MasterChef Tues: Caviar immunity challenge

The three winners of the challenges must create a dish featuring Beluga caviar. The best dish will see its maker compete for an immunity pin against Pt Leo Estate chef Phil Wood.

Is the caviar from Coles?



    • Even though she is blonde and young she can actually cook however so I am not as nauseated as usual that they love her!

      • I do admit she pretty good but I can’t warm up to her and I did try. Could be just me, wish she wasn’t so smug every time her dish gets tasted.

  1. I think the Coles Home Brand Caviar is the one to go for. You can feed a family of four with it for under ten bucks.

    I take it Blondie 2 got ammunity.

  2. If anyone but the pro had made a steak with Thai fish curry sauce and a heap of other ingredients, the judges would’ve said there’s ‘too much going on.’ He must be important. Tessa did a great job and kept it simple, but with technique.

    Would’ve loved to see Tati and ‘Timbo’ in the first part: a suppah sparcy caviar curry in banana leaves and a Coles cafeteria fried Beluga chicken with a beetroot reduction.

  3. Simon’s dish is something that is very commonly eaten here and served at loads of occasions – Christmas, Easter, Midsummer, birthdays etc. My brother-in-law eats it every morning for breakfast (albeit with the cheaper lumpfish roe caviar rather than Beluga). I’ll be giving Nicole’s dish a go at the end of summer when we have crayfish parties as it sounded really lovely and will be something different to serve.

    I thought Billie was great in this episode, She’s been a bit bland up till now, but was calm, helpful (esp with the sauce at the end) and quietly relaxed. Maybe it was nerves in the earlier episodes.

    Tessa did very well and seems to be gaining in confidence as the competition progresses. She has lots of ideas, understands flavour, can think on her feet, takes on advice and is passionate about cooking. Still, I would have been totally gobsmacked if she beat a chef of the calibre of Phil Wood.

  4. Judges shouldn’t have to give Tessa and Nicole advice if they are best of the best and Simon’s dish was so easy to make.
    Banging the spoons on the table and George’s giant spoon, too over the top.
    I would have been surprised if Tessa had been awarded the pin but she did do well.

  5. It was touch and go though whether Tessa’s complex dish or Nicole’s technically adept choux buns could be bettered by Simon’s BOILED EGGS.
    FFS. He boiled eggs. Yes, in a moment of intense revelation and adoration he wowed them by putting extra caviar UNDER the mayonnaise. Big deal. Big deal he also threw some oil and egg yolks together and knocked up the world’s most difficult mayonnaise. And he piped it back into his eggs. The technique goes ON and ON. He BOILED EGGS.

    ooh – unrestrained use of caps – I am on a full on rant.

    This is the kind of thing I whip up (albeit without hideously expensive caviar) when I can’t be bothered making something hard. And as we have chooks we usually have fresh eggs around so it’s a quick and easy preparation.

    How dare he get pounding on the bench with spoons solely to perpetuate the myth that these people are the best of the best? NO WAY.
    I felt so bad for Tessa and Nicole on this occasion who had actually, well, COOKED not just BOILED EGGS.

    Okay. rant over. Off to calm down.
    I thought Billie was excellent tonight – obviously fair and recognising the best dish but delivering practical suggestions of how to fix something was good. I could see Matt Sinclair just crowding her personal space and freaking her out more.

    • Exactly. Simon made devilled eggs which are served at pretty much any party or function. Nothing fancy about it except he put caviar in them. I wouldn’t like them because I hate mayonnaise.

    • If the eggs are boiled with love, isn’t that what Ma$terchef dreams are all about?

      Two nicely presented boiled eggs, with some caviar on top. Inspired by Marco Pierre White’s doctrine of “simplicity”. (as seen on Ma$terchef, on the best ever season))

      Gary once gave a Ma$terclass on BOILING EGGS. Ten minutes in boiling water. No recipe required. Wow. (smacks spoon on bench)

  6. Well caviar is not something I have ever had the inkling to try. It sounds revolting. Lucky since it’s so expensive. Though someone on twitter informed me it used to be poor man’s food.
    I really thought Tessa was going to tie with the chef & still get the pin when she got all 9’s. Thought they would surely rig it for her to ‘make history’.

    • The kind of “history” that makes you forget who won last year.

      What would be history is the judges not fiddling the scores to make it appear
      “down to the wire”

  7. The judges would have probably raved and drooled over caviar no matter how it was presented. The contestants could have toasted some bread and spread caviar on that and the judges would have been “over the moon”.

      • I have to agree – a simple breakfast dish served in many Scandinavian homes does not deserve the over-the-top reaction he got from the judges. I can’t believe it took him an hour to produce that dish – he ought to be ashamed. He could at least have made blini and served them properly.

      • He didn’t just boil the eggs. He took the yolk out, made mayonnaise, mushed everything together and then put some caviar inside the egg and on top of the yolk. Best deviled eggs evah. LOL

    • “The contestants could have toasted some bread…..”

      Let’s not take that for granted. I realise that these are the best of the best but I’m still having bad Ma$terchef dreams about Dani Venn ( Top Six on “the best season , evah”) failing to toast a bun.

      Jeez, I ‘m kicking meself for watching the cricket and missing out on the impordant celebrating of BOILED EGGS. Can you get them at Coles, too?

      • Don’t laugh, but you can actually buy boiled eggs at the supermarket here. I laugh every time I see them and wonder who the hell buys them. I had to take pictures and send back to the family in Adelaide.

        • I’m laughing and I live in Adelaide. There’s some lazy bastards out there. Or people afraid of getting out of their comfort zone to boil an egg. They go off too quickly….but we can trust Coles, with 110% confidence, cant we?

          Who will be aliminated for using “store bought” boiled eggs? Cheating scandal ahead. More “history”

          • Timbo(gan) will be delighted that you can also buy precooked whole beetroot in vacuum sealed packs, just to make it easy for him to do his reductions. Sadly for Tati, I’ve never, ever seen banana leaves, not even in the specialty Asian supermarkets in Stockholm. She’d starve here 🙂

        • Ozswede there’s a cafe in Waymouth St where you can buy two boiled eggs in a takeaway container – they stock it next to the muesli and yoghurt pots. I think they charge $5. I guess it’s for those protein muscle-building types. Maybe Derek would buy them for brekkie on the way to work

        • I am German and to me the boiled eggs from the supermarket are really normal to me. We have them usually for Easter, they already come in coloured. My grandma often had them and then made a egg salad out of it. Especially for the birthdays, when she had to feed about 30 or more people, those boiled eggs were super practical.

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