Isolation chat with Bobi

From Juz: Many thanks to Bobi and Daisy, who keep me so well supplied with chat threads. Apologies for not publishing your last lot. It’s been a madhouse here with Mr Juz and I working from home, my hours being cut due to media industry changes and trying to home school Mr 8.

Our suburb is in the local government area that has the highest percentage of Coronavirus cases (damn those Ruby Princess people).

But now school holidays are here so hopefully that takes the pressure off a bit. And we are lucky to have a lovely backyard with a swing and mini ninja course for Mr 8 to burn off energy. I even bought myself rollerblades today to encourage myself to exercise more.
Tonight Mr 8 taught his grandparents interstate how to use Zoom for video meetings and did a great job, until they were slow to click something and he typed “you have 0% brain power” and sent it to them.
And Mr Juz scored toilet paper by chance at Big W, so he is now the richest man in Adelaide.

Hope you are all coping with the new world order. Over to Bobi

Juz xo


Now that Survivor is over, (and how good was this season? Although I still reckon Boston Rob would have beaten the GG), I am choosing to watch calming meditative shows. 

Truthfully, I can’t wait for MasterChef. I take back everything I said when I heard that they were going to do a reboot. I am so excited to see the best of the best, after some experience and training, competing against each other. 

But apart from that, I am being calmed by watching reruns of my favourite shows.

The ABC (I use iView) have started reruns of The IT Crowd from the beginning. This is the best of shows. This is just everything all at once, mainly it is based on truth. A bit like The Office (the English version) but less painful. 

IQ is, of course, every one’s go to, except for the episodes that star Jeremy Clarkson. That man is unbearable. I asked someone once why he watched Top Gear and he said it was because old Jeremy was so funny. No. No. He just isn’t. 

Have I mentioned Tiger King on Netflix. I cannot even begin to describe. If you have Netflix, you just must. There are no words. Did you know that there are more tigers in captivity in American backyards than in the wild? The whole American culture is weird. 

And lastly, because I spend a lot of time on my own at the moment, I go for shows that speak just to me, while kind of keep me company. I especially like the company of Bob Ross. Although you can find him on Netflix, he is also all over YouTube. This man is hypnotic. His painting are beyond dull but it is meditation. 

Okay, not last because it never is. I listen to music – 1970s. Only the best.



  1. Thanks, Juz. Rollerblades? Will you post some video, please :).

    And thanks, Bobi. I have no idea what I’ve been watching. I seem to have the attention span of a frozen pea lately. I was trying to keep a little journal of what is happening now, but I was boring myself silly reading what I wrote. I’ll try some easy gardening, weeding and pruning, because I probably just need to get outside for more than walks. Oh, watching new episodes of Bluey does lift my spirits.

    That cat has boobs.

  2. Von, I stopped writing my journal when I just froze up last year, but I have been about to start writing again. The Apocalypse needs recording for future generations. 🤞

    Bobi, I agree whole-heartedly on IT Crowd. My absolute favourite episode is the one where they go to the concert with the “not gay” boyfriend and get stuck in the rezt room. I shall say no more.

    I have been keeping busy and have plenty to do. I thought I wasn’t freaking out until a couple of small cold sores popped out on my lip to suggest I am a tad worried about this whole economic collapse thingy. But maybe Scott Morrison is telling the truth. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 To get my mind off ABC news for awhile, I have been soaking up some green fields and thatched roofs in Escape to the Country. I have also got my music set up outside.

    Speaking of Escape, Harry and Maggie have started burrowing out and going on lovely little adventures. I guess they don’t like social isolation afterall. I’d be happy for them to go off because they come back, but I have neighbours who keep telling me they’re out. Too bad. They always come back happy and exhausted, with a “Na na na na nam we’ve been out and you haven’t”. Woolif has now put new batteries in their collars. Sorry, kids.

    Bobi, thanks for the thread. 😁

  3. So I awoke to a dog crying pitifully… and daylight saving. Tah Dah!
    Who saw that coming?
    Or is it just my house and I have got it wrong (scary music plays).

    • To over share, he won’t poop in his own backyard.
      Therefore, there it is an absolute necessity that he get a walk first thing in the morning.
      And there is a lot of poop. I am assuming it could come with a tummy ache.

  4. I’m really proud of myself for keeping occupied (and sane) during the quarantine. I’ve been writing again (which is slow going, but every word is more progress than I’ve made in months and months. I’m working at a comfortable pace for me). I’m working my way through a couple of TV shows, and I have all these movies that I recorded from Foxtel that I’ve never sat down and actually watched, and now I have all the time in the world. I have a pile of books and a pile of Lego sets that I’ve barely needed to crack into yet, because I’ve been keeping occupied in other ways. I’ve sorted and cleaned some things that I’ve been meaning to get to, for ages now. Today I’m going to take some time to shoot off a couple of emails.

    Like, I’m really doing okay. Sure, I miss going out for a nice lunch (I miss milkshakes. I really just want to go to my local coffee bar and get one), and there’s that deep existential terror that I’ll never work again, but I’m handling this.

  5. With this isolation, I am now exercising more. So bored that I go for long walks or exercise at home.
    Dare not bake too much because I can’t find flours in my area!
    I am still waiting for my 2 littlelies (chooks) to lay eggs. Luckily I have 5 chooks altogether so I won’t be short on eggs.
    But I am bored because I don’t think I will be able to work until maybe August. If the govt advice is for anyone over 70 to stay at home still apply than I can’t work since I work with elderly.

