1. I know the internet is divided on Devens but I do appreciate the effort he goes to to find idols, and his pandering to the jury at tribal is amusing. And we actually got to see Vic tonight! Who’s coming back from Extie next week? And, here’s a hypothetical: If it’s Reem (yes, I know she could never beat Joe in a challenge) would the jury vote for her to win?

  2. Yeah, i can see why they so divided – it was so conveniently left for him… I liked the way though he rattled the others to change their vote.
    Am hoping whoever comes back from Extinction makes it a fun finale…
    Go Devens, he does deserve this, but as we know he won’t necessarily win it!

  3. Devens has become the highlight of the show. Who would have thought it. I wonder if producers are helping him along.

    • I am surprised too. It’s been such a dud season til the last couple of episodes. I certainly didn’t see Devons as entertaining until very recently.

  4. For the last 5 years or so there is 1 ‘survivor’ who finds idol after idol. Devens is so damn good at it he can find one in the middle of the night, in the jungle. With only the moonlight for guidance.
    *Rolls eyes

    • They are calling him Ben on the internet chat. That said, why weren’t the others watching him? They should have taken it in shifts to stay awake. I listened to the RHAP podcast with Josh Wigler, the reporter who was there for the first few days of filming. He said that when Jeff asked the cast to introduce themselves, Wardog said “I am the Wardog”. And Devens straight away said “Oh, this is awkward – I am also the Wardog”. Lol

      • Gold. He is very funny.
        I started listening to that podcast this morning and was mightily annoyed when I arrived at work before it had finished!

    • I could be wrong, but my memory is that Devons found the clue in daylight, and had to wait until night to climb trees in the camp. Even KamaStrange might have noticed if he’d gone after the campsite idol in daylight.

      If production were seeding idols to favoured players there would have been a court case by now.

  5. FAR out that is late.. . . Will be recording the reunion.

    I am not divided at all – I am totally team Devens now. I don’t care about reality vs perception whether he “deserves” credit or not – his perception is off the scale with the jury, who ultimately are the ones that matter. They totally would give him the cash right now if it was finale.
    All he has to do is make it there, which is not exactly an easy feat
    He is entertaining but not too smug, hard working but humourous. . . clever with his jury management but neither cavalier or toadying – I am team Devens!

    I find it weird that NO ONE else seemed to be seriously looking for idols. surely Aurora should have have been searching hard? Her name has been constantly thrown out there.

    • Go Devons. That business of having them chase him around when he already had the idol was brilliant. Ditto his Jedi mind trick with not playing the idol. Whether he wins this or not, in a future season back he will be. Meanwhile Kamastrange yet again one of their own voted out.

      • I actually think the Jedi mind trick is inspired as now they probably aren’t even convinced it’s a real idol, which is fantastic. I hardly know how but I think he can make it to the end.

  6. Nope. Devens must win.
    Who do we think will make it back from Extinction? I suppose it could be anyone, but I hope it’s not Kellie.

    • David has not had much air time lately so I don’t think it’s him. Aubry and Wentworth get decent airtime and they like to focus on Chris. Reem has not had decent food for longer than the rest so it will be hard

    • I don’t think it matters, except maybe in determining who gets to the three. No returnee will be voted the winner. Hope it is Aubry or Eric, though.

  7. I am totally Team Rick. I was a little worried in this ep that he was starting to seem a bit smug, usually an editing sign that they are about to be booted, but once again well done with just the right amount of bravado.

    I’m not convinced that all the others hadn’t already switched to Aurora anyway, before tribal. Even so, Rick laid the seeds for that as well, so both ways it was clever play.

    I have no problem with the idols situation. We have seen nearly zero effort on anyone else’s part to search. Some may have believed the furphy about them all coming from Reem Isle, but Lauren knew better at least. The alliance of four have been quite comfortable and haven’t looked like they have put any thought into other options.

    It seems to me that the TC play re the idol was known to Julie (will find out next week I suppose) as she didn’t seem surprised about any of it, and if it didn’t work she was gone anyway, so nothing to lose.

  8. Re the concept: I liked it at first, but it has all fizzled out to become boring. The best parts are 1. that someone I like might still come back, and 2. that the jury don’t get to swan off to a fancy resort for days on end.
    It could be done again, but it has to have more impact on the game and be tweaked to mean more than just no Ponderosa.

    • It’s close to indistinguishable from past Exile Islands. The sole difference is that this season the casting is so poor that the exiles are more fun to watch than the actual players.

      • I don’t mind the casting but because there are so many players still on the show the camera has to try and squeeze everyone in for air time and can’t develop stories as well as in previous seasons. Victoria should have been getting more time. And even Aurora only made the edit in the past few eps.

    • Maybe a toss of the dice, or pick the mystery box for Exile Island. Or complete a puzzle bf the timer runs out. That way they wouldn’t all get there. They could have made that bit more interesting.

      • I like those ideas, Daisy, especially the puzzle one. It ended up being a non-choice for everyone.

  9. So, if the non-entities manage to oust Rick before the three, who do we think will do the deed and/or win?

    I can see Gavin or Vic getting Rick out (if he loses an immunity) with maybe Gavin having a stronger resume to win. I wouldn’t mind too much, I think he has done some clever work.

    Still, with an idol, and strength in challenges, I would be disappointed if Rick doesn’t make it now. Seems like no-one else deserves it. He has been one of the cleverest players I have seen in any of the seasons I have watched.

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