Christmas cheer chat with Bobi

Over to my elf, Bobi (with thanks), who has been hard at it in the workshop, crafting this post:

I am cheerful again. Well, technically, just more cheerful but good enough. My air conditioning has been fixed, I have decluttered a shelf, the girls are on holidays and we are going to the National Gallery for coffee and cake. Life’s simple pleasures.

It’s two weeks until Christmas. You’ve missed the countdown, haven’t you?

Yes, I promise. 🤞

The panic has been ingrained since childhood. Remember the days when things had to be stockpiled based on that the assumption that shops would never open again?

If you haven’t made your Christmas pudding, it’s too late now. That deadline passed three months ago. There was a woman on the radio yesterday talking about a Christmas pudding that she had kept for seven years before it was eaten. I’m guessing that it was 90% alcohol. Not that I am a Christmas pudding lover, or Christmas cake, or anything with dried fruit in it. I have a particular dislike for mince pies. Who dreamt up that monstrosity? Eew and Blah.

I’m not even a fan of the old pav, although I can tolerate it – much too sweet. You may as well inject sugar straight into your bloodstream.

And trifle is just soggy cake. My DD gets particularly bitter and twisted about this one. Her MiL insists on bringing a humongous extra large dish of this, her signature dish, to every single event and then gets offended because the children won’t eat it. She’s not good at reading the room.

I do have a favourite. I love a rhubarb crumble, that perfect blend of sweet and tart. Rhubarb is a highly underrated …. vegetable? …. herb? And proper custard, without rum or whatever alcohol is used by “some people” to destroy the lovely subtle flavour.

This year my contribution will be a spice cake (link here). I just like the sound of it, based on my predilection for a gingerbread house but without any ability to make one. I will pretend it is a bundt: note the sly reference to My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Writing this post has made me hungry. I have just raided the girl’s cupboard and eaten the box of Tiny Teddies. Maybe I’m not that picky but that doesn’t change the fact that dried fruit is disgusting – except for dates, and apricots, and maraschino cherries.




  1. Christmas is usually at our house and it’s traditionally Aussie; or exhausting. By early December I have started my lists.

    But this year the kids are heading off; Perth, Singapore so Wooliff and I are having a No Christmas. The kids felt a bit guilty. No need. I am thrilled to not be doing days of work.
    Wooliff and I will just watch tv. I will have a few drinks and snacks for random relatives and neighbours who may call in if they wish, or not.
    BTW; I watched the Christmas movie Krampus on SBS World movies. Not bad for a Christmas movie.
    Anyhow I hope it’s a pleasant December for all ttvers.
    BTW, I saw a snippet of another movie. A homeless guy was malformed and in a wheelchair. A young thug asked, “Why do you even want to live?”. The homeless guy replied, “Because U love the feel of the sun”. Wow. So do I
    That inspired me.

    • You are doing a Christmas with the Kranks! Sorry, corny movie but one I always laugh at.

      Trifle is one of my favourite desserts – any flavour, any time of year. Maybe I should get your DD’s MIL to send me hers. I also love Chr pudding, but only as a Christmas treat. I am with you on fruit mince pies though. I think it is that both the pastry and filling are way too sweet with nothing to balance them.

      Just went to our annual gingerbread house night last night. We are getting a bit of a reputation because years ago we abandoned the european-style snow-covered cottage look. First year we did an Aussie outback shack with verandah etc (idea pinched from a Women’s Weekly), but since then have done Noah’s Ark, nativity scene, treehouse. Last night was a grandfather clock with a working clock mechanism. That only happened because we were still wracking our brains for an idea, then a clock fell off the wall in front of DH at work, the glass broke but it still ticked. So he brought it home and the idea built around that.

      I love the creativity of making it, but I actually don’t really like that sort of gingerbread and usually only pick at the chocolate parts.

      So excited – I received Azul for Christmas yesterday, and DS got Dixit. New games are always a hit.

