Bachelor week 3

Bachie Matt allegedly calls someone out in Wed. On Thurs, Matt invites one girl to the Bach pad, where things move from cooking to romance. Later, a group date turns competitive and it’s clear one girl is rubbing the whole mansion the wrong way.
The real question is: Will he be made to wear his Clark Kent glasses before any pash sessions?



  1. He seems to be very kiss-happy, which worries me because the Honeybadger was very kiss-happy, and we all know how that one turned out.

  2. He’s the one that gets them all embroiled in it and then lines them up like naughty children and chastises them. I’ve gone right off him and hope he doesn’t pick any of the nice ones because thy’re too good for him.

  3. So, as predicted, the whole thing was nonsense. He gives them a lecture that they’re all naughty girls, walks off, and then comes back 2 minutes later to fling the roses at them. He was right. It was a gigantic waste of time. But not for the reasons he thinks.

    Monique and Rachel were having a chat by the pool, the other day, and said some things that people took offense to. Now, your opinion on those words, or whether the girls were just joking, or whether Abbey was correct to tell Matt about it? Those things were all determined by who you were friends with, in the mansion. The people who don’t like Abbey said, “no, it was just a joke, she shouldn’t have told Matt” and the people who do like Abbey (most of the first nighters) said, “it wasn’t a joke, and the conversation was pretty offensive.”

    So who the hell cares? Nobody made it out of there with their dignity intact, not even the viewers. Everyone just came across as immature and spiteful.

  4. Drama aside, there are still women here I have never seen. They are the Simon Blacks of Bachie. Thank goodness for the fast forward button.

    • No, I had that thought as well. The make-up and stylist people really had it in for Rachael, tonight. The shade of lipstick did not compliment the cosmetic work, like, at all.

      • That lipstick was frightening. Had a laugh on IG, someone called them kidneys. Ha ha

        Also , if Matt was really offended by the comments by Monique, send her home along with Rachael, Nichole and Abbie.

        • Amen.
          It all feels a bit manufactured. He seems a fairly decent guy, and, mostly, the girls seem to be nice enough, so the producers are looking for some drama to keep the viewing audience tuned in.
          Let’s face it, a show that is as simple as, you, you you and not you, would be boring as bat s**t.

  5. I caught the rose ceremony. Matt looks like he’s going to cry every time he faux agonizes over which name he’s hearing in his earpiece.

    He needs his eyes tested after sending an absolute angel home last night.

  6. Abbie is either getting a really bad edit or she’s an idiot.
    Does she know that she’s being filmed? And that it will be shown on national tv? And that Bachie-boy will be watching it after the event?
    And that means that he will either be thanking his lucky stars for a lucky escape, or he is about to change his phone number, email address and move house … to a galaxy far, far away.

    • The producers can’t force her to swear the way she does.

      Bad edit, idiot, yes. Abbie may have her sights on something like Bachelor In Paradise or Love Island, Neighbours . Is she smart enough to plan an assault on Australia like that?

      Bachie’s pashing her in the promos. He’s an idiot, too.

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