1. Yes, yes yes!
    Hiow self-deluded, conveniently forgetting that this person would not have even made merge without intervention.

    • She bragged about being at exile twice. 😂😂😂. That just means she was voted out twice before. The first time they producers turned it into a mere sleepover. The second time she didn’t have to do much to wriggle back. “Boop boop de doo” Such cuteness. Vom.

  2. Look, as obnoxious and irritating as Shonee always was … I’m still more annoyed by Sharn, who’s been playing a wishy-washy game since day dot. I think Sharn is playing a very dangerous game, with a huge risk that, at the end of this? Nobody will be on her side and nobody will respect her game resume. Like, Sharn’s plan is to take David to the end … but I think everybody else’s plan is to take her to the end, and there’s a good reason for that.

    I suppose tomorrow night, it’s AK or Brooke going home.

    Gosh, wouldn’t it be out of left field if Tarzan won the prize money?

    • I don’t think anyone sees AK as a threat. THe second Brooke doesn’t win an immunity she is gone.

  3. Was there any doubt Brooke would win that challenge? She is always a beast at the “hanging around” endurance ones

  4. Yes! That sneering snotty, snobby, whiny producers pet finally has her just desserts.
    I guess Brooke is next, if she doesn’t win immunity. Sharn is all over the shop though so anything could happen.

  5. I’d really like to know her logic on that one! David a shield?
    Although in saying that, she wants to go to the end with Mo….but has she got any support from the jury…nup!

    • If David makes the final he wins, especially if he is sitting beside Sharn. He has to win a lot of immunities but his only rival in physical challenges is Brooke, and there will be some more puzzle challenges before the final where David is very strong. He has to play the idol next time he doesn’t have immunity. Now would be a very good time to find another one.

      Mo declined massively in my estimate when she wrote off Tarzan’s story because she didn’t want to believe it.

      I think Sharn’s strategies are things she produces off the cuff when she votes.

      • Sharn – logic? What language are you speaking?
        I couldn’t get her saying last time she played overt and now she’s being covert. WHAT?
        Last time I thought she played really well. This time?? Yikes.

        • Of all of them, Sharn is the one I’d most like to be sitting next to, in front of the jury. For a start, we know she’s useless is front of juries, and secondly, the only noteworthy thing she’s done the whole entire game is leave everybody baffled by really doing nothing at all yet thinking she’s in control.

          • oh for sure Wind – Dave should get rid of Brooke (genuine threat) and AK (only for votes from his mates, not because he would deserve them).
            Tarzan would still vote his way I reckon, no one seems to like Mo (although I can’t help but notice how much positive spin she’s been given) and Sharn could never, ever get the votes. Sharn is the surest bet to gather zero votes! – I literally can’t think of ANYONE who would vote her way.

      • Yeah I didn’t like Mo saying Tarzan was lying either.
        Surely David is looking hard for an idol?

        • She didn’t say he was lying, she said there must have been some miscommunication.

          However (and I need to look again) but I thought Sharn said it out loud, over the top of Mo, to Tarzan. I don’t know how she could have missed it.

          We also don’t know if Tarzan convinced Mo in the end. He was very adamant, he had no agenda to make it up, and he plays with integrity. That must have at least put some doubt in Mo’s mind about Sharn.

      • Perhaps Mo, is thinking she wants to keep Sharne for her final 3. The trouble with Mo’s secret play of making moves without anyone knowing, is that when it comes to the final jury vote, they still won’t see what she did. If she is really good at be a quite influencer, no one would have seen it.

        • Yes, she now has to start tooting her horn a bit or nobody will know how much she influenced David until they view the show back.

  6. I think only Dave or Brooke can now win. Mo’s “enemies” are all on the jury, whereas Dave still maintains social relationships with rivals. Brooke will go on an immunity streak and AK will be voted out next.
    I have come around on Shonee. I wasn’t a fan in her season but I have enjoyed seeing her social play

    • oh, was Shonee a social player? I didn’t realise. I wish someone had mentioned it!

      I do agree she played WAY better this time.

      Also agree about the win too – I think David needs another idol or a challenge win to get there,as NO ONE wants him at the end. Mo is getting a very strong positive edit though – disabled sister, poor mother, etc. But like you, I can’t see her getting the votes.