    • Anything that isn’t winter suits me. Although I have been saying it would be lovely to see the Arora/northern lights.

      It’s hitting the low 40s here and I love it.

  2. My favourite temp is 26, preferably every single day.
    The doggos don’t like the heat. I have bought a single room cooler for extra blast and we will double up on those days.
    I fed them tuna for dinner and it’s a bit whiffy in here. My mistake.
    I hate to think about my electricity bill.

    • Anything from 22° to 42° is okay but 25° to 38° is best as long as it’s dry heat. It always feels hitter when it’s humid.

      And Bunbury, our nearest town is dead in winter. Soooo dead.

    • I am torn at the moment, longing for a glimpse of blue sky after endless weeks of smoke haze grey, but knowing that if we had the full force of the sun it would be hotter. I like heat generally (and hate winter) but we really don’t need heat at the moment on top of no rain.

      A little less wind would be great, too.

  3. It hasn’t been that hot, up here on the Sunny Coast. Of course, we have an elderly cattle dog who hasn’t lost her winter coat yet (darn global warming?) so we tend to turn the house-wide air-conditioning on, and leave her inside all day (taking her outside every couple of hours for a bathroom break. That’s if she even wants to go).

    I’m not much of a Christmas person. I didn’t much care for Christmas before I started working in a toy shop for 6 years, and that’s when Christmas just became this month of intense high-energy stress. I like the trappings, you know, trees and fallen snow, and hot chocolate by a roaring fire, and things like that. You know, things that Hollywood thinks Christmas is about. But the reality of it is never that nice (and don’t get me started on the joyless horror that is present-buying). I don’t even like seafood, and if you admit that outloud in Queensland, you get deported.

    Still, I’m halfway through my Lego advent calendar (it was a little pizza oven this morning), so there’s that.

    I had an uncle who passed away, this year, so my aunt (his widow) will be hosting Christmas, even though she only hosted it a couple of years ago (I remember, because it was the year I was fresh out of surgery). That’s probably not a bad thing, I’m sure her big house feels a little too quiet.

    I went to a cabaret circus show, on Saturday night. It was adults only, featuring some erotic-themed circus acts, and things like that. I’ve never been to a cabaret show, before, and this one had gymnasts and a trapeze act, so I really enjoyed it (I had friends who told me, “I heard that there’s a lot of nudity!” There actually wasn’t that much, most everyone stayed dressed. Mostly, there was a little bit of nakedness, but not a huge amount). It’s not Christmas-y, but it was an adventure. I still think I’m slightly in love with one of the beefy, blond dancers. He did, like, a Magic Mike-esque dance later on in the night, and there was one musical number with him and all the dancing girls, and it was intensely mesmerising.

    • Same here Leaving the dogs inside with the ac on. Even shorn, their wooly fur is thick. I don’t they are feeling great atm.

  4. I am going to have a quiet Christmas this year. It used to be my favourite time of year but, as everyone’s families have grown, there’s no room for those big Christmas lunches that we used to do.
    My nieces, in particular, seem to have married men who are not family oriented. Was it a bad choice by them or is it a generational thing? I am judgy.
    I am going to buy tonic water (for the gin) and chocolate ice cream (with chocolate sauce) for the Hallmark movies. By the time I arrive at my DD’s place late in the evening for the ham salad, I will only have room left for more gin.

    • I think it is a generational thing, but not just guys. I feel it is a bit of a general idea that if you don’t want to do something, you don’t have to bother. Tied in with the “you shouldn’t hang with people who bring you down” thing. So, putting out a bit of effort to “do” family doesn’t seem all that important to some people. Sad, because as you get older you realise that friends are transient, and it is family who stand by you in crisis, as you do for them (even if they drive you mad sometimes!)