    • What? 5 chooks now? When did that happen?
      What are their names?
      If you get more chooks, my grandmother had two sisters named Curly and Cocky. Indians/Sri Lankans have a habit of changing kids’ names. Cocky’s real name was Blossom, but apparently she was beautiful…like a peacock, so their dad called her Cocky.
      I had an Auntie Coral who was only ever called Bubbles, or Auntie Bubbles to us. I had an Auntie Crystal, only called Jill, Auntie Diamond called Di, Uncle Frank, only ever called Sonny or Sonny Boy…Uncle Sonny Boy, and Uncle Bill’s real name was Lincoln. My mum was Pearl and it stayed Pearl.
      My grandma was Grace, but called Dearie by everyone including grandkids. Her name was Grace Ethel Margeurite, Pop (Frank) called her GEM. He was the only person who didn’t call her Dearie and no one else called her GEM.
      Dearie and Pop had a son Jimmy who suffered from epilepsy and committed suicide at 17. Dearie also had a sister, Zenobia, called Ben.
      I did my ancestry, hoping that I would get lots of Indian/Sri Lankan blood (they don’t separate the two) but I was only 8% Indian and about %65 Irish, from Pop’s mum. Still, I was happy with the Oirish part.

      Oops. I did ramble. I got no FRIEeeeeends. Wah.

  6. Glad to hear you are writing again, WS. It’s such a positive thing.
    I am missing incidental exercise. You know, where you spend hours aimlessly searching bookstores for the next favourite author, and coffee in an actual cafe.
    I do Tai Chi and yoga but they are more meditative and, of course, the dog gets two walks a day now. Still that doesn’t make up for the lack of casual movement.
    I’m told that there is dancing on ABC radio at 11.00 am weekdays. I am putting it in my diary.
    And in the meantime, I am focused on finishing those half completed projects that have been lying around the house (and yay to that). I am feeling incredibly productive.
    And all those books I have yet to read.
    Plus I am brushing up on my sign language by watching news conferences.
    My ledger is about even at the moment on the good vs not so good sides of isolation. I am feeling weird but good.

    • “Glad to hear you are writing again, WS. It’s such a positive thing.”

      Thanks Bobi. For a creative type like me, it’s a release, it just feels good. And I’m taking it slowly. Despite the fact that we all have nothing but time, I think it’d be a mistake to put too much pressure on myself to be hyper-productive. I’m going slowly (I’m just up to the meat of the chapter, and I know, this is going to be a difficult few scenes to ger through), but it means I’m taking my time to do a good job.

      I have, however, cleaned and sorted, and watched a tonne of movies, and made it through all 47 episodes of “Kamen Rider Gaim”, which I loved.

  7. Public transport here will go on to Saturday timetables from tomorrow. That’s all right; for my bus to the shops, it will mean 15 minutes between buses instead of 5. How often I have to go to the shops depends on how well I can do with online shopping. Remember when grocery shopping was easy? Those were the days.

    My pharmacy hasn’t received its flu vaccinations yet, and haven’t worked out the protocol for administering them. There was a pharmacy giving flu shots on the news last nights. People were appropriately separated on chairs in a parking lot, with the chairs disinfected after each person. The ones giving injections were almost in full haz-mat gear, coveralls, masks, face shields, and gloves. Better than going to a doctor’s office I suppose.

    Anyone else finding themselves bursting into tears at the drop of a hat? I’m not much of a crier, but jesus, I’m leaky lately.

    • Oh wow.

      Where I am on the Sunshine Coast, our normal bus timetable *is* every 15 minutes (and that’s just on the major routes. Some of them, it’s a half hour wait between buses).

      I’m lucky that I have a Woolies practically across the road from my house. If I have to buy supplies, I don’t have to go far. It’s like, a two minute walk (five if I enjoy the sunshine and take my time).

      My poor pupper is elderly and doesn’t have much time left. I’ve been crying a bit about her, if that counts? I’m not good when pets die. I’m just, I’m just not good with that.

      • The bus I take is on one of the major routes into the city and was very busy – when lots of people worked in the city. If the bus has too many riders now, I’ll do the 15 minute walk to Woolies. But coming home is all uphill and, carrying groceries that far might be a trial.

        Of course being sad about your pupper counts, Windsong. I don’t think anyone handles the death of a pet very well. I hope your old girl and my old boy have more time left than we think.

  8. We are in week 3 now of the lockdown. I went out to the vet and then grocery shopping on Monday.
    And since Tuesday evening I have a sore throat and now a nice, dry cough started. Not sick enough though to get a test, just sit it out at home. Wheee. -.-
    So, I started watching Tiger King, I had to stop. The animal abuse is too much for me. The US is a weird country if private zoos like that aren’t illegal. I wanted to throw something at my tv.
    So, I checked Prime and subscribed to OCS, which is the French version of HBO minus some HBO shows but plus some other shows like Handmaid’s Tale. I started Euphoria, I love it. I also started Veep, I love it. I also started Westworld, oh wow! On Netflix we are currently watching Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) as the 4th season came out on Friday. Tokyo still has her shitty haircut. -.-

    Ah, yeah, my best friend who moved to the Netherlands apparently also caught the Corona virus, but same for her, no severe symptoms, no test. Sit it out tomorrow. Could just be a mean cold or so.
    My sister had to be tested last week because she is a policewoman. As there is such a backlog in Germany, she didn’t receive her results yet. So she is waiting since early last week. Her best friend went shopping for her, dropped everything off at the front door and left. My sister and her boyfriend plus her kids are basically now completely confined to their home.

    I tried to get an online shopping order done, but no chance, no delivery slots. Not even a pick and collect one at the store. So boyfriend has to go with mask and gloves on Tuesday. He doesn’t show symptoms, but as I have light ones, I do not want to risk anything.

