1. And, we have a tribe swap.

    Luke and David wind up with 7 old contenders on the beach with them, so they’re clearly in a bit of trouble. I’d be more worried about the 5 champions who out-number the 4 contenders (one of whom has a fake idol) on the other beach, but I’d be interested to see if the teams start deliberately losing challenges to mess with the numbers.

    Both Andy and Harry have stepped up to the plate, gameplay-wise, tonight. I don’t mind that Harry invented a child, I mean, people on those franchise have done far worse things. Good on him for committing.

  2. Casey is the first to put her hand up to sit out the challenge – again! Pia being so much shorter than everyone else would have been a better choice.

    • To my point from yesterday – is she trying to hide how fabby she is at challenges, trying to hide how crap she is or bone idle.
      Pretty sure it’s not the fabby option!
      I would vote her out for being plain useless.

  3. Gosh, even with half their members rearranged, the Champions tribe still loses immunity.

    Thing is … they can easily get rid of Luke or David. The only complication is that both Luke and David have immunity idols. If they play them both tonight, it’s simply a stay of execution for a few days, but it certainly would set a cat amongst the pigeons.

    Meanwhile, I genuinely hadn’t noticed, but now that someone pointed it out to me … yeah, Casey is the first person, every single challenge, to volunteer to sit out. She just does not like challenges.

  4. I tend to think that David’s decision to target Sam “I just don’t like her face” has less to do with her face and more to do with her reluctance to succumb to his “charms”. Personally I find him far to arrogant to be charming.

  5. I loved how Andy is so confident in his own position that he can ask Jonathon, “Just pause for a second, big guy, I need to check something with somebody,” while Jonathon watches on, gobsmacked.

    I think they’re mad, if they turn on each other so quickly. If the other team loses challenges, then that’s contenders going home. If the contender team starts cannibalising each other now, that’s only going to hurt them come merge.

  6. The question time last night and tonight is interminable – it’s as though Jonathan has been briefed to try and change the vote or get them to disclose the vote in tribal council . he asked the same question over the same people over and over.

    • That’s exactly what is happening. He targeted those involved in the ‘blindside’. To me it was an attempt to expose the plan, ergo disrupt the plan. I ffwd that crap it is too painful to watch.

  7. How different it would have been if Daisy knew that Dave had passed Shaun a fake idol – surely that has to come back to bite him at some point. I was of the opinion that Janine’s idol wouldn’t work because it was clear it was only of value to a contender but now she is a contender so it might be a valid idol.

    • I think that is why she wanted to hang on to it – she said to David at the time that she was anticipating the tribe swap.

      And a genuinely likable guy like Shaun loses out. I hope there is fast retribution to David!

  8. I lost a little bit of respect for Daisy and John, tonight. The contenders still outnumber the champions (by 10 to 7), but it’s not a lot, and if the other tribe loses a few, of course they’re going to ditch ex-contenders, so those numbers are going to even up pretty quickly.

    There must’ve been stuff happening off-camera, for Daisy to turn on Sam (who had maybe 30 seconds of screen-time in 8 episodes) so quickly. I barely knew Sam was there, so I don’t think I’ll miss her much now that she’s gone. But in terms of the long-game, they were insane to turn on themselves so quickly. It’s hard to see how that won’t bite them all in the butt, at some point in the future.

      • Hard to disagree with you.

        Gosh, there must’ve been some compelling reason to turn on Sam so quickly.

        I imagine we just watched not only Daisy and John shooting themselves in the foot (Baden too), but shooting the chances of the entire contenders tribe.

        • But it was so fun to watch!!! I just read David won the reality show Search for a Supermodel 15 years ago and is friends with Sarah Tilleke from season 2 – who was a great player. This is the peril of not going to tribal in the early weeks of the season. You can’t test loyalty, nor get rid of annoying players. Sam was a recruit from TAR and is an Insta model, whereas most of the Contenders would have auditioned

    • Wow what on earth was wrong with Sam?
      Without tribals it’s so hard to know, but getting shafted immediately when there are newbies on the tribe. Yikes.
      But as Juz says, at least it’s very entertaining.
      I am a bit disappointed as I was loving John and Daisy but I think this makes them incredibly vulnerable. Savvy players like Pia and Janine won’t be swayed by just enjoying their company and liking them. I am sure will accurately sum them up as threats to be knocked off by merge. I can see them shafting John very soon. Bugger.

      Mainly though, I am very much enjoying this season.

  9. So finally a tribe swap but it was a bit uneven. It’s annoying when that happens. And the new Champions STILL lost. Boy that challenge looked awkward & uncomfortable with all their arses sticking out.
    How cunning were Luke & David? They went from no one was going to change their vote & one of them was definitely going to turning some against Sam, whoever she was, because David didn’t like her face. And was it Daisy that was so shocked? The look on her face was priceless.

    • Yes, Daisy looked like she was playing Russian Roulette.

      Not sure if I’m in favour of last minute whispers a la Andy to Mullethead at the TC. Andy for doing it and Mullethead for being a sheep.Think I’d rather have supper with Judas Iscariot.

  10. I’m really enjoying David – he’s so funny – and heartily relieved that both David and Luke were safe last night AND didn’t have to use either idol. Phew. I don’t think I’d be much bothered with the rest of this season if one of them had gone home, or it was clear they were just going to be picked off one by one.

    Can’t be bothered sparing too many fucks for “poor” Mr Megan Gale! Sucked in, sucker! Now that it isn’t necessarily just going to be a boring stick with Contenders vote off the old Champions situation, the game is wide open and becomes much more fun. I really liked Daisy this ep: “I’d rather hang out with Luke than Andy!” Ha.

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