No Block Sunday

Itโ€™s the NRL wotsit today (Go, Sports!) so no Karaoke … I mean Block.
It continues Monday with courtyard reveals.
A big thanks to Maz for all the recapping this season.



  1. I wanted to say Apostrophe Cryer will win because she has Dave Franklin, but I was wrong with the Kitchen Week, she actually placed last… Anyway, I still think she gets her win. *insert vomit smiley*
    I am going to be a builder in the coming weeks actually. ๐Ÿ˜€ Well, for Barbie furniture. My nieces have entered Barbie age and now it’s all Barbie, Barbie, Barbieeeee (can I add how shitty the new versions look compared to my full on glam Barbies from the late 80s???). As all the stuff is just really cheap, pink plastic so my dad will build a modern house and I will build the furniture. :S This is going to end badly, I cannot even cut a pumpkin without nearly chopping off my thumb.

  2. Here is a health warning-Elise starts bawling her eyes out because MM want a body corporate to approve a pool.

    Artificial drama as the pools were approved by the council.

  3. MM
    This is just pure joy exclaims Shaynna walking into MM’s courtyard. Neale states the have shifted from Palm Springs to Las Vegas with the neon sign ensconced in fake plants. What they have delivered chimes in Darren is consistency.

    The Grafico wall print with the soaring palms is genius. It is a perfectly executed courtyard with a low maintenance garden (succulents and fake plants). This is a space that says showtime and has a sense of fun.

  4. TL
    Shaynna declares that she loves the colour pallette and it makes sense of the living space within. The staircase is really beautiful. Darren rabbits on about sculptural…flower pots….heaters… overall it works from a visual point of view but the dining table is too small, there is no place to read a book and there is no BBQ. Great use of sponsor products though.

  5. DA
    Wow. This is a chilled space declares Darren. It is a perfect use of the Dune Colorbond product. Neale thinks it is seamless.

    Shaynna thinks the space is very dog friendly with the artificial grass but it is light on comfort. (No cushions!!)

    It is a lovely inner city oasis and will only get better in time but it also makes you wish for more as well (i.e. a dining table).

  6. How lovely is this? It is and immediately calming space with the wind rustling trough the bamboo. Neale agrees that it is tranquil and peaceful with its Surfmist Colourbond but it doesn’t add any visual impact from the living space. The courtyard should have been spun 90 degrees muses Darren.
    Unlike the first two spaces, this one does not understand the height of the space.
    Darren thinks the garden bed is too big and think it detracts from the livability of the floorspace.

  7. JM
    That is spectacular . How dramatic. It is very boutique hotel style. The judges are awestruck by the “105215” tiles. Shaynna is impressed by the lights and think it would look impressive at night. They have a fridge, a large dining table and BBQ. It feels like the most glamorous and expensive courtyard
    but…it doesn’t have speakers and heaters…

    • I tuned in just as the ivy wall was revealed. I think it would great in a big hotel atrium but from close up the black bits looked a little like mould.

  8. Pfff, poor Apostrophe Cryer. She really puts me off watching the show like that other cryer from last season did (I liked the older couple the best with the coffered ceilings). And the cryer won, I have a bad feeling now because there were 2 certain wins for Apostrophe and she somehow still blew it.^^ So, I can see her winning the auction. But I hope that MM and house 3 and 5 place above her. And yes, I am petty because I really dislike her. No one can tell me “It is just the editing”, shit leaves her mouth anyway, the editors just use it properly.^^

  9. Waiting for M&M to call the “no spa” body corporate decision homophobic. Two bitchy old farts trying to intimidate the younger contestants is what it is.

    • Don’t understand the rationale for the plasterers to pulling from TL’s job at the behest of MM. Effectively, they only referred them to TL they are not picking up the bill. We would be very wary hiring those plasterers if they will drop a client on a whim.

      From a buyer’s perspective, those common walls are not sound proof, if MM can readily hear the conversation in the neighbouring kitchen.

      MM are very passive aggressive…you could almost feel sorry for Elise in the body corporate.

      • MM true colours have surfaced a couple times, but now the full extent of their manipulative, bully boy narcissism on display. They’ve been grooming T&L since day one. When they have the temerity to defy MM and look out for themselves, bang, what’s good for a couple old gooses aint for anyone else . If MM ever gave a shit about TL they would have sound proofed the top floor wall.
        And yes, I was with El’ise tonight. Can’t believe I’m saying that. Imagine her treating Mark that way. Imagine him as your dad, or grandad… Horrible man. Mitch is just a bitter old bitch.

        • ๐Ÿ‘

          Have you also noticed that when they interact with Mel (and Jesse is standing beside her), they always completely blank Jesse?

          Oh yes, definitely manipulative. They made sure that any criticism of them would be viewed as homophobic.

          It is such a shame, that no-one is smart enough to outwit them.

          • Yes, it is a shame. But would need to be so careful of what was said to them. They appear well practised in turning the tables and just cutting people out, including Jesse. Deb’s smart, but her and hubby are easy going and MM know an easy touch. Although didn’t count on the kids not accepting their prescribed outcome – 3 teams not finishing.

    • They act like 13 year olds reinforcing each other’s petty views about how unfair the world is and what victims they are
      the teams not allowing them to put a spa is not the same as them preventing the plasterers from finishing the work – not having a spa isn’t going to stop them from finishing.