    • Fingers crossed for you, Zhee.
      Sometimes I wake with a sore throat and a bit of a sniffle, thinking I have the virus but, truly, I think it is more likely to be the change of weather and, just quietly, I have taken up snoring. I put the heater on and it seems to dry the air.
      I would so like to watch Veep (it has been getting rave reviews here) but it is on a different streaming service. Disappointing.
      I have just tuned in to Adam Ruins Everything. That is a bit smart, and an eye opener. Cooking shows, obviously, are still my comfort place.
      I hope it all goes well for you and your family.

      • Thanks! <3

        We have spring now, so weather is getting warmer and a bit more dry. But tbh, the sore throat just persists, plus the stupid cough.

        My sis is still waiting for her results, she is gardening for now. 😉 And has her kids jump on the trampoline the whole day.^^ I miss them a lot, she wanted to come for Easter and stay over my birthday. But this is impossible now. 🙁 I hope we can see each other soon again.
        My other problem is that they are not doing the exams for now and I might have to stay longer in France. But, I cannot look for an apartment anyway now in Germany. I was looking forward to organize everything and at the moment, I am pretty much drifting around, I have absolutely no focus. 😉 I decided to play a bit on my computer but it started to encounter errors and freezes, this is what you get when that thing is 7 years old.^^ But I have a friend who picked out all new parts, going to order it and do something for the French economy. 😉 And then I can finally play Planet Zoo. And I HATE zoos. I truly do.

    • Good luck. 🙂 Sometimes they just do whatever they want. But if it persists, feel free to share the problems here. Perhaps some of us have an idea how to fix it.

      I will order new PC parts today (well, Mister here has to build it together, he is bored anyway). Mine is acting up and there is no fix for it. 🙁 It just gets worse with freezes and stuff. Time to say goodbye, but it served me well for 7 years. The new one will allow me to play Sims on highest settings (priorities!) as well as finally being able to play Planet Zoo and it is perfect for working with Photoshop then. 🙂 Woop woop.

      • I love The Sims.
        It is a bizarrely addictive game. I don’t understand why tho’. Some psychologists will have to explain that one to me.
        Can you imagine being a developer and pitching the idea?
        “So, we will have these cartoon characters build and then clean this cartoon house, and occasionally they will leave their house and go to another house”.
        Yea, nah. And yet ….

        • Well, Will Wright had the idea back then to present the players what the inhabitants of his SimCity simulations would be up to and called it a pixel dollhouse. The idea grew stronger when he lost his house in a bushfire. Basically lost everything and having to rebuild everything.

          I played the first Sims game in 2000. I was 18, my sis got it for her birthday from our mum. We were so addicted and our dad was getting constantly mad at us for using too much internet because there was already so much custom content. I enjoyed it a lot and with Sims 2 I started making my own custom content. 😀 I had a little website for it and also worked on a Sims magazine (nice money when you are still a student^^). Sims 3 was more of a building simulation to me then, I still did some CC, but it got less and I LOOOOOVED the World Editor in which you could build your own world from scratch. You could shape it the way you wanted, colour it etc. It was pretty extensive as you also had to make sure routing etc worked well. But I hated the look of the Sims, pancake faces! Plus the game’s performance was pretty bad. My PC was way above the requirements that were ideal and I still had lags etc.

          Sims 4, I loooooove the graphics. I do not mind the clay hair. But, I do not use the gameplay aspect. I love building. I like the options you have to manipulate terrain. And it is super relaxing to me to furnish my builds and do the landscaping. 🙂 And yeah, I have ALL the games. I started calculating once, how much money I wasted on that franchise. I stopped and nearly cried.^^

          • I played Sim City, The Sims
            And even Sims University. But my fave computer game is a city builder called Pharaoh. Like Sim City but in Ancient Egyptian times, so you have slaves to harvest your crops from the river flood plains and build pyramids for you. Until you forget to pay tribute and a god sets fire to your granary.

  9. Been listening to days of Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones. I must have a thousand cd’s. No boredom for me. Now if I only had some toilet paper……

    ” Music is the best” Frank Zappa

  10. I’ve been listening to everything…almost.

    Yesterday I enjoyed Sweet Harmony by Maria Muldaur. My music collection spans time Dancing more is on my agenda.
    Today I’m hanging out by the pool in my undies. I’m trying to get vitamin D while it’s still free.

    Dave, music and sunshine. Yay.

  11. I’m watching 4 Corners on Amazon. Yikes. And voice assistant Alexa. No way. Creepy. Twilight Zone creepy.

    • Adam Ruins Everything did an episode on Amazon (still available on SBS) that came to the same conclusion but in a way that my grandkids could understand.
      You’ve got to indoctrinate those kiddies while they are young.

  12. One bastard who should be in isolation…George Pell.

    $hame om Australia’s “High Court and the world’s biggest paedophile club , the Catholic Church.

    Day of disgrace for our alleged “legal system”

  13. Normal things that I am doing; eatin sleeping, watching TV, swimming, laying by the pool, reading, listening to music, walking the dogs, pottery, writing, drawing, painting, shopping.

    Abnormal things; wearing a face mask, making face masks, swimming naked or in my undies, dancing on the patio and in the garden, shopping at strange hours, going out wearing a face mask and rubber gloves, avoiding my doctor, staying home most of the time, watching ABC most of the day (not this week), not going out for coffee, walking around the house in my undies…no wait. That’s on the other list. Cooking more.

    • Oh, and another different thing…wearing my trajammies. You can wear them to bed, go shopping then take them off and put them in the wash to remove viruses, then put on a fresh pair. It’s trackie you wear to bed. Well partial as I can’t sleep in pj pants.
      No…that does not mean I go shopping without pants.

