Australian Survivor All Stars finale

Well, here we are already. Noooo! What will distract us from our self-isolation?

We are down to the Golden God, Moana and Sharn.

Who’d have thought that Dave would have lasted this long … I know the rest of the cast did not see his whole season but they had seen enough to know what he was capable of.


GG should win the final challenge (the usual endurance one of standing In a painful position until you can’t hack it). But stranger things have happened – remember the moment Lee fell and Kristie won the challenge after six hours? It was a heart-stopping moment.

Who do you WANT to win and who do you think WILL win?

The finale screens at 7.30pm on Ten with the reunion show at 9.30pm.



  1. I tend to think — and I’m assuming that I’m not alone, on this point — that whoever wins the endurance challenge will take home the prize money (if Dave wins, he’ll pick Sharn. If Mo wins, she’ll pick Sharn. The great thing about Sharn is that she’s the best kind of goat — we know she’s hopeless in front of a jury, and she’s betrayed and annoyed just about every single player in the game — but she has a built-in excuse. “Taking Sharn wasn’t an easy, lazy choice. She came second last time, she’s a massive chance of winning!” and no she’s not, but we’ll just pretend).

    OTOH, if Sharn wins, whoever she takes to the end will win. I don’t see it happening any other way. It comes down to endurance. I haven’t been impressed by Mo’s track record at challenges, so I think Dave probably has better odds. But stranger things have happened.

  2. I don’t want Dave to win but he should win.
    He has played the game well.
    Some days I have been in awe.
    I was just so disappointed in him sending the beard home. No loyalty. You know, that thing he keeps talking about.
    I just can’t see what Mo has done to be in the final three. And enough said about Sharn.

    • This.
      I’m not really David fan, but he has played a pretty good game. Can’t see him losing from here.

    • I don’t remember hearing Dave talk about loyalty at all. Certainly I think he surprised himself with the depth of the friendships he made, but he always spoke with expectation that sometime he (and the others) would have to turn on each other. He went into the relationship with Mo fully intending to use her as a shield, as she did him, yet somehow they become very close over time. Tarzan should have been expecting to go at that stage. He really was too lovely and wonderful for the game and was only at five because everyone loved him.

  3. Sharn, days 1 through 48: “I’ll promise anything to anyone, and immediately betray them without a second thought, just to stay in the game.”

    Sharn, day 49: “Dave made a promise, to me, and I think he should keep it.”

  4. You know, I kind of hoped that tonight, we’d get an aggressively-hostile jury, and I think it’s looking good, so far. People seem kind of annoyed at Sharn, and I definitely don’t blame them.

    Sharn’s opening speech was, frankly, baffling.

    “I was the puppet master.” Really, Sharn? Really? I liked that even David did a mild double-take when he heard that. I absolutely think Sharn is claiming credit for things that she didn’t do, or just happened accidentally.

  5. She would have been better off saying to Shonee “I know I don’t have your vote and that’s ok”. Her jury management skills were poor

  6. Oh, major props to Brooke and Mo for calling out Sharn’s rubbish even as she was speaking it. This is what I was hoping, and hell, we haven’t even heard from Jacqui yet, and I have a feeling that she’s not exactly going to be gracious in defeat.

  7. So, that nutted out exactly how I figured it was going to nut out.

    It was a little disappointing, just because it was so predictable, but once David won that immunity challenge, there was really no other way it was going to go.

    Sharn’s speech bordered on absurd, and that definitely turned me off her. And the jury seemed to have no patience for her, either, constantly calling her out. You could see on her face, when Osher was reading out the votes, that she knew she’d lost. I imagine that one vote, for her, came from Tarzan (the one person who was probably angrier at David than her), but I can’t imagine anyone else voting for her over David. He was a very charismatic figure (and instead of golden god, can we call him the master of idols?).

    Isn’t the reunion show just bizarre? Jonathon, in Los Angeles, the cast in Sydney, and the Sharn in Melbourne, all having conversations with each other. Weird.

    • I presumed the vote was Harry. For me, that was the surprise of the night, that he seemed to be trying to lead her to a place of strength. My memory must be faulty regarding him. I don’t remember him being so close to her. Tarz might have been a bit angry about his elimination, but he would be scrupulously fair and reward the best player.

