Which S1 players should be in All Stars?

How many of you watched Season 1 of Survivor (the Channel Ten one, that is?). Who would you like to see return for All Stars? Or who do you think Ten would want back?

Back in 2016.

Des Quilty
Big “Aussie” country character with good survival skills. Abrupt manner saw him voted out

Bianca Anderson
Lied about being a PI. Not trusted early.

Evan Jones
Strangely decided to lie about being a drama teacher. Big fan of Survivor which was likely his downfall.

Peter Fiegehen
The guy in the colourful suit. Fiegs was unwell since he hit the beach but tribe refused to vote him out due to likeability and alliance implications. Had to quit.

Barry Lea
Dreadlocks. Well liked but annoyed everyone by picking names out of a hat. Unpredictability a liability.

Tegan Haining
Model, trainer. Ummmmm.

Rohan MacLaren
Model; dropped idol clue to be found by another, not a fan of show

Katherine “Kat” Dumont
An early target. Wore big, cool hat. Not so cool leopard print shawl.

Andrew Torrens
Happy to play villain role to camera but it never really played out that way. Wore fedora.

Craig I’Anson
Challenge beast, witty and great TV.

Phoebe Timmins
Smart strategic player, drew a bad hand in a non-vote tribal.

Conner Bethune

Kate Campbell
Amazing personal survival back story; not strategic

Nick Iadanza
Adelaide’s own snake, hampered by trying to play a US Survivor game in a season full of non-fans and this not being trusted. Good at puzzles. Went on to host RHAP’s Australian Auevuvir coverage until birth of first child.

Kylie Evans
Tough firefighter, not strategic.

Sue Clarke (can we please stop making jokes about waiting for Sue’s Big Move)

Jennah-Louise Salkeld
JL, got a purple edit despite others saying afterwards she was a good player

Brooke Jowett
Often wore a floppy black hat, good at endurance challenges, part of “mean girls alliance”. A threat

Sam Webb (brother of that MAFS guy with a neck as wide as his head). Not strategic

Matt Tarrant (takented magician). We waited for him to flip and it never happened. Wore Port Adelaide gear and black ripped jeans. Liked chicken nuggets. Is the butt of many jokes made by the official Australian Survivor twitter account and responds in kind.

Felicity “Flick” Egginton part of “mean girls” alliance. Passionate about Survivor

Elena “El” Rowland part of mateship alliance. She and Lee later dated. Physically strong but had a purple edit

Lee Carseldine (the cricketer) (runner up). Head of mateship alliance which drove long-time fans barmy. Good at challenges requiring physical strength and hand-eye coordination

Kristie Bennett (winner)
pigtails, won epic final three endurance challenge despite being underdog not perceived as physical threat. Good final tribal performance. Won on basis of personal growth and overcoming adversity



  1. This should be fun!
    I am going with:
    Flick – even though the mean girls alliance was annoying, she could be great
    Jennah-Louise – deserves another shot
    Craig – just for the commentary – how funny was he?
    Matt Tarrant – just because he is so hilarious on twitter when under attack from survivor!
    AK – deserves another shot
    Tegan – I know she’s divisive but maybe in another tribe she would be different
    Phoebe – loved her – so smart and strategic, want her to have another go
    Nick Idanza – felt sorry for him as a super fan who couldn’t play it. Maybe he can adapt?

    Some of these I feel didn’t get the rewards they deserved and others I would like to see in different circumstances. e.g.

  2. Ohh forgot to say Henry – he played hard and I enjoyed the eye candy.
    I think Fenella and Sharn should have another go too.

      • To answer your question Juz – i think they might like to bring back Pieter and maybe even Des as he has been rather active on twitter and kind of funny too.

      • Lol. I will do each season eventually. This was much as I could cope with doing it on my phone as a snuggly Mr 7 slept beside me

      • 100%. Shaun would be great to see again – never ever bring back Daisy. She played so poorly that she dragged down a whole tribe, seemingly because she could not COUNT.

        • Oh, but bring Harry back.

          Yeah, it’d be nice to see s3’s Robbie again (a tribe with him, Shaun, s1’s Lee and Connor, and John the Human Mullet? Man, I couldn’t function), but Dirty Harry’s return must be foregone conclusion.

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