      Yes, Dave. Home is nice. But I enjoy a jaunt to a beach or café too. So do Harry and Maggie.

  14. Why bother going shopping when there are teams/ busloads of folks clearing out supermarkets in country South Australia. Cask wine is being hoarded big time.

    These are small towns and it’s not locals doing the systematic looting and plundering.

    I won’t say which race……but they like wet markets. Baby Formula.

    If you see this call Crimestoppers. I’m disgusted.

    • Baby formula? Gotcha.

      Things are subdued and settled around my local supermarket and Farmers’ Mart, although the 1 and 1/2 meter rule isn’t getting through to the meatheads.
      It’s safer doing the Granny dash. The over 60 keep about 2m apart. They don’t want to die gasping for air…not even the smokers.
      I’m having a lazy day today. It’s hot and windy and Corona virus is probably blowing everywhere.

    • So now they have invaded your area. Few weeks back they were cleaning up the supermarkets in the small towns around Syd.

      They are organised crimes and Dutton was on them.

  15. Did my shopping today to avoid the crowd tomorrow. I am not happy Jan as everything cost more.

    The only thing that cheer me up today is one of my littlelies, Pepper laid her first egg! All the other chooks were very quiet waiting for her to pop it out.

  16. Today I cleaned, and I mean cleeeanef in some window rungs. Washed my sheets. We took the dogs for a walk. I found a good series called Killision. Dave you would like it. I streamed it from channel 9. I took nourishment and had a little visit with 2 grandkids, sitting on their front lawn.
    Now we have flopped and are lisrening to “Stayin’ Alive”. Coincidence.
    Time for B&B.
    Do you think we will develop agoraphobia from this? Like a budgie who doesn’t fly out when the cage is opened.
    Now playing; San Fransican Nights by the Animals I think.

  17. I received my government handout today, yay. It’s called “Economic Support” on Centrelink and bank statement.

    My local Woolies and Coles have started limiting how many customers in the store at one time. Sort of. I don’t know how they start out at opening time, but it’s just one out, one in. I asked the numbers lady at Woolies if there was a time limit, and she said no, then suggested I keep an eye on the numbers of people. Sigh. They need to instigate time limits and make the whole store one way. People are good at distancing at the checkouts, but are all higgledy piggledy in the aisles. And slow. There are too many family groups of mum and dad and kids. One parent should stay home with the kids, one should shop. Shopping is not an enjoyable family outing now, knock it off.

    The good news is that some chocolate was on special. Nothing else is. Vegetable prices are exorbitant. I rarely buy anything that is not on special and it’s putting my teeth on edge to pay full price for every damn thing.

    • They shouldn’t let family groups in. Only one parent should go in. I don’t know how single mums with small kids manage.

    • I got my $cotty Corona Hamper today, too. Coles $3 block.chocolate. Everything else is jacked up like the Mafia are running the supermarkets.

      Haven’t spent nuffin’. Scotty. I could find the Loch Ness Monster before I could locate some shithouse paper.

      • You think toilet paper is in short supply? Try finding a jigsaw puzzle.

        The puzzle aisles in all the local toy shops have been ransacked.

        At least someone’s making money during total social shutdown.

  18. Toilet paper is now freely available where I am.
    No detergent but plenty of shampoo. Can I wash my dishes in shampoo?
    No hairspray. I’m perplexed.
    I bought the kid chewing gum for Easter. Like they care.
    Fresh veggies are still the same price because everyone is still buying things with a long life.
    But you are right, there are no specials. Woollies is advertising that they are bringing back specials next week.
    I am up to spring cleaning my kitchen. Who needs 8 very well worn frypans? Things creep up on you. I am going to replace my saucepans with ones that can go in the oven. And when I say saucepan(s), I only have one after the Great Fire of that Australia Day long weekend.
    Kensington’s have a sale. I will buy as long as there is no delivery fee.
    I am still trying to focus on the fact that I am not bored. Seriously.

    • I’m trying not to be bored, and I’m doing a pretty good job, so far.

      I had completely forgotten about the Easter long weekend, though. I was hoping all these parcels might show up tomorrow or Monday, and nope. Easter long weekend. I was also going to start cracking into my pile of books, today, but I’m going to put that off until tomorrow, just because, there’s going to be even less things happening, over the long weekend, and I’ll definitely want something to keep myself entertained, the next four days. I might build some Lego today. Or do some more paperwork.

      It will be interesting to see just how many people will ignore quarantine laws, over the weekend, and go on their long-weekend-holiday. I wonder if the curve will spike up again, afterwards?

      • I’ve heard of places down here that have been flooded with tourists already.
        There’s no accounting for stupid.

  19. And I had my flu injection yesterday and, just for luck, she gave me a pneumonia shot.
    Both arms. Ruined.

  20. I am supersttious about flu injection. For the last decade it seems I have only got a flu on the years that I took the jab. And I figure that I’m not going anywhere except shopping, wearing latex gloves and my pottery mask.

    I gave all of our old jiggies to my daughter last year but I won’t miss them. We have lots of books, and I have heaps of wool, fabric, clay etc, as well as paints, pens, pencils…..
    And then there’s cleaning, which I don’t mind doing. But while the weather is hot and sunny, I might as well enjoy the pool. There’s time enough for cleaning and crafts when the weather is cold.
    Now that I am home nearly all the time, my dogs think I am really boring. They have discovered that I don’t constantly pay attention to them. They had a ball escaping and running in the bush around us for a few days, but unfortunately Woolif has replaced the batteries in their collars. Damn. They were enjoying that.

    Who gets up and goes straight to a cuppa and news?

