House Rules: Family challenge

Joh introduces the teams to a family torn apart by a devastating house fire. The remaining teams work harder than ever to give back and build a new home to bring this family back together.



  1. Gossip on the Gunderoo property, guys.
    And just so you are aware, this is gossip based on no direct knowledge, so it’s the best kind.
    So can I start with *** allegedly, allegedly, allegedly ***.
    The house passed compliance requirements so, even though it was run down, everything was tickety-poo. It was put up for sale through an agent and therefore considered legit and above board.
    Rumour has it that the bank valued it at significantly less than the “sale” price.
    Blocks of land in Gunderoo are incredibly expensive. It’s in that triangle between Yass (and the wine district of Murrumbateman – yes, we have one), Goulburn and Canberra. And the bank were prepared to value the land, but not the house. Again, allegedly.
    My friend can’t remember the price exactly but she thought it was somewhere between $400,000 and $500,000. The suggestion now is that it’s worth over $900,000 after all the work.
    The reason for all the behind the hand whispering is because it was sold off-market. There is nothing on-line or on record about the sale. Assuming anything was ever on line about it, that has all been taken down. Allegedly.
    It’s generally assumed that Channel 9 helped finance the purchase. Allegedly. Well not exactly generally, just by some.
    There is activity continuing at the house. A lot of tree clearing and tidying.
    My assumption is that it is in preparation for garden fixing but whether the other contestants are going to do that, or the “owners” are doing it to ready it for sale is anyone’s guess.
    A lot of the above is because we all love a conspiracy theory but, you know, often the simplest explanation is usually the right explanation. Maybe parents just lent them the money and there is no garden fixing this year.

    • The gardens were done months ago, like, the start of May. So if they’re working on Katie and Alex’s garden *now*, I wouldn’t think that would be for part of the show.

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