MasterChef Thurs – Taste test

Secrets Week closes with the previous episode’s losing team facing a blindfolded taste test. The first five to guess incorrectly have a 60-minute open pantry cook, but one last secret will ruffle feathers.



  1. How can Steph think eating the pad thai is like eating cabbage and then wrote fried rice!

    You mean you can’t tell between rice and rice noodles

    • Gary said this is best season ever. Maybe it’s the new deal he’s done with Ne$pre$$o.

      There’s a pig virus killing millions going in China. The judges better watch it.

    • She also had a brain fade with another taste test and said something weird. She does not do well under that sort of pressure but she seems to be a decent cook. She will go further in than some of the faceless men

  2. How did boyfriend Joe get away with those awful cardboard discs?
    And how did ‘vivacious Steph’ get away with the easiest dish of all? I guess because she’s like the group mascot now, with her fan gurlz in the gant.
    Poor Tati nearly fainted when Steph seemed to be ‘in trouble.’

    At least the other two guys made an effort, but the inedible ravioli with compressed pine nuts were deemed better – go figure. Slap him, nonna.

    • Joe: The judges loved my nonna pasta last night so I am making it again but changing the recipe.
      Knew he was in trouble the minute he said that.

    • “two healthy twins”……..a few years of Dad’s cooking will put pay to that.

      He sacrificed so much to be on Ma$terchef. Yawn.

      • Two healthy twins. .. SIGH.
        I expect nothing less than Crimes Against Grammar from Masterchef.
        Two healthy babies. Healthy twins. It is NOT HARD – it’s not like it’s an impossible task such as teaching George to use cutlery or getting Gary to not salivate over young blondes. It is within their grasp.

    • I think Kyle would have pull out when the wife is due. Not sure is the best idea to go on MC when your wife is expecting twins.

      His cooking is not that great either.

  3. Poh already said keep it simple and cook what you know. And Kyle who is a pescetarian decided to cook meat. Just an idiot

    • Yeah I thought he’d do a fab vego dish. I wonder if MC would do a returnee season – a shortened version – for people who flamed our under the pressure. Or another Celebrity MasterChef?

  4. Most of the elimination challenges seem easy this season. They got to cook anything they wanted again. Not a lot of challenge in that. How about having them do a knife pull for hero ingredient and then one for region?
    Joe made pasta again because the judges liked his pasta in the last challenge.
    Steph made ice cream (How many ice creams so far this season?) and a simple tart.
    Ben made a disgusting looking mess.
    Kyle cooked something that he doesn’t normally cook. Pork is not part of a pescatarian diet. He could have cooked anything so why choose pork????
    I was hoping Steph’s ice cream would fail and that her tart filling would be too hard to bite without breaking some teeth so that she would be eliminated.

    • I am still skeptical with Steph ice cream. Star anise is a very strong spice. A few pieces will infuse the whole dish. Yes, maybe she didn’t infuse the cream long enough but grinding up a whole pack of star anise will give you an overdose of flavour.

      • I kept waiting for the “OMG THIS IS DISGUSTING” cry.
        Astonished that it didn’t come.
        I cannot imagine how just grinding up star anise would go. I was totally with Sandeep about how careful you have to be when you use it. My daughter once bit into a star anise that I’d accidentally left in a dish and she has NEVER forgiven me.

      • Yep. They aren’t that good! Can’t risk them having to have knowledge and judgement and actually have skills, lol.

    • They don’t do this every week. Rating not great for the masterclass. Double episode is just too long.
      In the earlier seasons, the masterclass were on Friday. Am I right?

      • Masterclass doesn’t rate well? Except for some of George’s 100-step recipes with unusual and expensive ingredients, I think the masterclasses are the best part of MC.

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