      • Well, I agree that it’s a generational thing, but I think, the world is a much smaller place than it used to be. Families fail. They let you down. They hurt you. They can be abusive and bullying and awful, we all know this. It’s not always a beautiful Normal Rockwell painting. Sometimes, family are the people who hurt you because they can, and you need to stay the hell away from them. What’s different, now, is that you *can*. It has become increasingly easy to find a new family. To find people who have common interests, people who will support you and take care of you and look after you, and be on your side. If your family fails, it’s become a simple matter of finding one who won’t.

        I don’t look down on people for that.

        • It’s interesting, perhaps a good topic for research; has the importance/value of family been eroded?
          Yes, Windsong, I think people are starting to get the memo that it’s alright to say no to toxic relationships, but maybe there is also a a bit of selfishness that underlies some people’s decisions to ditch family. It’s going to be a cultural thing.
          Yes Fijane, I have always had valued friends whose company I enjoyed, but those relationships have not endured as firmly as family ones. I find now that I have become closer again to my sisters. But I don’t spend Christmas with them. They have their own kids and grandkids. I count myself fortunate that I have wonderful sisters and brothers.

          • “It’s interesting, perhaps a good topic for research; has the importance/value of family been eroded?”

            I absolutely agree that would be an interesting study. Family is absolutely a cultural concept, it would mean different things in different times and places. All cultural concepts are fluid, they shift and change depending on the world around them.

            It’s why it baffles me when people exclaim in horror to concepts of gender that are being discussed these days (“Girls aren’t allowed to be girls anymore!” or “Masculinity is under attack!”). The ideas of masculinity and femininity are *very* culturally-specific, they’ve constantly shifted and changed (and so, adding moral judgements to something so transient just seems strange, to me). What is considered manly or womanly in a 21st century western country, would be considered absurd in 17th century France, or 11th century Japan, or 2nd century Rome. I think people would be much happier if they really understood that.

          • I think families are massively over rated. Lest we forget that half of all marriages go pear shaped and the spikes in domestic violence that come with the “festive” season. It’s not just bon bons that get pulled at this time of year.

          • I suppose everyone’s view is coloured by their own experiences. My original comment certainly was, as I have never had friends who stuck by us like extended family have. I can see the opposite in other people’s stories, especially as family members have the potential to hurt so much more deeply.

  5. There are ethic groups in China where husband’s only impregnate and are then kicked out and are called “uncle” . They can have several “uncles”. The mother and kids keep the home.
    It’s not called divorce. 😁

  6. Gee whiz Dave. How can you say that? 😜 I am just watching Chrisley Knows Best’s Lindsee talking about her family to Dr Phil.

    At least it lowers the bar for the rest of us.

    • I watched that.
      I understand that some families are toxic but this playing it out in public is just bizarro.
      I, too, am becoming aware that as you get older friends disappear and only family is left to support you.
      And I agree that you can, and sometimes should, say no.
      Both my niece’s husbands come from less than desirable upbringings, but now they have wives and children and yet they would still prefer to spend their time with their mates. And preempting the obvious opinion that they are just copying their own parents, can I point out that there are other examples to follow. I’m leaning towards a strong element of selfishness. I would have thought that they would want to make something better for their children than what they had.
      But you’re right, WS, that’s probably too simplistic. It’s complicated. Let’s opt for a university study.

      • Wow, that sounded snarky.
        I mean the comments quite literally. No sarcasm involved.
        I just miss the large, occasional, and rowdy family get-togethers, arguments and all.

        • Not snarky at all, Bobi. As Dr Phil says, “This is a safe space” 😂
          Each of us talks from our own experiences. Family can be crap (my step dad was a pedo, admired for his geniality), my mum a narcissist, but my brother and sisters are great. The jury is out on my kids. 🤔

          • I am 50/50 o my kids – I only have two so that’s easy to work out.
            btw, Daisy, hows the face? All good?

      • Bobi, I think your comment is quite balanced, not snarky. And also that you are just trying to “talk it out..” to try to understand these people. It resonates with me, as I also bemoan the seeming rise of self-centredness in our society.