      • Clean Harry spends way too much time with Nick. The sad result is that he overthinks everything and doesn’t actually execute very well.

        Sharn described (even if it was utter bullshit) the kind of super-devious and super-strategic game that Harry adores. Neither of them seem to understand that no-one ever wins playing that game. Harry voted for Sharn because he wants to believe that game can win.

      • Okay, I blew that completely. According to Wikipedia Moana voted for Sharn. I’m afraid that lowers my opinion of Moana massively.

        • Oh, did she?


          So she ended up being less annoyed at Sharn than Dave. That’s about the only explanation I can think of.

          Although I respect Harry a lot more.

          • If David had taken Mo with him, Sharn (and others) would have torn Mo apart in pretty much the same way that Sharn was torn apart. It wouldn’t have been quite the public flogging that Sharn got, but it would have been close.

            I just don’t see Mo as having played a very good game. Dave and Shonee stole all her minions without Mo even realising it had happened. She disbelieved Tarz about the whisper because it interfered with her self-image as the controlling player. She was feeble in challenges and spent a whole lot of time asleep at camp, waking up only to mention how she was in complete control before nodding off again.

            And I’m afraid I see voting for Sharn after the question she’d put to Sharn herself as ludicrous.

        • Oh, so she was pissed off when she said to Dave, “What makes you think you deserve it more?”
          Moana was closer to Sharne than they showed us I think but she did have a “Sharne can do no wrong” view. Did they show the rest of the votes? I stopped watching after the good result.

          I bet Sharne gets made to watch her terrible jury inquiry by her bosses. She absolutely drowned when asked about naming Mo. It was like watching a 7year old caught out, then trying to lie their way out with an absurd lie.

          • “Did they show the rest of the votes?”

            They didn’t need to. If more people had voted for Sharn, then they would’ve showed them to the viewers, just to drag out the count, and make it a bit closer and more tense.

            But if they only showed one vote, for Sharn, then I think it’s a comfortable assumption that she only got one.

        • I had seen some pics of Sharn and Mo together before and had read somewhere that they were real life friends. That’s why I was speculating she voted for her. Mo definitely made sure Sharn was exposed at jury and called her out – guaranteeing no other votes – but I think purely as a friend she voted for her.

    • I assumed it was Mo, as a friendship out of the game thing. Not for deserved. Especially after we saw Mo at Sharn’s house. . I did feel sorry for her but oh my I would never engage her as my barrister! Yikes. She really, really, really cannot read the room. To even vacillate over AK’s offer doomed her. If she had said – “get stuffed, I’m backing myself” she might have had a chance.But to flip flop at this vital time – lost his vote instantly.

      • Indeed. She waffled on for quite some time over that. And I almost lost count of the number of times she said, “But…” while she was talking. If she’d been able to successfully bluff that she’d played a good game (you know, if she’d actually been confident in how she played the game. I think that’s why Harry was trying to encourage to “own” her moves), she might’ve still had his vote.

        But she was nervous and hesitant, and decided to lie through her teeth for most of her speech, so she didn’t even sound all that confident.

        • To be fair, I think the edit made her look like she waffled longer than in reality. But she needed to be lightning quick, and respond instantly…and she didn’t.

  8. That was an awkward plea to the jury but the nail in Sharne’s coffin was her trying to lie to the jury that she was “just testing Tarzan”. It made her look stupid. You could see dusgust on their faces. Let’s face it. Sharne just isn’t likeable and good strategizing on Survivor isn’t just about being a liar. Well it is quite a bit, but there are lies, then there are lies that make you look stupid and slimey.

    • When someone (one of the girls) stated plainly that she had lied to so many and turned them off, you could see in her face that she knew then that she had failed again. It is surprising that she did not have the awareness to realise that constantly betraying rock-solid promises would not go down well.

    • Absolutely. Lying through your teeth to people is part of the “Survivor” game, and it’s possible but unlikely that you can make it to the end without telling a fib to at least somebody.