    • I was going to say that I avoid the news, but that’s not exactly true. I watch with the sound turned off because I am practicing my sign language. And that’s later in the day. If there’s no interpreter, I don’t watch.
      I watch Italian news for similar reasons.
      It seems the only other news item anywhere is George Pell. I don’t know why we have to watch him at a petrol station, ffs.
      It is the repetitious nature of the actual “News” shows that drive me bonkers.
      So, I’m watching Gardening Australia. And coffee in the mornings.
      St Patrick’s day tomorrow, they tell me,

    • See I’ve had flu shots for twenty years and not been sick. I can’t wait to get mine.

      Yesterday I made a complaint to both Commonwealth Bank and police about an arsehole who deliberately coughed in my direction coming out of the Commonwealth Bank.

      I rang Crimestoppers. Both of these institutions shat on my leg and told me it was a brown kitten.

      All over tv , you see police fining people. Don’t believe it.

      • My goodness, Dave. That’s appalling. I went to the Doctor’s last week to drop off my prescription request and a girl came in and started sniffing. That was enough for me to want to bolt out of there. She didn’t even stand behing the receptionists’ barrier. Aaaah.
        I am being careful not to catch a flu.
        I did hop in my car this morning and drove 15minutes to Jaycar to buy three more rechargeable head torches. Now I have all my grandkids’ birthday presents. It feels really free to get in the car, music on, and drive., even if it’s for 15minutes. Freedom.
        The traffic has gone back to the 80s here. I mean there are a lot less cars.

    • It is the easiest of the languages to learn ( not that I’m anywhere near fluent) because it is so visual, and half of what most people do is sign language anyway.
      When I’m old and deaf, I want to be able to tell my next of kin to unplug me. Or not, as the case may be.

  21. And just endorsing Dave’s view.
    I have had the flu just once in my life. I couldn’t decide between “I’m going to die” or “Kill me now”.
    I never want to go through that again. It was two weeks (and one whole stone in weight) of the worst, ever.
    I doubt that at my age that I could survive that experience again. Words cannot describe.

    • Thanks, guys. I’m still nervous about going into the danger zones; doctors’ or chemists. But I am certainly reconsidering now.

      • My temp is taken before I’m allowed into Chemist.

        Today I saw truck driver/council worker hang his stupid head out window and mockingly cough twice. Idiots out there think this is a joke.

        I have jab because like Bobi, I got a bad flu in 92 and it wasted me for months. You get yer flu, then post viral depression. Never had anything like it. Think I got it at a concert.

    • I endorse Dave’s view, too. I’ve had flu shots every year for about 10 years, and have not had flu or even a cold in that time. Last time I had the flu, I vaguely remember sitting on the toilet, singing “3,6,9, the goose drank wine, etc….”, so obviously had a high fever, and a couple of times was too weak to make it to the toilet.

      I had my flu shot today. The pharmacy had set up an area away from where other people would be, for those getting vaccs, and booked people in for what are usually quiet times. Daisy, I understand your reluctance to go into a pharmacy or doctor’s office. Pharmacies are probably safer, certainly safer than the supermarket, where any item you touch could have been sneezed on by umpteen people. Gloves and masks only do so much.

      For those thinking getting a flu jab gives them the flu…no, it doesn’t. It’s not a live vaccine, immunity takes a few weeks to fully develop, and it doesn’t protect against 100% of every mutation of every flu type. If you were sick afterward, you were probably already incubating a virus.

      If you get covid 19 and flu together, you are probably going to die.

      • We want the flu jab but can’t find anywhere to get them due to a shortage of stock here in SA. Mr Juz booked one last week but it was cancelled due to them having not received the vax. We booked again for two weeks but have been warned it’s likely to be cancelled

        • I understand, Juz. I think vaccines are short everywhere. I’d been ringing the pharmacy once a week to try to book in, but they hadn’t received any stock before this week. I got in because they received the vaccine recommended for over 65’s, so I was lucky.

          I’m hoping that all of us isolating ourselves is somewhat of a protection against the flu as well as covid 19. I’d suggest booking in at several pharmacies, unless you think that is unethical or akin to hoarding. I won’t buy more food or toilet paper (ha) than I need, but had no hesitation in taking advantage of my age to procure a flu shot.

      • I had my shot at the Doctor’s. There was no one there but me, the receptionists and the Doctor. Right in – right out.
        Most doors were opened for me so I wouldn’t touch anything.
        I was even offered the arm swabs to put on my fingers so I could open the door on leaving.
        I thought I was OTT but this was next level.
        Part of me was amused, part of me was reminded that I am in the target danger zone.
        I swear, guys, in my head I am still only 25, about to turn 26.

        • Actually most medical practices are so quiet, no patients. The practice that Mr LP goes to, the doctor said it is so quiet that he may not open next week!

          • It must have been dead at our doctors’. I rang at 1.00 and could get in at 3.00.
            In the end I backed out because my own Doc’s away.

  22. I only had the flu jab once, in 2012. Never had one since then. Now I am considering to have one but not too sure. A friend of mine had her first flu jab and she was so sick in that year. All sorts of infections.

    On a better note, I bake some hot cross buns today.

    • I got a haircut, today. Wanna be a good looking corpse.

      Busiest week of year for Hairdresser, usually . It was like a fuckin’ morgue in there.

      • I bought my Easter chocolate yesterday, only one little bar, but ate it last night. So it’s a chocolate-free Easter for me this year, because there is no way in hell I am going to the store again.

        • Yeah. You should always go and buy Easter chocolates on the Wednesday and Thursday *after* Easter, when they’re 75% off and the stores are trying to clearance them out to get rid of them.

          • Ha ha Windsong. Do you still have the Easter chocolates that you bought after Easter last year, to have on Sunday? I couldn’t keep mine for 3 days, so I salute you if you still have yours :).

