1. I do like Matt, because he is a gigantic nerd, and that’s very attractive.

    But he keeps saying, “I’m a astro-physicist,” and it bothers me to an absurd degree.

    Although I did laugh when even the producers had to check, “You are going to choose somebody at the end, right?”

    • Yes, Windsong, “a astro-physicist” put my teeth on edge every time that ad aired. His explanation that astrophysics is looking for planets that we can live on in the future is also a bit…incomplete and simplistic.

      I don’t watch the Bach, but from the clips, Matt seems a nice, intelligent young man, with a sense of humour. Good luck to him.

      • If Bachie’s interested in searching for intelligent life forms….he’s come to the wrong place.

  2. The girl who rocked up on the dirt bike, while monologuing about how all the guys want her and she got chased down by a car full of blokes the other day? Yeah, you can already tell who’s fulfilling the bitchy mean girl cliche.

    I wanted more from Abby, the “I’m a Gemini” girl.

    Love the girl who brought him a Lego rose. If she built it herself? She’s a keeper, Matt.

  3. I’m keen on Matt, too. He seems fairly articulate and happy to play the game.
    Plus of course, after a bit of a polish, he’s easy on the eye.
    The girls seem to be neatly divided into two piles: normal and OMG-trash-for-our-viewing pleasure.
    I must confess that I am a little bit excited for this season but it’s looking like it might just be you and me, Windsong.

    • “The girls seem to be neatly divided into two piles: normal and OMG-trash-for-our-viewing pleasure.”

      This is so true, isn’t it? I love the girl from Parkes who brought the campfire and marshmellows. Not so keen on the girl who showed up in the wedding dress.

      On that front, my gosh. This must be setting some kind of record on the amount of marriage proposals this guy has had in 45 minutes of television. At least three of the girls have asked.

        • The frustrating thing about this show (well, one of them) is how obviously we’re being manipulated. Wedding Dress Girl whines about another girl moving too quickly (because rocking up to a first date in a wedding dress is perfectly acceptable. To say nothing of then being catty about your alleged best-friend having the nerve to have a short conversation with the guy), and it’s so obvious that she’s this year’s bitchy villain. Why cast her in the first place, if she’s just there to get kicked out by Matt? He’s gonna de-rose them, one-by-one, anyway. And the fact she’s being set up to be disliked takes all the fun out of actually disliking her.

          But seriously, she’s a nutjob.

          • She’s got Jess from MAFS’s lips. Marshmallow Girl was good but, having lived there, please don’t move to Parkes, Astro Bachie.

  4. I forgot to set it to record so have missed the first 15 mins. And now I have to wait for the recording to get a bit ahead so I can skip the ads

  5. Miss Mauritius looked alright.

    Fun and shit. Charming .That one looks into violence.

    Lot of gice called “Matt” getting around these days. Just sayin’

    • Yes! All the reality TV Matts
      Matty J
      Mat Rogers from Survivor last year
      Contender Matt from Survivor this year
      Matt Preston
      Intense Matt
      Various other Survivor contestants, Farmer wants a a Wife etc
      Matt Moran
      Who have I forgotten?

  6. And yay!!! – we are now a crowd.
    I agree that wedding dress girl is just wasting everyone’s time and they didn’t need to do that. Did the producers really think that one if these girls would not naturally be inappropriate? Are they all new to the franchise?
    I am deciding that the villain is the blonde one, you know, with the artificially curled hair and the interrupting attitude. God, they all look alike.

  7. ” I don’t want to sound like a bitch…..” You’ve come to the right place.

    Eight intruders tomorrow night. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  8. The consensus on Facebook … which I tend to agree with … is that the front-runners are Elly (the nurse from Parkes), Chelsea (the chemical engineer with the gigantic shoulder-pad on her dress), Helena (the first girl who grew up in Europe), and a few people are throwing in votes for Kristen (the China girl).

    I don’t know about Kristen. She seems sweet enough. But she’d have to be quite intelligent to be so fluent in a foreign language (and I’ve heard that Mandarin is not an easy language to learn), but at the same time, she comes across as quite ditzy. I can’t make up my mind about her.

    Bride Girl is here obviously to waste everyone’s time. She barely likes him, and she spent the episode criticising other girls for moving too fast (again, forgetting that she rocked up, to a first date, wearing a WEDDING DRESS). I don’t think it’s going to end well for either her or Biker Girl (no, I don’t remember their names. I don’t think we’re supposed to).

    I also want Mary to narrate the season (“She’s beautiful. I hope she’s a terrible kisser”).

      • I live for the “Unpacked” recaps that go up on FB after each episode, with two comedians (Brianne and Tanya), alongside — usually — Matty J. They’re so funny to watch, and having an insider there comment on the proceedings can be quite interesting.

      • Yes, the unpacked vids are great, although i wish they weren’t made by The Bachelor, then the insider comments would be guarded

  9. The bookies had Sophie who was ditched as one of the favourites- clearly not much inside info got out before airing.
    I’ve been looking forward to this season – a non celeb who seems to be genuinely in it for love. Hopefully it’ll be a good one.

  10. I am surprised that Abbie has moved into the background. I thought she was smart and pretty and I thought they had a connection. Maybe she comes later.
    There is something about China Girl that makes me uncomfortable. Is she misappropriating another culture in her drive for World Domination?

    • Her desire to have an “empire” of young people speaking Mandarin … is she just a robot? Built in a lab by Chinese engineers, as part of a new plan to conquer the world, by using pretty white girls on reality TV shows?

      It was such an odd thing to say.

      I’m also with you re: Abby. I wanted more from her. Maybe she sticks around and lasts until the end-game?

    • If I was going learn /hire someone to teach Mandarin, I would be looking at a native speaker. Colour me odd.
      I hope she goes soon.

      • Yeah. I could only see her giving lessons on how to bleach teeth. Like, not for all the tea in China etc.

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