      But there’s a responsibility to take it seriously. You’re ruining people’s lives for the sake of advancing your own. You might as well have the stones to admit it, and take it seriously. I’m not sure I believe how genuine Dave was, whenever he got teary talking about ending Tarzan’s and Mo’s games … but, again, at least he tried to apologise. Sharn spent the whole game cutting deals with *anyone* just to get forward, without thinking twice about them (and then attempting to rewrite history with, “Oh, but I was in control the whole time”. That was particularly grating).

  9. I was so glad that Tarzan brought up the whisper. I went back to look at it again (because I couldn’t believe that Mo missed it because I thought Sharn said it out loud) and Sharn did mouth/whisper it over Mo’s head, and the reason Mo didn’t see it was that she had her eyes closed and was rolling her head around like you do if your neck is sore.

    From her reaction at TC, I believe that Mo now had been convinced by Tarz about it. I love the way she phrased her question – a gentle voice leading softly down the garden the path, and then the sting in the tail. And Sharn had nowhere to go. She is not too bad in thinking up excuses on the spot, the trouble is that her excuses are rubbish and collapse under scrutiny.

    Sharn’s speech was slightly better than last time, but she was still shaky at the start and the whole thing was too formal and lacked specificity. David demolished her whole argument in his first three words, slightly mocking her treating them as a real jury. His own performance wasn’t flawless, and I think he neglected to mention a lot of specific moves, but I was impressed by his memory and the way he was able to state exactly what happened with each move after merge.

    • “I was so glad that Tarzan brought up the whisper.”

      I am too. That really was the part where any remaining faith, anybody had in Sharn, just sank without a trace. Watching that at the time, Sharn was panicking (because AK’s plan of drawing rocks was looking increasingly likely). To then tell the jury, “Oh but I was completely in control of that situation and I was secretly testing Tarzan” was just rubbish and they all knew it.

      And didn’t Mo know how to go for the jugular? “So you’re telling us that your biggest move in the game was to do absolutely nothing?” Ouch. I feel like Mo’s vote was definitely a case of, “Who do I dislike the least, right now?”

      I agree with you that Sharn’s speech started pretty poorly. Her voice sounded shaky, you could hear the nerves. For someone who’s done this before (not to mention, for someone who does this for a living), she still seemed really uncomfortable … but maybe Sharn was finally starting to realise how flawed her game-play was, because (with one exception) the entire jury was hostile against her.

      • I was thrilled that the whisper came out. GOOD on Tarzan for calling it out.
        But – ouch – what a patently implausible lie.

  10. The reunion wasn’t entirely successful, but maybe to be expected. I hadn’t thought that so many would be absent, and it really needed Mat. Way too much time spent with “fan-unfavourite” Shonee. Had to laugh at her passing judgement on Dave’s cockiness – same level of cockiness without the redeeming features.

    While Osher is a good presenter he didn’t have enough detailed knowledge to ask penetrating enough questions. I suppose I want to hear the contestants talking more, but too many were missing.

    • I missed Mat, and I also missed Jericho and Mo (at least we heard a little from Mo on the video-link from Melbourne).

      • I know. Everything will be delayed for a LONG while now 🙁
        Mind you – no one can beat the Golden God’s legacy, so probably a respectful pause is fitting. Don’t @ me!

          • The problem is, as Sandra found, that you are instantly marked as the outsider. In the game you have to avoid anything that put you outside the group. I would love to see, though, if David could get around that. I suspect he might.

  11. Sharn said in not so many words, that Dave won because he was a pretty boy.
    And she played a sophisticated game.
    Still delusional.

    • Yeah, it’s hard to tell whether she actually believes that she played an awesome game, or she’s just clinging to a hope that her strategy wasn’t *that* awful (it was) and Dave only won because of a jawline that could slice through a diamond.

      But, like we said upthread, she didn’t even sound confident. And if “Survivor” juries can do one thing, it’s sniff out bullsh*t.

      I wonder if Sharn could’ve turned the jury around at all. Like, if she’d come across differently (with a little more confidence or honestly), maybe she could’ve picked up a few more votes? Or … was the damage already done, and her game strategy was a guaranteed loss right from day one.

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