        One of the possible benefits of Christmas, is that the traditional get-togethers sort of force people to socialise with those they would rather not. There is always a chance of better relationships beginning (as well as the chance of the opposite!)

        This has happened in our family this year, as a BIL who has seemed miffed and out of contact all year, volunteered to host Christmas purely because he wanted to show off a new pool. The day was great, and we all felt that the link was re-established.

          • Christmas should be perfect, but it’s exhausting to make it so. I think if you can so it, it’s nice to create something special for children and grandchildren.

            This year, DIL yielded and is allowing us to take the two we almost raised to Perth on the 24th.
            We have booked a White Christmas Party at Xtreme Ice, where they will have not only ice skating but throw snow on the ice for snow play and Bob sledding games. Then we will go for lunch. Then, at 2.00 we are booked in for an Escape Room; Wizard theme. The kids haven’t done either activities before.

  7. Bobbi, I am so happy with it. I can see my original neck, chin and jaw line. I had my eyes done, and when I had an eye test two days ago, my vision had improved. I didn’t understand until I remembered the surgery.

    Finance, we always have Christmas because of the pool. I think it will be an annual event at Bill’s now.

    • I thought the surgeon might have used my old neck to make himself a bike seat, until I heard that skin was needed for skin grafts. It was a bit old but it might have been alright for someone’s bum.

    • BTW Bobi, now I keep seeing people who have had it done; older people with no crease from their mouth down, a clear jaw line with no hint of jowl and a the neck is set back with no sagging. I didn’t have anything done to the lines between the nose and cheeks and this probably isn’t usually needed.

  8. A shout out to all ttvers in the East and South East who are feeling the heat. I know some of you get knocked about by it. I hope you can find a cool place to chill out literally. 💦💦💦💦

      • My eyeballs were scalded just hanging the washing out. Mr 7 was booked for a holiday care school excursion to the pool on Friday but 44C is TOO HOT for the pool. They are doing movies instead.

        • I’m quite grateful, it’s been almost cool up here in QLD. It’s actually been quite pleasant for a couple of days now.

  9. The doggos and I survived yesterday, mainly by saying to ourselves that it could have been worse: we could have been living in Adelaide. ❤️

  10. Lead up to Christmas. How is everyone going? In WA, school holidays start today for government schools and at the start of this week for private. (IExtra holidays Christmas and mid-year is a trade off they have by extending days by 5 minutes). Anyhow, as our kids are all going away for Christmas this year, Woolif and I didn’t have to do anything more than “wrap” ( I couldn’t even get a job wrapping fish and chips). presents.
    Son 1 is in Bali. “It’s a family problem” said Dr Phil. I try not to give that too much thought or it would tear me down. He has to sort himself out now. What a waste.
    Anyhow, I like when Christmas is like when we were kids; school finishes then about 3 days later Christmas. It means kids can use their Christmas presents on all of the holidays. But more importantly, you still have about 6 weeks before school goes back. The holidays don’t feel long enough when Christmas is in the middle.
    It’s gone coolish here, which isn’t what I love, but better for some, including the brave firefighters. And on that note; my thoughts go to the families who will be missing a loved one at Christmas this year, for whatever reason.

    • I so agree about school finishing close to Christmas. I suppose it all depends on dates etc, but I find that we all are in a bit of a limbo for that time if it is too long. Just enough days to finish the wrapping, and get the food is ideal, then launch straight into summer hols – Boxing Day Test, the beach, reading, sewing, and playing with new presents.

      It is my Sis’s birthday today and also her first day of leave. She is in Melbourne, with 44 degrees today so she is going to lie on the lounge and read all day – heaven!

