Bachelorette Wk 2

At least now that odious Jess is gone we can just expect normal drama: people leaving the show over silly costumes, breaking the bro code, giving clinger confessionals and wearing shoes without socks.
Tonight there’s a date involving rescue dogs and tomorrow BFF and fellow Goggleboxer Yvie shows up – yay.



  1. I glimpsed the Rose Ceremony last night. On hair: it might be because I hadn’t seen her since Le Szzhongle, but Angie’s Gidget does Bachelorette ponytail and fringe looked odd with her immobile face. Not knocking Botox, but she looked wooden.
    Even so, surely they could have found some guys somewhere other than the ugly bin. OMG, no offence to ugly guys everywhere but go on Hot Seat or anything else.
    I had just switched over from Lust Island where the guys were actually good looking, to see the after-school science group. No offence to scientists everywhere.
    It’s okay as long as I say “No offence9. It’s like “Just sayin’ “.

    Windsong, check out last night’s Lust Island Labotomy episode. I think you will enjoy.

    • Ooo, I noticed that. I thought it odd, given Angie’s comment on the “privileged white male” on IAC, that they seem to have given her nothing but.

    • No, I really liked that guy too. The one point of the diversity we got in the whole cast, and Angie didn’t want him?

      I am glad she got rid of the other guy and his weird hair, though.

  2. Timm is turning out to be a real piece of shitt. He’d want a vulture tattooed behind his ear, not a swallow.

    Poor Angie. This is a motley crew.

  3. Oh gosh. I was dreaming about Angie and one of the guys, last night. I dreamed I tuned into watch the latest episode, and it was … basically an x rated program for adults, only, if you get my drift? Angie and one of the guys were, well, you can guess what they were doing. It was a darn weird thing to wake up to.

    And now, every time I look at an advertisement for Angie’s “quest for love!” I can’t stop giggling.

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