  23. When I read all these on the spot fines for not obeying Covid 19 rules, I wonder how many of these people actually pay up.

    • I’d think the fines are like speeding tickets, pay them or they pile up on your record, although there aren’t points for not maintaining social distancing. Yet.

      It’s mostly Victoria where these fines are occurring, isn’t it? I hope all this police state crap is taken off the books after this crisis is over, but I have my doubts.

      • There are a lot of people thinking like that, Von. In WA they are training and hiring about 280 extra police. What are they going to be doing afterwards?

        • I’m in WA too, Daisy. In general, I don’t mind more police being recruited. Some police will be out sick or in quarantine, some will unfortunately die from covid 19, and retirement etc. will remove others. We’re a big state. What I don’t want is, in 12 months time or whenever this is over, some half-trained, gung ho bozo, who is carrying a gun, to tell me I can’t sit in a park while my dog takes 10 minutes to sniff at his favourite tree. Off the top of my head, I think laws that are put on the books don’t come off without concerted effort by, usually, citizens. Health aspects aside for a moment, this shit is getting scary.

        • I’m hoping actual crime. 🤣🤣🤣
          When I lived in Sydney, the vacant shop across from me was being broken into. I rang to report it but the chickie-babe on the phone said I couldn’t because they weren’t my premises. True story.
          I assume now that there were no staff. What other explanation could there be to say such a silly thing.
          It just occurred to me, maybe all those extra police could be for domestic violence? That wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

    • I’m gonna finally crack into my books, and sort some more paperwork.

      Gosh, I miss people. I really do.

      • I miss people too. People made of flesh and blood. People you can touch.

        Thank goodness for you guys and my video chats.

    • Bobi, at least you know it is the weekend. Everyday is the same to me and I am lost and don’t know what day it is.

      • Today is the 100th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar.
        That means there are 265 days until the end of the year.
        Or 259 days until Christmas. Just think of how many presents you can make. I have decided to do some cross stitching for throw pillows. No one can ever have too many throw pillows.
        I am counting down until MC.
        I am concentrating on the next cupboard to clean out.
        I can’t possibly have too much time on my hands right now.

  24. They just had some entitled young pretty bitty thing on the tv complaining that the “government “ is making her pay to get home from some god-forsaken part of some foreign country. I would hope that she is just badly expressing herself when she says that the “government “ must look after her because she is Australian.
    Must they?
    Am I alone in having limited sympathy?
    Because she sounded so entitled?
    Must they, for free, supply her with a specially chartered planes, and buses, taxis and/or hire cars?
    Serviced by workers who have to volunteer to put themselves at risk for her?
    Most times, in third world countries, so they probably don’t matter as much.
    And much maligned public servants who had to stay on in these countries to deal with foreign governments and bureaucrats who are, and should be, more focused on their own monumental problems.
    Those same government employees putting themselves at risk because of the sheer number of Australians who didn’t listen when they were told to make arrangements to come home when told because they didn’t want to cut their holiday short.
    Let’s join the Daily Telegraph in calling for those same public servants to be fired. Oh wait, remind me, who was that jerk on tv the other day demanding that these same public servants halve their pay?
    Am I supposed to feel sorry for this girl?
    The stupidity of people.
    I think I’m cranky. I really must stop watching the news.
    I’m going to drink. Lots.

  25. No, you’re not alone, Bobi. The WHO declared the corona virus a pandemic on 11 March, almost 5 weeks ago. I think the government issued a “don’t travel, or get your butts home now if you’re overseas” within a few days of that declaration. Obviously a lot of people travelled after that, or made the decision to continue their holidays, in spite of the advice. Now they want us to get them home at our expense. Take responsibility for your actions, people. I don’t want anyone to die as a result of their own stupidity, but I have little sympathy for them. I’d understand if they were told to ride it out wherever they are.

    The ones who had to be quarantined in hotels, because of their obliviousness to the situation, hey, you made your choice. It seems they expected five star treatment, with steak and a nice bottle of red every night. Quarantine was not meant to equal a two week continuation of your holiday. Be glad you weren’t sequestered in tents somewhere out bush.

    To those fools in WA who flocked to the beaches in their thousands today, what does it take to get the stay-home and observe physical distances, message into your tiny brains? FFS, it is not that hard to understand.

    For the ones putting teddies in front windows, checking on their neighbours, and sharing goods or shopping for others, thank you.

    I’ll join you in having a few, Bobi. Cheers.

    • My favourite quarantine whinger was the entitled cow who whined that she was only bought two bottles of water a day and when she was complaining to the hotel staff they just suggested she drink TAP water. She was saying this like it was some kind of health risk. I would be forever spitting in her dinner after that.
      I mean, she is safe in Australia wherethe water supply is perfectly fine to drink and she wanted ridiculous bottled water. GRRRR.

      • Some were actually quarantined in 5 stars hotels but still complained about the rooms. They can order food if they don’t like to eat what was provided. But didn’t want to pay. Just whingers.

  26. Lazy Sunday here.
    I am in a chocolate coma.
    The dog is in his natural state.
    There is nothing on telly but I have discovered that the whole season of Death in Paradise is on iview. Now, if I could only concentrate.

  27. Happy Easter all – I am feeling very flat. Got a cold and sneezed all through the day.
    This has interrupted my baking, which is probably really really good. As I am the exact opposite of flat with all this eating. . . So far, croissants, hot cross buns, cinnamon rolls beef bourginon pies. . . CANNOT GET ON THE SCALES.

  28. I know that all the deaths are sad but this is the saddest to me.
    The Goodies represented the happiest days of my childhood.

