MasterChef Wed – Ye Olden Days team challenge

Nigella and contestants are given historical recipes at the State Library of Victoria to inspire a three-course meal. The team who create the least impressive menu will head into the next elimination.



  1. MC is scrabbling for ideas for challenges lately. If you’re going to give them historical recipes, make them follow those recipes, not just use them as “inspiration”. Only allow substitutions for ingredients no longer available. (Hello, CWA cookbook – pigeon pie, sweetbread cutlets.)

  2. Product placement is sickening. You always see the Cobram Estate Olive Oil even when it is not needed

  3. The contestants are hopeless this year. Serving undercooked chicken.

    Doesn’t even know that the meringue has split? Really? Wouldn’t you know when you are whisking the meringue

  4. As usual, the contestants have a hard time working as teams. They kind of get it together after an hour or so, which drives me nuts. Are all of them autonomous in their own workplaces?

    And they make dumb choices on what to cook – fish that needs a lot of pinboning, and chicken portions that can so easily be undercooked unless all the portions are the same size and thickness.

    I’d like to slap all of them.

      • Who doesn’t love watching an amata having to peel an unrealistic shitload of prawns like a blue arsed fly as the “dramatic”muzak( same as last year) gets louder and louder?

  5. So they pick the woman who forgot to put eggs in the custard the team leader?
    Any team that has their food snatched from diners and returned to the kitchen – for health reasons – deserves an automatic loss.

    Irony, serving a bunch of teachers in the State Library. Most of them can’t spell these days, let alone what the Dewey Decimal system even means.

    • Their stupidity and self-centredness is astounding at times. Allow me to be the cranky old person in the room, there is no “I” in team, you dumb shits.

      The meringue has split, so that other blonde stands there scratching her neck and messing with her hair, whining about the pressure she is under, instead of fixing the fricking problem.

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