  11. My grandkiddlies have been on holidays since last week – private school.
    We made a Coles gingerbread house. It was fun but the icing didn’t hold it together and it’s more like a biscuit. Still fun and mess was had by all.
    Internet is incredibly slow – that must be everyone locked inside. Another thing successive governments have got wrong: where do we find these people?
    I don’t mind paying extra tax as long as I get services. Have you noticed that the only people who complain about tax are the people who don’t pay any? My SiL gets an odd look on her face when I remind her. Note to self, check tea for poison next time I am over there.
    Everyone around me is (are?) going down the coast asap after Christmas so I will have a quiet new year.
    I am sorry about your son, Daisy. I am guessing the close call wasn’t enough?
    Still, hopefully, it looks like your DiL is coming around. Baby steps. At least that’s one blessing. I know what Dr Phil says, but sometimes Dr Phil is wrong. Remember, he is about sound bites for tv.
    Glad to hear you are the first to feel the cool change. It might help our firefighters. They must be exhausted.

    • I thought it was just us, but you had trouble with the Coles icing too?

      We ended up switching to homemade royal icing and the difference was chalk and cheese. We did find that their kit was good value, though, you do get a lot of stuff for your money.

  12. And on a sharp left turn, I have discovered Kimchi. Yum.
    I am on a desperate hunt for recipes. One container goes a long way.

    • Oh, I was checking out a new healthy food cafe, today, and I picked the superfood fritters (which were delicious. I inhaled the whole thing and just about licked the plate clean), but there was another option, a Kimchi Smash. It looked interesting, but I didn’t choose it. I should pick it next time?

  13. We don’t have 👍 anymore so I will write that I am enjoying reading how people are filling in the “silly season”. It’s a No Christmas for us, but it creeps in, doesn’t it. I already ate the box of ferrero roche that I bought for visitors. 😶

  14. Well I’ve made it through the rough part of December. I’m done with all my appointments and scans and tests and doctor’s visits. I visited my best friend, down in the city, last week. I checked out this night-time light festival at the local Uni campus, a friend of mine shouted me a ticket to the “Infamous” adults only cabaret circus show, I saw the new “Star Wars” film (wasn’t bad. Didn’t love it), I’ve done all my Christmas shopping and delivered a few of them today. Hell, I don’t even have another Centrelink appointment until January.

    I’m broke, yeah, but I feel like I’ve reached the part of December where I can actually sit back and just chill for a bit. Catch up on my TV (I’ve recorded all these movies on my Foxtel device, recently, but I haven’t had time to watch any) and reading (I borrowed a stack of books out of the library to get me through the lull period between Christmas and NYE).

  15. We are almost over the Christmas list..
    Saturday; regular breakfast date with Woolif and my sister.
    Sunday; go with family: kids, grandkids, sister, nieces and great niece and nephews to an outdoor picnic/ movie of Abominables.
    Monday; haircut, take grandson to town to choose his Christmas present.
    Tuesday; big day out in Perth taking L&A to the White Christmas Party at Xtreme Ice Skating, lunch, Wizard theme Escape Room in Fremantle.

  16. I’ve got a bunch of summer time books arriving from Book Depository. I’m getting a little anxious because they are not here yet and there are only two business days left.
    I took the girls shopping early this morning. It was so crowded we have vowed not to go back, even to replace the Tim Tams that we “bought” for visitors.
    I’m going to live out of my freezer, so vegan, here I come.

    • I’m all for more feminism and diversity on tv. There truly is not enough of it on Australian tv.
      However, MC has always been one of the better shows for showcasing how lovely and multicultural we are.
      Channel 10 does itself no favours by allowing the new judge to talk in public like this. It’s almost like they are trying to distract us from the actual scandal that was. Cynic, too much?
      It just makes me go “Uhhhg” and face palm.

      • “It’s almost like they are trying to distract us from the actual scandal that was.”

        Yeah, honestly, that was my first thought as well.

    • Well…no guesses that the white male will be the first eliminated and then the over 40 woman. All in the name of diversity of course.

  17. There’s nothing in the MKR promos to make me ever watch it again.

    The producers appalling plan seems to be~ “Let’s find the biggest pack of talentless bastards we can and put them in a kitchen…………and let them fight”

    Sophia Pou? Champion? Loved? In some sick alternate reality maybe. Braces is a deal breaker for starters. IVF sob story makes you a great cook? Sick puppies.

