Bachie Matt weekly chat

Looks like Matty J, Laura, Sam and Snez are on tonight so I will tune in to see what stage of pregnancy the girls are in.

This episode welcomes a bunch of ex-Bachelor and Bachelorette alumni to help Matt pick his dream woman. There’s a single date involving chocolate, and two girls go head-to-head at the cocktail party.
A group date sees the girls draw their battle lines, as they scramble to get time with Matt. Later, at an intense rose ceremony, a new rivalry in the house pushes one girl to absolute breaking point.



  1. Like like it’s like ….. why are people so lazy with their speech.
    Really boring and what a bitch is Abbie, Ihope she doesn’t win😦

  2. It was lovely to see Matty J and Sam again, you know, the two past Bachelors most of us actually liked. I imagine they didn’t bother calling Blake or the Honeybadger, but I also imagine them calling Richie, and he just laughs maniacally and jumps out the nearest window.

    The twist at the cocktail party was that Matt wanted the girls to show some initiative and approach him … so, basically, what happens at every. single. cocktail. party. ever?

    As for Abbie, you know, by now, Matt actually has had plenty of warning about this girl. Him keeping her around is his own fault.

  3. Keeping Abbie on could be producers order. But as long as she is not the chosen one and Matt will end with the one he likes, all will end well.

  4. I’m wondering if he does choose Abbie (he does seem like her). Remember Richie’s season?
    I’m guessing he’s changed his mobile number … and he’s moved states.
    Maybe the edit is producer’s revenge.

    • Unless she said bitchy things far worse than shown there is no way Abbie wins they gave Alex the best edit they could on Richie’s season. Matt is just thinking with his dick at this point but he’ll decide she’s too young in the end – but if he does choose her he deserves what he gets. I’ve found him to be a really boring Bachie and there’s a touch of arrogance that he tries to hide but it shows through occasionally and I find it off putting. I think Ellie is way too good for him.

  5. At this point, it’s almost worth watching purely to see the girls just completely losing their cool with Abbie’s crap.

    It’s a brave person to annoy a drag queen. The one thing I’ve learned about drag queens is to never get them offside. The strength of a body-builder mixed with two stilettos (that can be lethal weapons if used with enough force)? My gosh Abbie. Tread carefully, girlfriend.

  6. Abbie’s go to line whenever her behaviour is questioned is that the other person “…has a lot of growing up to do”. Thinking oneself is really mature tends to be a sign of immaturity. I will concede though that Abbie is a good actress.

  7. I tuned in at the end to see a girl chosen to go home (could they have invented a more humiliating process?) and couldn’t figure out who she was until she spoke Chinese. Ahh … that one.
    I think an eye roll is appropriate about now.

  8. The season is starting to drag. Matt is becoming ho hum and the dates are very boring.
    Don’t really care who he chooses.
    Think it will be either Elly or Chelsea at the end. Helena has zero personality.

    How lame was the group art class!
    When you have to bring in transvestite showgirls to liven up a show, you know it’s a snoozefest.
    I watch just for Abby’s outfits .

      • The drag Queens outfit , hair , makeup and in your face personality was needed for that date.
        How hideous was Abby’s painting. Personally I loved Elly’s artistic painting. On skill alone she should have won, but as it was meant to be your inner drag queen, she missed the brief. I think I look like a drag queen when I first get out of bed each morning and especially if I don’t take off my makeup ( which is hardly ever) . .

  9. I watched today’s encore .Here lies a once okay show that has died in the arse.

    This Bachelor is such an insipid, unwatchable wimp, he deserves a piece of garbage like Abbie.

    • According to him, he’s just never met the right girl … but I think, what’s far more likely, is that he has the sexual charisma of lint. He’s too awkward and weird for his own good. He just doesn’t look all that comfortable, on the show. Meanwhile, girls like Abbie are just here to boost their z-level celebrity status, and he’s too genre-blind to see it.

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