    • I read that Australia embraces them more than any other country. Luckily I have some episodes on DVD. Fascinating to rewatch them as an adult and see some of the political commentary

    • I was gutted about Tim Brooke-Taylor too. Watching after school with my brother – it was our VERY favourite show. He immediately rang me to tell me and it was over 40 years ago that we loved it. The saddest thing was a cartoon of the bike with only Bill and Graham on it 🙁

  29. My friend’s husband died last night. Thankfully not from Corona virus. She met him while they were both working on The Man from Snowy River. Brian Dennehy. RIP.

    • I am so sorry, Daisy.
      He has a beautiful face.
      It’s interesting that some people can just age so well into themselves.

    • He was in so many movies. Always good as a gritty cop. Was your friend working in production on The Man From Snowy River?

    • I was reading condolences that my friend was tagged in on FB. Over and over people comment on him being kind, friendly, approachable and down to earth.

    • My friend is so sad. He was a good husband, father and grandfather and described as generous by those who knew him. I feel sad for my friend today. She is only 63.

      And yes, Dave. He made a good baddie.

  30. The stress is obviously getting to some people. Just had some nobby go off at me in the chemist for “queue jumping”. I replied “the staff member told me to skip the queue and go to this counter as I have a flu vaccination booked”. “Oh, but you still should have waited.” The pharmacist had to tell him to calm down. Tool

    • I can only add miserable accounts just like this in the city of churches.

      Bit of agro at the dog park last night……not necessarily from the dogs.

      • I haven’t dealt with too many grouchy people (although the guy behind me in queue at Woolies, today, was a little aggressive). It’s been more than a month, and I’m sure everybody’s pretty jack of it all.

        • I’m sure the whole world is jack of the whole situation, Windsong. It’s the entitled ones who argue with store’s staff that really piss me off. We have a three-bottle limit on wine here. A jackass a couple of weeks ago got something that was buy-one-get-one-free, and kept hassling the staff that he should then be able to buy four bottles. That went on for a few minutes and he asked me didn’t I agree. I replied no, and that he should just deal with it. To his credit, he repeated “deal with it?”, shut his mouth and finished his purchase. I want to kick people who hassle store staff over something beyond their control.

  31. I’m finding kindness and friendly banter.
    Although I haven’t seen the people next door in over a month. They always were an unfriendly bunch. I wonder if they’re still alive?

    • Most people have been really good and we are all doing little dances in the supermarket aisles to avoid running in to each other.

      • I was dancing, and two other women were dancing at Woolies today. Most of the others were strolling, staring at items for ages, and not taking any notice of how many people were in an aisle before meandering through. I was alone in front of the deli case, taking a minute to check things off my list, when a couple ambled toward me, so I moved back. They kept ambling, talking but not looking at the deli case. I moved again, as did they. So I was the grouchy one in store today. I announced loudly that it was fine, I’d move around them, and flounced off. Well, as much as one can flounce while pushing a trolley.

        There are still too many family groups, letting kids run up and down. And too many couples. What is it about supermarkets that seems to put people in a semi-trance, where they forget to keep their distance and use common goddamn sense?

        In the bottle shop, some woman coughed loudly twice. Two people left the store, I backed into a corner and held a hanky over my face (I’d just washed my hands), and a guy near her moved to stand by the entrance, where we stayed until she left the store. What is it going to be like in winter when so many are sneezing and snotting all around, instead of staying home?

        I’m glad you were able to get your flu shot, Juz.

        • Agree. The supermarkets I’m hitting are as bad as the wet markets. Vile places.

          I’d rather flatten some of the customers more than flatten the Covid curve

        • I don’t get why there are family ( with kids) shopping at Woolies? Shouldn’t you just have one designated shopper that head out? I have not been out since homeschooling my young boys and the only person who goes out is my hubby.

        • Hell yeah. I get grouchy at the shops.
          Office Works; signs saying, “Don’t touch unless purchasing”, but people effing touching everything abd putting it back. People are doing the same in supermarkets. Handling stuff. 😷

          Supermarket; people going in together, (yes, there is only supposed to be one shopper), but then also walking side by side down the aisles, creating an impasse. People doing the same on any footpath.

          Anyone, anywhere who walks near me.

          I have a strategy now. Stop and stare. I could start coughing.

  32. I dreamt, last night, that Scotty from marketing was in my local Centrelink disability support office when I went in there, giving people a lecture about something or other. I sat down at the table, next to him, and I asked him what his favourite TV show was, and he said, “Bold and the Beautiful” because he liked the scandalous storylines. And he was speaking with a really thick Scottish accent.

    I think being in isolation is starting to get to me …

    • Did he tell you off? Did he say, “I can’t be clearer than that?…Laddie”
      Get your tracker or face the threat of forced tracking. Face the threat of him leaving us in isolation. Brilliant marketing. You sure it was Bold and the Beautiful you were watching, and not Big Brother? But we are going to now trust govts who sell our land, ports and water to foreign nations and who lie every election.

      Oooo. Where did that come from?

      Perhaps the dream is telling you, “It’s all smoke and mirrors”.

      • Is that odd?
        I’m generally a supporter of government (small g). They can do a fantastic job with limited and diminishing resources.
        Track me on my phone? Hell No!
        Don’t answer questions at press conferences – because it’s idle gossip or because of a bubble? Raid journalists houses? Raid the ABC? Deny there’s climate change? Override decisions by Independent Authorities because it goes against BIg Business? Adani?
        But of course this Government can be trusted to track me. Forever. Absolutely, Hell No!
        And I know I am starting to sound like my SiL, but she’s not completely crazy.

