1. I’ll probably talking to myself tonight about the finals (the ultimate echo chamber), but it seems to two most worthy teams have made it through. So glad Mark didn’t make the cut and I’ll be happy to see the back of Romel and his “strategic voting”.

  2. Sorry LP and Dave, I was distracted during the finale, and then when the end was disrupted by the PM’s press conference, I gave up.
    Happy with the result and wish Jake and Elle all the luck in the future … they’ll need it.
    As for Dan and Steph, they didn’t shows any lovable characteristics this season. In fact I think their greed outshone their appeal to the general public.
    I think this is the end of MKR. More than a few times I yelled at the TV due to Romel, Mark, Roula, Whats-his-name’s faux drama. WE WANT COOKING.

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