MasterChef Mon: pressure test

In a surprise twist, our bottom three contestants from the cereal invention test have been thrown straight into a pressure test. Aprons on: it’s time to cook a unique creation by Kate Reid.

Who is Kate Reid? She bakes what have been hailed as Australia’s best croissants. Read about her here.



  1. Kate Reid is amazing. She did apply for MC Season 1 but miss out at the final audition.

    Because of her passion for pastry, she got the best pastry chef in Paris to take her in as an apprentice.

    This is passion.

  2. Does anybody else think that bringing out big international guests – eg Rick Stein and Heston – and only using them for one episode, is a complete waste?

    • Yes, yes, yes. But they did not come to Australia just for MC. They were here for some other events and in between just pop into MC kitchen for an episode.
      Only Nigella was here for MC. But she still did some live shows

    • I am glad Heston was only on for one episode!! I wish we could get Paul Hollywood for a bread week but there is probably a contractual clash with GBBO

  3. Right now I don’t care who goes or what dramatic stuff happens or what the weather will be tomorrow – I want one of those croissants. Damn, chef, I am salivating.

    • Now I want to try making croissants. I just love almond or chocolate croissant. Not sure about this black forest croissant. Too much cream for me

  4. For starters, it’s pronounced ‘kwah-sont,’ not ‘kra-sont.’ Drove me nuts.
    Once again, a ridiculous challenge – only because of all the NASA machinery involved. I think that shoot would’ve taken a couple of days, with tech help at the ready.

    Notice how the ‘curry and banana leaf specialists’ are flying under the radar this week? They’re in the Sweet Week Protection Program.

    Thankfully, that woman left. Yes, we all ‘got to see the real you.’ And if a TV reality show ‘allows you to be yourself,’ get help.
    Glad Derek managed to escape again.

    • They didn’t make the croissants from scratch. All they did were made the fillings and with a recipe. Fillings not too complicated.

      I still think the pressure test without a recipe and to replicate the dessert was way too ridiculous.

  5. She wants a food career but it doesn’t seem as if the “real her” went out into the real world to get any experience. Just launching her spices and her tours. Guess since she is now a “famous” MC celebrity she will have a following (or not).
    Good that she is gone.
    Not one of the hardest challenges as long as they carefully read the recipe (which neither Derek nor Stephanie did). They didn’t even have to make the dough because the recipe is a secret.
    This looks like it could be fun:

  6. So we now know how they mass produce croissants. They have laminaters and proofing oven.

    Thus it is not really all handmade.

  7. I know there was all this talk of two day challenge, but I feel slightly cheated that they didn’t have to actually make the dough. That seems the hard bit to me – a friend of mine went to a croissant fancy pants lessons that took about 6 weeks and required loads of practice. It was truly excellent to be her friend as there were a lot of “fails” to eat. The dough was definitely the key to getting it right, but laminating was a big deal too.

    The ridic talk about Derek’s Fold Fail was so clearly a wild card I breathed a sigh of relief straight away that he would be safe. I would have been quite happy for Simon to fall under the laminating bus, but dude can read a recipe, something still on the To Do list of Steph.
    I know they have been trying to get rid of her for a while and I found her annoying, but I recognise she probably was a fairly competent cook.

    The new approach to eviction “it’s you. you stuffed up and that’s why you are going ” is great. I really like the way they execute them quickly and not make us all hang around for no reason. Long may they keep this up!

    • I agree with you about the dough. I was thinking that Simon or Steph would go, though Steph has done reasonably well in previous pressure tests. Simon’s hair annoys me a lot – it looks unkempt and not very clean. His “humble guy” attitude is also a bit eye-rolling, but not as bad as Tim’s “I’m just a boy from Ballarat” nonsense.

      I think that the pressure tests this season are very uneven as well, ranging from “Cook what you like” to “Replicate this wanky dessert without a recipe”. The “Ammunity” challenges are also really uneven, with some looking like a walk in the park and others against quite hard chefs.

      I am also relieved that they’ve dispensed with the “What does this mean to you” idiocy they used to bang on about before they said who would leave. I was always dying for someone to say “Not a bloody fig, Gazza” but of course, they’d never show that. The script said you had to have the enthusiasm of over excited puppies in order to create the drama. There has also been almost no blubbing this year, something that marred previous seasons. Abbey started last week, and Derek had a bit of a wobbly moment on Sunday, then Steph blubbed last night – I hope Abbey hasn’t opened the floodgates and we are going to get the tear fest every elimination.

  8. I was confused by the “I can show the real me” talk. Made it sound like she’d been locked in a dungeon for years

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