pony. Boo, Curtis, boo.

  2. Urk, Curtis tasted Tim’s sauce by sticking his finger in it.

    One would expect that a professional chef would demonstrate proper kitchen hygiene to all those amateurs.

  3. I had a feeling they would award the pin to Tim/Howdy but I thought Dee did better even though she messed up the bernaise. Tim’s pickled onions must have tasted off since he didn’t put sugar in the pickling liquid, his bernaise was sweet because he added sugar and his presentation was messy. I don’t see how he most closely replicated Curtis’ dish compared to Dee.
    For whatever reason he is already a favorite BUT first immunity pin and a lot of air time probably means that we will not see him in the Grand Final.

    • Yes it will be a random woman we don’t realise was in it until week four, as per Elena. I recall Intense Matt had two “wow” dishes in the first fortnight of his series then went off radar for a good month

    • The preview ads for MC promoted Houda heavily -“Will Houda take out MC?”…she hasn’t featured prominently in the first few episodes…she must make Top 5???

  4. I didn’t watch as I have a severely limited tolerance for Curtis. I am disappointed for Dee as I think she is pretty good. Don’t hate howdy but could get very tired very quickly of his shtick .

  5. I saw Curtis shooting a promo at our local Coles last year. He came up to me and said Hi for no particular reason – very friendly and jolly. So I have to like him. Very handsome, too.

    Tim’s a bit of a sook. He’s teared up about 3 or 4 times now. Unacceptable.

  6. Cannot hate Curtis, he is too easy on the eyes. 🙂

    Prince Harry aka Not Looking Like Harry At All, was obvious he will get the stupid pin.

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