MasterChef Wed – desert island dish

The blurb says: The pantry is open, there’s 75 minutes on the clock, and the contestants are asked to cook the dish they’d cook every day for the rest of their lives if they found themselves on a desert island.



  1. They must be running out of ideas for challenges. I can’t think of any dish I’d like to cook every night for forever. The very thought is so boring that my mind is a blank.

    • We think most of the dishes fail the brief. A meal everyday on a desert island would hardly include a pannacotta. Perhaps they should have given the contestants the rations from Survivor and then tell them to cook something with only three additional ingredients from the pantry.

  2. I don’t know who anyone is yet. Guess I’ll start paying attention, since you guys already know names. Those named are either really talented cooks or really annoying people.

    • This is the first cook and no elimination and some of them are shitting in their pants.

  3. Oh, retro is cool now is it George? You have slammed contestants in the past for cooking retro dishes.

  4. Dee (think she will struggle with a baking challenge)
    Joe (Gotta to keep the WA viewers interested)
    Prince Harry
    are in the immunity challenge.

    • Dee is shining too brightly too early. I just looked up the recipe for her dish – looks fabulous. How has no one called Gazza Gazza before? Is she his new fave blonde ponytail? Retro guy may go ok as he knows classic French techniques and seems widely read.

  5. This “hallowed place”, Gary? Are they supposed to genuflect when they enter the MC kitchen?

    As much as MC is 50 times better (still) than MKR, get over yourself, MC. Hallowed my ass.

  6. Why has Gary ditched his contacts for glasses? Is he going for the Heston look? If he’s going for cred, it ain’t working … Gazza.

    There seems to be a lot of fat people this year – or should I say ‘curvy and proud?’ Added to all the emotions, I hope there’s a defibrillator around.

    • As you get older, you still need reading glasses with the contact lenses. Maybe Gary is now wearing multifocus glasses

    • I’m always surprised when contestants are not fat.
      I’ve never understood how you can cook and not taste.
      And eat.
      fgs, just eat. Isn’t that the whole point of the exercise?

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