  10. As we know, all of them will finish their apartments and I have a feeling that MM will wind up with a spa. Why did they need a body corporate meeting for the spa? Does it really impact the builds on the other apartments or just buyer interest?
    As for the plasterers, MM are not paying TL’s plastering bills so don’t see why the plasterers went along with MM. I can see why MM might not lend their tradies out for free but this is not the same thing. Can’t Luke do the work on his own, though? He continues to not do much of anything, IMO.

  11. The body corporate was just for drama but I would not be impressed if the (non-sound-proofed) master bedroom was adjacent to a “party space” and a pool pump.

  12. Tonight’s episode was a just a filler. Jesse and Mel win the challenge. Matt and Elise are randomly awarded $5k which she promptly spends (not on trades). It rains and Apartment Two leaks again. TL have no money (and people are still scratching their heads whether Luke is actually a builder or just has all the Bob the Builder toys).

    • Is it just me or is Luke really the most useless contestant ever? They should have saved a lot of money with him being a builder and haven’t.
      Even Apostrophe Cryer has a use on The Block… at least she gives us a shitload of stupidity paired with mega entitlement. And lmao at her spending the money directly. Is it so difficult to be mindful regarding the spending?

      The drama with the pool. Hmmm, why was it approved then to put in all reinforcements etc if in the end the houses need approval from other contestants. And let’s be honest, a pool is not a guarantee for winning, see that one couple with the pool drama a few seasons ago and it did not pay off.
      That being said, MM really let their frustration speak as a reaction to the NO, which was a dumb move. Same goes for the pulling of the plasterer. On the other hand, if the plasterer really would have wanted to continue working for house 2, he would have. There is a reason why tradies fled from house 2 all the time. This was most likely a perfect excuse to pull out.

      • Maybe MM used their manipulation there, too. I could see them convincing their plasterers that they (MM) are the most memorable/interesting of the two teams and therefore association with their “brand” would give them more publicity. I presume that they told them that if they continued to work for house 2, then they would be terminated from house 1.

        The reasons to say no to the spa were perfectly understandable, and yet the response is equivalent to Year 9 girl spite.

      • Sadly, there is some competition for worse contestant ever…1) Chris and Jenna 2) Whitney and Andy (Mega crybaby) 3) Sasha and Julia (another cry baby)
        Luke probably does take the prize for the mere fact the he is purportedly a builder and has done nothing.

        Interesting comment during the week…Scotty stated that JM trades build runs $5-6k a week compared to E & M s at $30k…that is a huge discrepancy.

        • I had to google 1 & 2 as could not remember who they were!!
          EM spending $30k each room is ridiculous. I don’t understand how she’s doing that. Gramted I have no idea the cost of amything, but seems waaay too high.

  13. Tbh, that I don’t think. I am sure they were complaining about Luke and Tess, but the weeks before, they lost one tradie after another, so I honestly don’t think House 2 is nice to work with.

    I disliked MMs behaviour as well, it was pretty dumb how they reacted. I still think though that Apostrophe Buyer is far worse how she treated Andy and Deb. And then played the victim, still whining over the 20k… which were never hers to begin with.

    But yeah, I know on this website, I am most likely the only who doesn’t hate on MM. I also have no real dislike for Andy and Deb, even though he is criminally unfunny.^^ The only one who does my head in is El’ise.

    • Agree, House 2 would be frustrating to work for. They seem to be disorganised and turn aggressive when they fall behind and take absolutely no responsibility. A significant amount of cash was burnt having trades sitting around, waiting for direction.

      Tess comes across as nasty but they have the “innocent” kids edit when they can’t be that much younger than Jesse and Mel.

    • I have watched hardly any of this series, but saw the spa episode, so I don’t have any background on the teams really. Just on this issue, I know MM were being quite intimidating to the other teams, and I wouldn’t like to cross them.

      On very little evidence, Andy and Deb are my favourites so far

  14. Continuing on the no responsibility theme…it is clear that Suncorp’s product placement in this show was about their 9 subaccounts option, where the contestants were supposed to split the money across the accounts and not touch it until the appropriate week came around. Tess was weepy, telling the producer, that was not helpful as she could see the money but couldn’t do anything about it. Like WTF. They were probably told this WEEK ONE…they are just so inert and blame everything and everyone when they don’t help themselves.

    MM are good competitors but horrible people as they have actively tried to sabotage other teams.

    • Tess and Luke – it is really their own fault if they fail. Maybe they get the pity vote this week from the judges and have 10k. Who knows.
      They want to promote the studio as a self-contained flat, did I actually miss anything like: Where is the entrance??? They only have the spiral stairs. But they can only be accessed through the courtyard and for that they have to go through the living room of the house? You cannot advertise it then like that…

      Hmm, which other team have MM sabotaged except for House 2 (and sabotaged is a bit exaggerated here in my opinion)? Mel and Jesse? They said they copied that hotel, it was that silly radio host who turned it into a cheatfest – and okay, I am biased, but I disliked her a lot on her season. I only think they should have apologized to Mel and Jesse (who, despite being superarrogant actually does work hard unlike Luke) and cleared the air. Just be straightforward, issue resolved.

      • MM straight out lied to JM that the producers mentioned the copying to MM, or something, cos J confronted the producers and they showed it was MM who instigated it. JM are their strongest competition and JL the closest neighbouring property, who they kept sweet with, until they no longer complied

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