    • I can’t believe they are still rehashing this rubbish, and MKR is worse. You can only refry a buble and squak so many times before it’s time to make a fresh roast.
      It’s the phoniness I hate.

  18. This was our drive across the Hay plains, which is hundreds of kms from any fires. Can’t imagine what it’s like for people in bushfire-affected areas.

    • Lol. It’s in the Riverina, so only 3.5 hrs drive from Canberra, but from Adelaide to here the nine-hour drive is flat as a tack and nothing to see. When I was young I used to live somewhere more remote and if I wanted multigrain bread I had to drive two hours to buy it

      • Where my Auntie, Uncle and cousins lived, they would have had to make their own. It was about 50 miles to their letterbox. It sounds unbelievable, but I checked my facts.

      • I’m sure the 9 hour drive isn’t pleasant … but it does sound wonderfully remote. I’m not sure I’d want to live that far away, but it’d be nice for a holiday.

  19. I’ve been to Narrandera and done the haunted Hay Plains. Weird mists et al. We thought we saw a real UFO, there….but just too stoned. Just a plane but the terrain is so flat it makes optical illusions. You had to feel the fear. Bats, too, that fly six inches from your face. Campfire time.. Say no to drugs,gice. Grenfell, where Henry Lawson came from is real outback stuff. We pulled a sheep out of a dam , saved it’s life.

  20. Happy Christmas to everyone. Hope all are safe and well over the holidays, and always.

    Due to circumstances beyond my control, I have to do shopping for my Christmas dinner tomorrow :(. Ordinarily I would never enter a shop on Christmas eve, so that should be interesting. My dinner menu is not too extensive, but dog and I do have our traditional meal and treats to look forward to. As long as I have a bottle of champagne and some chicken, ham, and salad, I’ll be happy.

    Does anyone else have a compulsions to have the whole house clean for Christmas, even if no one is coming over?

    • Haha. I always have that compulsion, Von. And happy Christmas to you and everyone 3lse on ttv. A huge Merry Christmas and big thankyou to Jilleroo Juz.

  21. I went to the shops to buy my ice-cream and tonic water and came away with two mangoes instead. I plan on closing the blinds so that I can stand over the sink, unseen, to eat them both, juice running down my chin, and no sharing. Colour me, thinking skinny thoughts.
    I don’t clean the house (life’s too short and the girls and the dogs make it an uphill battle) but I do do a throw out. There is something joyous about an empty cupboard, a full recycled bin, and bags of books ready for Lifeline.
    There’s no point in complaining about the smoke here but it has been going on so long that there are no tomatoes on my tomato plants. I wonder if this is how the dinosaurs really died.
    It doesn’t photograph well but the sun is a complete and beautiful deep orange.

    • An enjoyable morning read.
      Two of the grandkids are here (diff Don and Dil ones) and we are making today Christmas. All the good chocolates and nuts were put out last night amid a few decorations and we have presents and watched Krampus. We did presents last night because we have to leave early today to head to Perth for the ice skating and Escape Room.

      On another note, I have had a bit of fun lately posting a few old photos of my parents and grandparents with a little bit of story on a FB site called Perth Reflects. It’s a place for nostalgia

  22. Happy Xmas to all at ttv from bdd and Iggy.

    I’ ve got a bottle of blue ruin and a pile of drugs. What’s not to like?

    • Okay, Dave, what is blue ruin? Blue Nun? Curacao? Blueberry Fanta? Give Iggy an ear scritch from me. I’m not a hugger, but here’s a hearty handshake for you )))). 🙂

      • It was called blue ruin in Jack The Ripper’s time.Gin aka Mother’s ruin. Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin. I’m not a hugger, either. Freaks me out. Handshake is fine, Von. Appreciate your support.. Iggy’s had a lot of treats.

        Now for the weed and Valium. It’s a fuckin’ stressful time of year.

