• I know, tribal. That was ridiculous. I don’t like how tribals have become this extended discussion due to Probsts probing. Production knows voting plans and if they don’t like expected outcome get Jeffy to work on them. Jpag did it too.

      • You might be on to something there, Polly.It might be a strategy to upset plans.
        But it doesn’t take much to light Maura’s fuse. Cuckoo. Funny how she was saying that “they” had tried to draw her in, when it had actually been completely her idea.

    • Most interesting thing about the family visit was Karishma virtually falling apart with her hubby, implying that she should not be there and she couldn’t cope. And then later, when the four “rejects” are left, she changes personality and becomes the leader of the Revenge party. Scary how she can turn any emotion on or off at will.

      Thank goodness we won’t see what she could have done.

    • Yeah – I agree Juz. I am not a Dean fan, but I can see what he was trying to do there. I don’t know if it will work, especially if Tommy rewards loyalty the way Dean himself does! Which is to say not at all.
      Crazy Noura was especially crazy this episode. wowee.

      • Having listened to RHAP I now realise Dean did not speak up earlier because it would have given people the chance to run around and ask more questions, potentially labelling him a trouble maker and moving the vote target to him. I listened to Karishma’s exit interview on RHAP and she was a delight. She said Survivor made her realise how much she had to appreciate in her life. I can see Dean in the final three as a no vote finalist

  1. Noura owes her survival to the fact that Tommy was able (in the pressure of all that rubbish discussion) to think ahead to future votes. Noura dug her own grave, but she was saved from being pushed into it.

    I loved the way they edited her rant on the beach, and Elaine, Karishma and Dean’s reactions to it. Elaine’s gentle “you’re getting off track a little here” was so beautifully understated. Clearly her rant there contributed to those three never really trusting that she would flip, or that she wouldn’t give the game away. As it turns out, they were 100% right on both cases.

    Loved Janet this episode, and I now feel that if she gets to the end and possibly wins, it may be on her own game play, and not because of the metoo storm in a teacup. I hope that is the way it plays out.

    The promo implies that Tommy betrays Janet, but his comment there could apply to any of the females. Very easy for the editors to link the two random comments together to give that impression. Find out next week who Tommy was actually referring to.

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