  7. If David is in the final 2, he will win.
    There was mention on Facebook that he was watching with who’s-that-guy-he-should-have-played-the-idol-for-and-didn’t, so they are still friends.
    His talent is in knifing people and still remaining on good terms.
    Sharn’s talent is in looking at people sideways and being instantly hated.
    There’s no point in getting to the end and having a jury full of enemies.
    If anyone remaining wants to win, David has to go.
    I roll my eyes at the stupidity of these people.

  8. If I remember correctly, Sharn lost jury votes last time because of flipping on people she had given her word to, I don’t think she has learned anything. On the other hand, Dave learned from his mistakes last season an consequently is playing such a good game this time round.
    Shonnee stated going to exile island twice as a plus for her as an all star, the way I see it if your game is social and you get voted out more than once you’re doing something wrong. I’m very glad to see the her finally get her torch snuffed.

    • No idea why, but I have a strange unexplained feeling that Shonee will be not be voting for Sharn. Spooky!

      • None of the yellow-three will be, and I doubt Jacqui would either, given how quickly she threw her under the bus. That’s 4 votes she’s lost. If she loses another vote, then she can’t win the prize money.

        Good thing all those losers aren’t going to be hanging out for the next couple of weeks, convincing each other who they should and shouldn’t be voting for, right?

    • Interestingly Dave hasn’t flipped on his core alliance. If I am correct ed he only went for people who flipped against him.

      • I think he has had a bit of luck there. He keeps saying he is out for revenge, but some of the revenge moves have fallen into his lap. In this way, Mo has been the perfect partner, because they would decide on the same person at the same time, without consulting, and then both be delighted when they discovered a mutually beneficial victim. As each of them had a little posse, together they formed two halves of an alliance.

        Basically it ended up being what Dave and Mat had established way back at the wonderful tribal. When Mat went and his posse was decimated, Mo slotted into the same role.

    • I do feel Sharn was affected in her first season because many of the players were not watchers of the show – shades of the old “mateship” vibe

      • See Sharn to me played a stronger game first time than this. I thought she deserved more votes than Shane, even though I was happy with the Shane win.

        • Yes, Sharn should have won that season, although kudos to Shane for bucking the trend of the “old woman” being an early boot. But a lot of people on the jury were not avid Survivor fans and did not admire aspects of Sharon’s gain that would be lauded In US Survivor

  9. JLap spent a lot of time asking each of them, did they know who they wanted to sit next to at the end. Dave is in prime position for this question as he can say “yes” about any person left and mean it. He promised Sharn, and for some reason she seems to have no realisation that Dave is totally genuine about it because she would have no hope against him. It feels like she has fallen for his “I want to sit next to the best player” ploy.

    Shonee’s face was priceless when the last vote was read. No acting there, just real shock that Sharn flipped back. I suppose that it was because Sharn would not have flipped if she was playing the game well. Shonee thought Sharn was smarter than that.

  10. What happened in the Episodd 20 immunity challenge?? One minute both David and Brooke are above the white markers and then 45mins in, they are both below the white markers. Please help me understand what is going on here. The challenge was supposed to be about rising above the markers and then somehow they have both slipped to below the white markers. I’m completely lost. Please explain 🙀

  11. See? That’s why I wanted Brooke to go on an immunity rampage … just to watch the smug green-alliance disintegrate.

    Keep winning, Brooke. I’m with you.

    • She could easily win all the challenges up until the end. I still hope they will do that challenge where they lie in the water as the tide comes in. Always epic to watch

  12. Oh boo hoo. I liked Tarzan. Too bad David isn’t better at reading the room. He could have saved his idol.
    So who voted Tarzan?

      • Wrong move. He should have saved him. But Tarzan is a likeable guy. Maybe he saw him as more threat than brother or father figure.

        • If he had sent Sharn or Mo home he would have been at 2 v 2 with no guarantees, a Sharn-level betrayal on his resumé, and the alarming prospect of Tarzan making fire to survive. So at the end of the next tribal he’s almost certainly in a minority of 1 v 2 anyway.

          He still lacks guarantees unless he wins immunity challenges but he has a slight chance of working with Mo or Sharn to make the final.

      • This one just feels wrong to me.
        More like an actual betrayal.
        It also makes me wonder if there isn’t a gender bias in the viewing audience. If Mo or Sharn had turned against their nearest and dearest like this, I image that the backlash would be a tsunami but, for Dave, it’s just game playing.

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