        I bought two roast chickens for $3 each. Isn’t life wonderful?

  23. $como’s Xmas message was some of the best comedy I’ve seen all year.

    Should he really be smiling (his wife, too) talking about bushfires? Talk about having his finger on the pulse. He’s alright, Jack.

    • Did you hear Barnaby Joyce’s message? My gosh, that man is a lunatic. I imagine he’d consumed quite a lot of alcohol before he hit “send” on that one.

      The funniest part was listening to him ranting about how the government was always in of his business … yeah, Barnaby, I’m sure your secretary was thinking that, too, about two years ago.

  24. I’m back from Christmas lunch with my family.

    Two cool things happened. The first? My cousin’s daughter was chatting to another cousin and her newlywed husband, and then the girl walks over to me. “Are you married, Pete?” I tell her that, no, I wasn’t. Then she just looks me square in the eyes and says, “You should find a girlfriend!” and then just walks away. I didn’t say anything, I just laughed. Although I did mention that to her father, later on (and he mentioned that his sister had a girlfriend, which I was surprised to learn).

    The second thing was the Christmas crackers were a bit fancy, but they were amazing. They had (small, cheap) magic tricks in them. The one I got had this little dice trick, where you shake a little plastic container, and a big dice explodes into 4 tiny little dice. It took me a little while to figure out the trick (because the instructions weren’t terribly helpful), but man. Now that I’ve figured it out, it is the coolest thing ever, and really was the highlight of the day.

  25. Happy Festivus to everyone. I often work Christmas Day so it was lovely not to this year. And my brother-in-law cooked this amazing pork belly

  26. I had a pleasant Christmas Day. I’m going to see Star Wars tomorrow with the family. My expectations are not high so it should all be good.
    I’ve spent today watching Virgin River, thanks to whoever recommended it. Did you call it a warm bath? And so it is.

    • Have fun, Bobi.
      Can you believe it? I binge watched Witcher on Netflix and thoroughly enjoyed it. Fantasy usually holds no interest for me but I got into the story and sub-stories You need to pay attention though.
      Plus, Witcher, with his Mr Ed hair and grunt, is kind of sizzling as is Yennifer.

      Now we are watching Loaded from the comedy section.

      • I am trying to give Witcher a go. I am struggling.
        I am distracted by the fact that it’s Superman (and a very handsome one). There is no getting lost in the story for me.

  27. I haven’t watched Superman since the 50s, so I didn’t have that problem.

    Loaded was disappointing. I enjoyed the movie Worlds Apart on sbs, but that might have been because I could relate to being in, leaving a cult (of the Hillsong kind).

  28. How is everyone handling ths post Christmas blues? I’m a lucky duck but I’ve been feeling the doldrums breathing in my face. I think I am flat after dealing with a monster year.
    2019 has been by far the worst year of my life so I am looking forward to 2020 for a fresh start. 🌸🏵💐🌼🌻🌺🏵💮
    The two grandkids took to ice-skating like …..a frog loves rain. So we are taking them again on the 8th.

  29. A family of tawny frogmouths has moved into my local dog park, so I took my camera today and got a couple of great shots. There’s normally a family of four, but I could only see three, today.

    • The one on the right is giving you the stink eye for intruding on their private branch-sitting time. It’s a beautiful shot, Windsong.

      And Chloe is a gorgeous blue heeler/something else.

      • I know, he’s totally judging me for taking a photo of him.

        There’s kelpie, in Chloe, you can tell because of the big floppy black ears.

    • Beautiful photos. I love tawny’s. They are my favourite bird (apart from Magpies), so my second favourite bird. I’ve only seen them at the wildlife zoo in Port Douglas. Mum and I used to go there for coffee and they were flying free.
      Chloe is a gorgeous girl with a strong resemblance to a teddy bear I once owned.

  30. Love the pics. Love birds. I love Maggie’s and pink and greys. I even like the sound of crows. It’s a nostalgic childhood sound.

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