        • My gut instincts says, “Be afraid”.
          But then my logic kicks in, and considers how trustworthy politicians/govt have been. And my logic agrees with my gut.

          Then a pm who implies threats if we don’t comply, and I have a trifecta.

          I could take my tracking device and go back into a classroom. 😆

      • I don’t think even Scott Morrison cares about Thomas Forrester. Which is odd, because the Forresters are white, straight and rich, which is the only people that the LNP *ever* seems to worry about.

  33. I must have a whinge.

    Woolies keep saying they are here to help blah blah blah

    In my area we can’t get flour for sometime. I like to walk through the aisle to see whether they have stock. I don’t need to buy as I still say some at home.

    Today, Woollies have some stock. House brand. Normally is $1 per kg. Today $3 per kg!!!!! That is a ripped off.

    • LP, I’ve noticed price increases on quite a few items that are not on hoarders’ lists.

      Why, Woolies and Coles, when you’ve mostly eliminated specials on everything, are you increasing other prices? Even with the dramas of trying to keep shelves stocked, you can’t say your profits are down. And why did it take two weeks to put up perspex barriers between checkout people and customers? With all the bloody ads patting yourselves on the back for this and that, take care of your staff first. No staff, no business.

  34. I seem to be having the best experience at Coles. I even bought toilet rolls today..

    They taste great. Restaurant quality.

    • 🤣🤣🤣
      Things seem to be back to mostly normal here, too.
      Except I went to Coles to drop of my soft, plastic recycling and they have removed all of the recycling bins.
      I’m not surprised and I’m not going to complain. But it does mean that all that stuff now goes to land fill.

      • At my usual stores, I still can’t get toilet paper, paper towels, spray cleaners, rice, flour, or pasta. I have been able to score toilet paper at my pharmacy or the convenience store. I will be happy when I don’t have to go to three or four different stores looking for basic items.

  35. Hey, Lego Masters is on tonight.
    My memory is that this was an oddly lovely show.
    It will be just the ticket right now.

    • This is such a fun show, mostly because of how it pokes fun at all other competitive shows. Not particularly clever writing but filled with good natured humour.

      • No love triangles, no drunken shenanigans, no forced or contrived personality conflicts.

        It’s so good, isn’t it? Hamish is a gigantic dork, but I think that really helps. I liked the wizard’s tower, and the underwater landscape, and I wish we’d seen a little more of those.

        I really liked the first episode. Some of the builds were a bit … eh … but, I feel like, the cast are only new. It’s like, the ideas were good (I loved the idea of the Turtle Island), but the teams weren’t quite there, to the point where they could execute them properly. But they’re learning.

        And tomorrow night, we get to blow stuff up. Yay!

  36. I watched Yorkshire Vet last night. The owners were more on show than the pets. One lady wouldn’t wash her dogs poopy bum, but let him skate around on the floor at the vets, drawing vegemite C and O.
    She also let him hump her leg when he felt like it because it “made him happy”.

  37. I’ve been observing these shortages and the hoarding behaviour in Australia from afar. There hasn’t been any panic shopping here and the shops remain well stocked. The only difference I’ve noted so far is the huge jump in prices for fresh fruit and veggies. Because of the cold climate, we import a lot of fresh produce in Sweden, so I suspect we’ll be hammered price wise for a while. I wanted to buy a capsicum the other day and they wanted $AU15 a kilo. Even by the usual Swedish extortion standards, that was expensive 🙂

    We are bucking the world view here as usual and going our own way – no lockdown, no hard and fast restrictions (just “recommendations” that the people ignore) and just about everything open. The nightclubs in central Stockholm were heaving last night, as people think that it won’t happen to them. The authorities tell everyone that it’s all under control, while as of yesterday over 1,500 were dead. A tragedy for all families affected 🙁

    As I’m a foreigner and not a brainwashed lemming, I take a different view to the collective one and am isolating, as I think this is far from over. I count myself grateful to have a roof over my head, my husband with me, good neighbours, my sweet little dog, and enough necessary supplies to tide me over. I’m only going out when I absolutely have to, and I see that as a critical precaution rather than an imposition.

    Most global pandemics have historically been global game changers. I think a few here are going to be very disappointed that life never returns to normal, in any country.

    • Hi Marie. It is being reported here that everyone is on tenterhooks to see what happens in Sweden compared to the neighbouring countries with stricter lockdowns. Speculation is they may have a more devastating second wave. Scientists must be happy to have such similar countries to compare.
      Meanwhile, capsicum was $13 a kilo here a few weeks ago due to bushfires I believe but yesterday only $4.90 a kg. And whole caulis have dropped from $11 to $5 thank goodness.
      Anyone on Facebook may wish to check out the group View From My Window. People isolating post photos from their windows or backyards. Views range from gulag-type flats to snowy alps to tropical beaches. It’s a fascinating reminder that we are all going through a similar experience.

      • I agree that the secondary wave is of concern. You would have thought that they learned that with the Spanish Flu. Apparently Sweden was rather smug that they came out of that first year lightly, only to suffer a catastrophic death toll when the flu made an encore the following year.

        The 1957/58 Asian flu pandemic killed 1.1 million people worldwide. There were fewer people in the world back then and travel was not widely done either. There wasn’t the instant communication we have today, so nobody really knew what was going on. The world’s governments took no special action (much as Sweden is doing now).

        Who has the right approach? It is hard to tell as Covid-19 is a novel virus that nobody knows much about. The scientists here think that what other countries are doing has a minimal effect and that the virus will run its course as it did back then. The Swedish approach at least keeps the economy going, though I hope not at the cost of lives.

        Gosh, $13 a kg for capsicums! I’ve obviously been away from home too long 🙂

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