1. I fee Yvie a little … off-putting at times.

    I only caught the last ten minutes, last night, because I was tuning in for “Playing for Keeps” on afterwards, which I quite like.

    She knocked out three of them, last night. At this point, I recognise Quirky Timm, the naked guy from Manchester, Jamie the clinger, and Carlin the male model. The rest are just faces in suits who won’t last the distance either way.

      • No, I enjoy it much more than I thought I would. I liked the first season, and I thought I’d give this one a go too. Liking it so far.

        It’s probably on Tenplay, somewhere, because everything else is.

  2. It’s obvious she finds the “normal” guys boring. There is a tall blond “normal” still in it who has never spoken

  3. Given recent developments in RTV land, I’m thinking that the producers should do a quick re-edit.
    Jamie is looking highly problematic. In fact so problematic that I think he should have been booted in Week 1.
    And an AVO taken out against him.
    By everyone.
    Including the puppy. Where is the puppy?

    • I think it’s staggering that 10 let the Jess situation get as bad as it did. They’re supposed to provide a safe and harassment-free workplace for the staff on the show (caterers, make-up, production crew, etc), yet they knew what he was doing (given they had 100 cameras following the guys around 24/7), but it wasn’t until Carlin reported it to Angie that Angie threw him out of the house?

      What if Jess had actually assaulted someone? That would leave 10 in a really thorny position, legally.

  4. Wow they all really threw Jamie under the bus & Ryan too. That was a bit mean. And he made things worse when he talked to Angie alone. Thought for sure he was a goner but she gave him a rose. The way they all carry on over Ryan. Have they not watched the show before? There is ALWAYS intruders. Usually more than 1. They should consider themselves lucky.

  5. I’ve been wondering about something. I’ve only watched a couple of seasons of Bachelor/Bachelorette. I always thought the contestants didn’t know who the bachelor/bachelorette was till they got out of the cars. So how come some of them just happened to have presents for her that they knew she loved. Like the guy that brought her sunflowers & the guy who brought a puppy. Or do the producers tell them what to get?

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